25 People Who Should Bury Their Homemade Convertibles Underground

The convertible vehicle is perhaps one of the most enjoyable means of transportation that has yet been invented. There's just something about the panoramic views, the feeling of nothing above your head, and the freedom that it inspires that really just engenders stirring drives through mountain roads, or leisurely, relaxing and sun-drowned drives along coastal highways and through beach towns.

More often than not, convertibles can make the driver look effortless and cool, suave and refined, the kind of person who knows what they like and is willing to do what it takes to get it. The convertible carries a certain amount of class with it from the get-go. Of course, not all convertibles are made equal, there are plenty of duds in the world.

And not all convertibles are for all people, either, as many convertible sports cars sacrifice a lot in the way of performance and handling to have the roof taken off. Some people just want the image, but for those concerned with driving, this can prove to be an annoying issue. For those who live in inclement climates, as well, often times find themselves unconcerned with convertibles, as more often than not they can't even drive with the top down.

Then there are the people who want a convertible and will do anything they can to get it, even perhaps thinking that they can do it themselves, with their very own car. The end results are hilarious. Let's take a look at 25 hilarious homemade convertibles.

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25 Just Like A Bar Of Soap

via dubmagazine.com

To take the roof off of a pickup truck has always looked extraordinarily silly in my eyes, as there is nothing to break up the shape of the car beyond the windshield, which always gives the car such a funny look.

This one looks almost exactly like a bar of soap, flat from front to end. With an awkward topper fold up mechanism and a middle bar that just sticks out like a sore thumb, it really all adds up to make for a really silly homemade convertible conversion.

24 Limo Convertible Taxi

via reddit.com

I don't really know exactly what kind of voodoo magic they used to get this thing to ever even work at all, but somehow this massively long Crown Vic turned limo taxi truck convertible nonsense hasn't collapsed in the middle.

It must not be some kind of voodoo, but more likely a staggering amount of hodgepodge reinforcement work done underneath. Who can guess how much extra weight in steel has been added to keep it rigid. It must drive horribly, but at least they can keep a bunch of extra water in the back.

23 Is That A Hot Tub Cover?

via oddimotive.com

Someone took this pretty good looking dually and decided to customize it, but in all the wrong ways. I'm one for customizing a car as whatever you please, but I tend to hold to the idea that if you're customizing a car, the car should also have an influence. The spirit of it, of the times it was made in, even perhaps a sliver of the old owner, if that has some kind of special story or relevance.

But to chop the top and put in a hot tub cover? That might be taking things a little bit too far. Even if the last owner invented the hot tub, this is still just not okay.

22 It's Basically Finished, Right?

via stangnet.com

This is a seamless, completed, flawless convertible build, isn't it? Doesn't the rust, battered bodywork, missing pieces, old pre-conversion body pieces thrown in the fully exposed cab just make that evident? There's just something about the mismatched rims that bring the whole thing together, right?

Not at all, actually, clearly, as this strange conversion has not had anywhere near the amount of care, attention, or even respect that it deserves. Though most home conversions don't really garner much respect at all. Not really, but that's just me.

21 Didn't Exactly Work

via YouTube

One of the major things that a roof does for many cars can be summarized in two words: structural support. It's two words that a lot of homegrown convertible converters never even give a stray thought, and sometimes this leads to a squishy, wobbly, precarious drive down the road, or sometimes it leads to this.

As this photo demonstrates, once you take the roof off of a Jeep Cherokee, it seems that the rest of the body can't handle the weight, and will simply collapse. Note to self, make sure to have adequate structural support before cutting the roof off.

20 Does It Help The Gas Mileage?

via newportconvertible.com

Maybe the reason this person felt compelled to cut the roof off of their Prius was that they wanted to get better gas mileage. Of course, the science behind that idea is a bit suspect and doesn't have much backup.

Then again, the sustainability of Prius models in general and the actual efficiency of the car itself is also something that is a bit suspect, as many of the driving styles typical of most Prius drivers tend to decrease MPG's to the point that a diesel or even gasoline car designed for high economy proves to be more efficient. And at least those don't have a nigh impossible to dispose of the battery. Food for thought.

19 Altima With The Roof Down

via oddimotive.com

The Nissan Altima, in all fairness, is a pretty reliable, affordable, and reasonable option in the four-door budget sedan market. To this day even the older models remain fairly reliable and functional, especially considering their selling price. While perhaps not the best, it's not a choice gone wrong.

What is, on the other hand, is chopping the roof off of an Altima and turning it into a hodgepodge convertible of some kind or another. The end result just looks goofy, unnatural, and impractical. Especially with that spoiler on the back. It's just silly.

18 Audi Quattro Gone Six-y

via uvan.us

An Audi Quattro is a pretty good car in its own right, this is likely an A3 or some similar model. Originally, that is, as it's clearly been, ahem, a bit modified. It's not just a trick of the camera or something, in fact, those are indeed three doors in a row and three rows of luxury leather-clad seats.

All topped off with nothing, nothing at all. Not only did they chop the roof of this perfectly functional luxury sports sedan but also thought it wise to add a third row of seats and two extra doors. Seems it's a Quattro no more.

17 Baby Blue Squashed Ford

via oddimotive.com

It's safe to say that I'm really not entirely sure as to how the driver of this particular convertible mod is supposed to be able to see out of the windshield to drive this titan mass of ill-designed and ill-crafted nonsense.

With an old vintage truck like this, it's hard to see why anyone would even dream of modding it like this. I know they're not exactly rare or anything, but they don't make cars like this anymore, and in that sense they are special. And they don't make cars like this particular one, ever. With good reason.

16 Cadillac With A Few Gaps


This Cadillac SUV is most assuredly a black Cadillac with a few gaps, and it doesn't really even look like a convertible because there are so many cross bars and frames still left in place. It's only a half-conversion, really, and the resulting impression is a bit awkward and strange.

This naturally makes sense, considering no one would normally take the roof off an SUV, but someone felt inspired to, and this, in case you were wondering, is what it looks like. If only it was as easy to put back on...

15 Can It Get Any Stumpier?

via newportconvertible.com

A similar result as our entry about the Cadillac with a few gaps, someone felt like it was absolutely necessary, worth the time, money, and investment, to take the roof off of their big honking luxury SUV. This time it's a Lexus, and the final result is really a sight to behold.

A stumpy, short, bulky, and awkwardly shaped beast emerges once the roof is taken off. The back end is hopelessly unbalanced and that middle bar is so awkwardly placed it's almost literally painful to look at. I feel sorry for the person that has to be spotted driving this atrocity.

14 CRX Gone Rogue

via oddimotive.com

The Honda CRX isn't exactly one of the most refined car styles out there in the world. Often when I see them on the road I am reminded of a block of cheese, or perhaps a doorstop. Alas, they are a pretty good little car and beyond that, I'm not one to pass much judgment further than personal taste.

That is, unless, of course, someone decides to take the roof off, and then botch the lettering on the back to say something bogus, like, I don't know, "CRX-TT", as if it was actually a valid model of car.

13 Dangerous Conversion

via oddimotive.com

The Reliant Robin is perhaps one of the most dangerous cars that has ever been made in recent motoring history. The terrible design, lack of body flexibility, amongst many other things (mostly just the one front wheel) meant that cornering at virtually any speed meant a complete rollover.

While one of the most comical things to ever watch in the history of Top Gear is Jeremy Clarkson rolling one of these driving streets, once you take the meager protection of the roof off, there's only one thing that will happen when you roll, and it doesn't involve any kind of safety.

12  Even Uglier Without A Roof

via forcegt.com

The Porsche Panamera, as everyone well knows, needs absolutely no help looking any worse than it does coming out of the factory. The ungainly crossover size perched on two tiny wheels and an unbalanced, bulbous back end, paired with the already often homely styling typical of Porsche adds up to a beast that is quite ugly.

Then someone decided to cut the roof off. The result is utterly foul, making the back end seem to stick out even more (didn't know it was possible). Add to it a lowered suspension and bulky body kit and the result is this.

11 Heavily Modded Pinto

via oddimotive.com

When it comes to jank builds, this one might take the cake, at least compared to most other crummy builds out there. With added wood paneling that the builder didn't even bother finishing the whole length of the car and a homemade convertible botched job and top that really only makes things so much worse, this really is a Pinto like no other.

That would seem like a compliment for any other car model, but this is a rare breed of Pinto, which means it must be pretty special, in very, very low quality, leave it in an alley and never come back kind of way.

10 High-Quality Work

via oddimotive.com

This pickup truck build screams "home builder" in almost every single way imaginable. It reeks of unprofessionalism. Whoever completed this build should be congratulated for a couple things, though: one, finishing the build, and two, attempting to do a good job.

It's clear that the owner cared enough to pay attention to detail, which is awesome, but it's also clear that they perhaps didn't quite have the skills necessary, as the upholstery looks a bit like glued on felt from Hobby Lobby. Very nicely glued on felt, mind you.

9 Imported From Japan, From Belgium, For Sale

via oddimotive.com

This ad was featured on Oddimotive's website, with a link to the original posting that explained just how unique of a car this really is. It's an imported Honda Beat from Japan, that was imported by the owner into Belgium. Once it began its new life in Europe, it promptly had its roof cut off, modified from its original self in a very strange way in a few other mentioned ways as well.

It's for sale again now that Dr. Frankenstein from Belgium is finished with it, and the price includes shipping. Which, since it's also over 20 years old, means it can be yours if you're from the States. What are you waiting for?

8  Like A Metallic Blue Slipper

via oddimotive.com

This conversion has clearly seen better days. Better days, of course, referring to long before its current owner got their hands on it and chopped the roof off. Once the roof was gone, this poor retro roadster was forever and hopelessly turned into a metallic blue slipper, and an embarrassment, and nothing more than that.

The strangest part about this photo, beyond the car itself, is the notable fact that it's for sale. The windows are rolled up on the right to allow for the advertisements that it's for sale. I feel sorry for whoever decides to buy this one.

7  Listen To The Sound... Just Don't Look At It

via oddimotive.com

This little Honda convertible doodad is a pretty spotless build, to be frank, fair, and honest. Yet, that doesn't really help out the end result, and how hilariously sad and ugly it is. With some beefy road tires and rims, speakers, and bumper stickers, it's clear they were going for a cool, relevant build to fit in with the tuner crowd.

But, it couldn't be much further from it, because most people know that convertible conversions are just uncool. And so is a bumper sticker that reads "Listen To The Sound." Why are you telling me what to do? Especially when your speakers are the cheapest option from the generic retail store just down the road?

6 Off-Road Pickup Convertible SSR

via oddimotive.com

While the SSR is technically a convertible from the factory (though the general agreement is that no one really knows why. Is it a roadster? A pickup? A sports car? Who knows? Not even Chevy, probably), the fact that someone felt inspired to modify it in this kind of way warranted it to make the list.

Adding massive off-road wheels and a lift kit to an SSR just doesn't make any kind of sense, and it has our sides in stitches just looking at it. It's one hilarious homemade convertible.

5 Redneck Conversion 101

via YouTube

The Chevy Blazer honestly couldn't have expected much better of a fate than this. The Chevy Blazer is one of the most glaring and sour lemons to come from the mid-2000s, and it really has proven to be a complete waste of space, a perfect example of mass consumerism, and an insult to the motoring industry. Not unlike 90% of the cars to come from that soulless decade.

Though it is unfair to say any car deserves this kind of fate, considering how much this person really messed up the entire body of the SUV, ripping off the doors along with the roof, along with the roll bar, and along with the rear hatch.

4 Rolled Down The Roof On The Corolla

via oddimotive.com

This Corolla has seen better days when you don't factor in the whole conversion thing. The rust is pretty bad, the rims have seen better days, and I'm sure that while the engine still runs faithfully and ceaselessly, it's probably a bit wheezy and asthmatic.

Which, naturally, is why someone decided to take that gem of a car and invest a fair amount of time into it and chop the roof off. No, don't fix the rust, no don't tune up the engine, let's chop the roof off. Sound judgment choices, there.

3 Seems Pretty Waterproof To Me...

via pinterest.com

At least they attempted to put a roof on this thing, though I suspect the purpose is more in the keeping the sun out, and not the rain. Saying they're in a place where rain isn't a worry would be false, the sky looks pretty stormy on the horizon and the forest looks pretty green.

It looks like there are roll downs for the sides, but judging by the general quality of the build, that can hardly be a guarantee of waterproofing. It's all fun and games to go on a discount four-wheeling excursion with dubious Google reviews but a really cheap price until you're getting soaked and the engine blew because Carl forgot to add the daily quart of oil. Dang it, Carl...

2 Stubby Convertible Gone So Wrong

via oddimotive.com

There are so many things that have transgressed from this custom convertible build. Just so many. The paint, clearly, is very cheap, perhaps done at home, the bumper isn't even properly polished chrome, the blue flame is just poor decision making, the desk chairs from primary school are not okay, and that's just the start.

Clearly, the worst offense of this strange retro build is the choice to tuck the rear wheels way up underneath the front seats, so close to the point that it's almost impossible to even get into the car because the doors are so small. Just why?

1 Surefire Way To Ruin A Wagoneer

via oddimotive.com

The Jeep Wagoneer, as I'll say perhaps until the day that I die, is one of the greatest vehicles ever invented, of all time. It revolutionized what an SUV was, what it could be, and what it should have become (alas, we've entered the vastly dismal and irresponsible age of the soul-sucking crossover as an unintended result).

With classically timeless styling, off-road capabilities perfectly married to luxury, and uncompromising dedication to the Jeep name, it was a true legend.

Unless, of course, you decided to do this to it. Such a travesty.

Sources: Oddimotive, Dub Magazine & Newport Convertible

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