10 Hollywood Actors Who Are True Motorcycle Club Material

It doesn't get much more badass than an action movie star on a motorcycle, and these 10 Hollywood actors are total motorcycle club material.

Celebrities and motorcycles. Or, rather, dishy Hollywood men on their user-powerful steeds that makes most dudes go green with envy, and most gals cross-eyed with what they cannot have.

These Hollywood hunks are in love with their two-wheeled widowmakers, often owning more than just a few fun wheels. These guys are so much into their motorcycles that they might as well be part of an official motorcycle club, never mind the dangers. Of course, being the original hunks of Hollywood, they are already part of an elite club none of us can belong to—and then there is undying love of all things motorcycle.

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10 Brains + Brawn: Tom Cruise

Chocolate-boy looks, a killer smile, the wind in his hair and that supercool motorcycle. Tom Cruise in Top Gun was a sight for all sore female eyes and the censure of all males ones. The darn guy seems to marry and leave gorgeous women with alacrity and is aging as well as a dude could, and then there is his love for motorcycles and the fact that he does his riding stunts himself.

Seriously, too high a level, Cruise, back down, would you? The current love of his life is his two Triumph motorcycles, the Speed Triple, and the Daytona T595. Then he also has a $100,000 Vyrus and a Confederate Hellcat. Sigh. We are green, so green with envy.

9 Women + Motorcycles: Bradley Cooper

The fact that Cooper was the World’s Most Sexiest Man in 2011 according to People magazine did not impress us much. Then he shacked up with Renée Zellweger and Zoe Saldana, moved on and decided to be with Irina Shayk. Okay, we noticed.

And then he dumps Shayk for an alleged fling with Gaga. To each his own, we guess, but he still has good taste in motorcycles. His saving grace is his poison on wheels: a brash red Thruxton that he seems to be glued on to whenever he is home, and free from being in front of the camera. Keep on riding, Cooper, keep on riding!

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8 Went On A Bender: Michael Fassbender

When Fassbender goes on a bender, it isn’t a booze-stricken one—it’s a bike-stricken one. This was one guy who rode dirt bikes as soon as his age allowed it, and his motorcycle-crazy dad only egged him on.

He had promised himself and his old man a long ride once his way into stardom got rolling. So, when Prometheus hit the theatres and was declared a hit, Fassbender binged it on a motorcycle with his pa. Sadly, though, his Triumph Speed Triple was stolen, so Fassbender made do on a BMW GS for the trip—while his father rode a Triumph Tiger. Now that’s some father-son bonding.

7 No One Like Him: David Beckham

No one can bend it like Beckham, and we assume it means more than just football. He might have started as just being a sportsperson, but those dashing good looks meant he was always in the spotlight. So, whether he was showing off his abs in a Calvin Klein shoot or endorsing a product, or simply making a movie appearance—Beckham shone under the camera lights.

Of course, he is a motorcycling bud of Tom Cruise as well and these two guys with far too many good looks between then also have a Hollywood Motorcycle Club. Beckham even shot a documentary where he was filmed riding T100 Bonnevilles all over Brazil.

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6 Smitten In Reel + Real Life: Hugh Laurie

While Laurie was quite famous for his stand-up comedy acts with Stephen Fry in the British comedy series A Bit of Stephen and Fry, it was his portrayal as the irascible but brilliant Dr. House that made America sit up and notice him. In the series, despite having a bum leg, his character Dr. House rides a Honda that he bought second-hand on a whim.

In real life, Laurie eschews it all in favor of his Triumph Hinckley Bonneville that is the greatest love of his life, though he also has quite the collection of Yamahas and Hondas, as well. A British celebrity motorcycle club, Laurie?

5 The Moto Guzzi Man: Ewan McGregor

So, he may sing his heart out when in love, or even fight a Tsunami to retrieve his family, but those are just the roles he plays. In real life, Ewan McGregor is more of a badass biker than what is portrayed as his onscreen persona. A brand ambassador for Moto Guzzi, McGregor has been spotted on many classic and retro motorcycles in his free time thanks to the paparazzi.

He loves adventure riding as well as is evident from his TV series. He did two of them called Long Way Round and Long Way Down in which he goes on adventure rides with co-presenter and actor Charley Boorman. He is having the time of his life on the show.

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4 The Classic Motorcycle Dude: Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt. Other than killing good looks, a strange marriage to Angelina Jolie and being shunted out by his eldest kids, he is also synonymous with being the biggest badass Hollywood motorcyclist there is. He was so into motorcycles that he managed to get Jolie hooked onto them too, even if she unhooked from him at a later stage.

His motorcycle collection is a long and enviable one, with motorcycles like the Ecosse Titanium and a $400,000 WWII Nazi model, as well. He also has BMW motorcycles as well as Harley choppers suited to his style. Many of his movies have him on a motorcycle in one scene or another, which shows off his eternal love for everything two-wheeled and fast.

3 The Motorcycling Papa: George Clooney

Clooney made it to many eligible bachelor lists and was often featured as one of the best looking men in the world in popular media. His marriage to a non-celebrity came as a surprise to many but his closest friends, and he seems to have taken the role of a father and husband very seriously ever since.

However once a biker, always a biker, and so his undying love for his motorcycle remains. Of course, his is a customized Bonneville with the works like a racing seat hump and studded leather panniers. Quite the epitome of grace, his Bonneville remains close to his heart.

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2 You're Never Gonna Keep Me Down: Keanu Reeves

Facebook is rife with Keanu Reeves’ heart of gold and all the misfortunes that life threw at him. The man is still standing strong, looking better than ever and still loves his motorcycles. Despite his rather legendary spills and crashes, Reeves seems to have been bitten by the motorcycling bug hard and remains an avid fan.

Never mind that one spill ended up with his spleen getting removed to save his life. Not only does he ride cool two-wheeled speedsters, but he also designs them for Arch Motorcycles. The model he helped design is the KRGT-1, and is a stunner much like Reeves himself.

1 The Motorcycle Song: Billy Joel

In a 1982 crash, Joel hit the road hard, and the resulting nerve damage in his hand almost cost him his music—or, at least, his piano playing ability. Yet, not only did Joel bounce back from the injury, but his love for motorcycling also has never abated.

Joel owns a motorcycle gallery called the 20th Century Cycles and says love for motorcycles is like a roller coaster ride—it is thrilling but it is dangerous. That said; considering he penned the Motorcycle Song as an ode to motorcycles, we doubt this musical dude would ever stop riding even if it's on the highway to hell (sorry AC/DC).

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