15 A-Listers Who Should Join A Biker Gang (And 9 Who Wouldn't Fit In)

We have often waxed eloquent about celebrities and their four-wheeled rides. Some have a penchant for the uber-expensive while some stick to eco-conscious wheels that ferry them in style but save the environment, too.

But let’s talk about celebrities and their motorcycles. Not all celebrities like motorcycles and many find them too unsafe to ride. But some celebrities are hardcore motorcycling fans and should be part of biker club to better celebrate their skills, talents, and passion for two wheels.

On the flip side, though, there are also those celebrities who love or loved their motorcycles but have had many a spill from their machines. Many of these celebrities were also riding without proper gear—especially without helmets. Of course, ask any motorcycle rider and they’ll always have a tale to tell about the day they almost met their maker.

Spills and bruises cannot stop a thrill seeker from jumping back onto his machine, though—after due repairs, that is. Even so, there are some celebrities who are more about the motorcycle and some who are more about the spill they took from the motorcycle. So keeping that in mind, here are 15 motorcycle-crazy celebrities who should be part of a biker club and ten that should just hang up their riding boots, if they haven't already.

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24 Join the Club: Tom Cruise


Who can forget Tom Cruise riding that bike in Top Gun? And there’s plenty of him riding in Mission Impossible III, as well on Triumph motorcycles, the Speed Triple and the Daytona T595. And then there’s him on a motorcycle in Edge of Tomorrow. According to BMW Motorrad, this is one actor who does his own motorcycle stunts and that alone makes him motorcycle club worthy. He can often be seen cruising on his 100k Vyrus and a Confederate Hellcat.

23 Join the Club: Bradley Cooper

Via JustJared

According to People magazine, Cooper was the World’s Sexiest Man of 2011. And yep, he’s still very much there on the list. Be it through his movies, his beautiful partner Irina Shayk, or his dalliances with the likes of Renée Zellweger and Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper is on a roll. And he loves to roll on his Thruxton and that, too, in a brash red color. He rides his own motorbike whenever he is at home and if on a shoot, he hires one out to keep on riding.

22 Join the Club: Alanis Morissette

Via Twitter

Another star, this time from the music world, and she is an avid motorcyclist, too. Alanis Morissette doesn’t just jump on motorcycles for a video, she loves the freedom of riding. She has even been quoted saying that riding helped her get over her breakup from Ryan Reynolds. Considering that he himself is quite the biker, maybe it was he who introduced Morissette to the wonderful world of riding. While she has been spotted on different bikes, she seems to be a loyal fan of Ducati, replete with all the needed riding gear.

21 Join the Club: Michael Fassbender

Via Pinterest

Fassbender claims he has been riding motorcycles all his life, and once Prometheus hit the theatres and his role was done, he did just that. He went off on a long ride with his equally motorcycle-crazy dad and the ride lasted some 3,000 miles. It was a two-month holiday with his dad, and the duo went riding all over Europe. His dad rode a Triumph Tiger during that trip and Michael had to make do with a BMW GS since his Triumph Speed Triple had been stolen.

20 Join the Club: David Beckham

Via NYDailyNews

David Beckham started off as being a football star but with some movie appearances and many a modeling contracts, he is almost a Hollywood star in his own right. And of course, he is quite the biker, as well, and a great biking pal of Tom Cruise's, too. In fact, Cruise and Beckham actually do have a Hollywood biker club and Beckham has quite the collection of Harleys and Triumphs. His 2014 BBC documentary Into the Unknown also made him a recognized biker, as he rode T100 Bonnevilles to explore Brazil.

19 Join the Club: Angelina Jolie

Via Pinterest

Okay, not much is known about Angelina Jolie the rider. But when she and Brad were still a happy thing together, his passion for bikes sparked an interest in her, too, and they both were spotted riding off into the desert during holidays. Now that Pitt is not a big part of her life anymore, we wonder if Jolie still rides. Seeing her in action in Salt and Lara Croft certainly looks club-worthy though, as she rips the roads on a Triumph Street Triple R. On a personal level, she has been seen on BMW and MV Agusta motorcycles.

18 Join the Club: Hugh Laurie

Via Pinterest

Hugh Laurie is famous for his brilliant performances in House, for which he also became the highest paid TV actor! In the TV series, his character is often seen riding a Honda motorcycle despite chronic leg pain. In real life, too, Hugh Laurie is quite the motorcycle buff and has been spotted on a whole gamut of bikes, such as Yamahas and Hondas, but his greatest love, according to MensXP, is the Triumph Hinckley Bonneville, which he keeps riding all the time.

17 Join the Club: Bear Grylls

Via Twitter

After the kind of stunts Bear Grylls pulls, he is pretty much worthy of just about any club in the world. A survivalist by nature and by profession, this is one guy who could make himself at home even in an old ladies knitting club. And he'd probably outshine them while he was at it. Now, this guy may not be known as much of a motorcyclist because he does so much more, but he is an avid Triumph collector and rider and roams around on a Triumph Tiger all the time.

16 Join the Club: Pink

Via Zimbio

Now, Pink isn’t all show when she rides motorcycles and ATVs and the like. She has always been rather adventurous and quite the serious motorcyclist from the start. Getting married to former motocrosser Carey Hart only encouraged her to explore her rider avatar and so now she does. Of course, she is no shy gal, in any case, considering she proposed to Hart during a race of his on the pit board! She has been spotted on many bikes wearing proper gear but more often than not, she rides her Hinckley Triumph T100 Bonneville.

15 Join the Club: Ewan McGregor

Via Bloomberg

Yup, Ewan McGregor, in spite of dreamy roles, is quite the motorcyclist in real life. In fact, he has even had two TV series called Long Way Round and Long Way Down in which he goes adventure riding with co-actor and presenter Charley Boorman. Ewan clearly loves adventure riding in the series, though in his personal life he is often seen on classic restored bikes as well. Coincidentally, he is also the brand ambassador for Moto Guzzi and is a perfect match to the motorcycle.

14 Join the Club: Rihanna

Via Popsugar

Yet another female fan of the motorcycle, Rihanna has been a longtime riding buff. And this is the reason she looks so cool riding a motorcycle through the streets of Miami in the video of her song “Needed Me”. Then, in 2017, she made a fashion week entry on a bike as well, riding pillion. Paparazzi pics of her having a party on a motorcycle went viral, too. So, she’s basically a motorcycle babe at heart, whether she rides pillion or drives the machine herself.

13 Join the Club: Brad Pitt

Via Pinterest

You cannot talk about Hollywood hotshots and motorcycles and not mention Brad Pitt in the same breath. He has been a long time biker, even to the point of getting his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie, hooked on to them. Obviously, his motorcycle collection is a long and rather revered one with bikes likes the Ecosse Titanium and a 400k WWII model as well. He has also been frequently spotted riding BMW motorcycles and a custom Harley chopper. His marriage may have ended but his love for motorcycles remains.

12 Join the Club: George Clooney

Via Newsbook

Once the most eligible bachelor, before he became the baby daddy of wifey Amal, Clooney is still very much the biker, much like his bestie Brad Pitt. His favored rides are usually a cartload of varied Harleys which he gets customized at will. Another love of his life is his customized Bonneville, complete with leather studded panniers and a racing seat hump. It can't get better than that, despite the recent crash he just had in Italy when he collided with a Mercedes while riding a scooter. However, reports are that he is selling off a Harley of his. Now, we wonder if Amal is behind this.

11 Join the Club: Cher

Via Pinterest

We read a comment on Reddit the other day that Harley and Cher have a lot in common now: both are now largely made of plastic! Bwahahaha! Be that as it may, they were both star performers once and it’s not surprising to see that Cher still rides a Harley, albeit with plenty of leather and zippers and customized to her largely unique taste. And while her age and celebrity status may not permit her to ride as freely as she once did, she still rides for charity events like the Happy Harley Days/Rejoice on Rodeo parade in Los Angeles.

10 Join the Club: Ryan Gosling

Via WeBuyAnyBike

Ryan Gosling is certainly the star of the moment, if an unexpected one. And despite his newfound celebrity status, he still rides the roads of Los Angeles on his awesome custom dirt bike. And if you have seen the 2012 movie starring Gosling and Bradley Cooper called The Place Beyond the Pines, that’s him with the blond hair on the motorcycle. Obviously, some of the scenes were shot using a stunt double when things got too wild but for the majority, Gosling does the riding.

9 Hang it Up: Keanu Reeves

Via Bloomberg

We mention him because he is a fantastic actor and one of those human beings with a heart full of gold, so mostly everyone would hate to have anything happen to him. And according to Rolling Stone, he has had some legendary spills from bikes already, like the time they had to remove his spleen or sew up the question-mark scar on his leg. Of course, this hasn’t ended his passion for biking, as he also tied up with Arch motorcycles for the designing of a new bike.

8 Hang it Up: Liam Neeson

Via RideApart

Liam Neeson’s voice alone could melt butter, let alone his stately looks. And he used to ride motorcycles till he crashed into a deer in 2000. The deer got the rough end of the deal and Neeson broke his pelvis. Since then, he swore to his wife that he would never get onto a motorcycle again and he has upheld that promise ever since. According to Motofire, Neeson said, “I’ve read a couple of scripts where the character’s on a motorbike, and I’m like, ‘Is this important to the script?’ ‘Yeah, it is.’ ‘OK, I’m not in.’ ” So basically, he has already hung up his riding boots.

7 Hang it Up: David Hasselhoff

Via Pinterest

David Hasselhoff was quite the hunk, even if a lack of roles and binging on the unsavory left him a little more ordinary in his later years. In 2003, when he was still hale, healthy, and happy, he and his wife Pamela (Bach) were riding his Harley when a gust of wind threw him out of balance. His bike hit the curb and the actors flew off, with Hasselhoff breaking a few bones. Of course, the recovery was fine but biking became too much of a hassle for the Hoff.

6 Hang it Up: Billy Joel

Via MotorcycleClassics

Billy Joel is quite the motorcycle buff. In fact, according to his website, he even owns a motorcycle gallery called 20th Century Cycles. He likens his love for motorcycles akin to an amusement park ride: thrilling but dangerous. And his 1982 crash nearly took away his piano-playing abilities. He did go back to playing the piano, and even riding again, with glee. When you end writing the “Motorcycle Song” even after multiple spills, the biking bug has bitten you hard.

5 Hang it Up: Gary Busey

Via Pinterest

Gary Busey loved his bikes but he didn’t love helmets and vociferously opposed mandatory helmet laws for bikers, saying new and inexperienced motorists are what cause accidents, not lack of helmets. But in 1988, had Busey been wearing a helmet, he would have saved himself surgery and hospital stay. He was riding a Harley and simply fell to the ground, hitting his head on the curb. It must not have been pleasant and so, post that, no one has seen Busey and a bike in the same space again.

4 Hang it Up: Adrien Brody

Via Pinterest

You’d think that Adrien Brody had the riding beat out of him when he tripled with Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman for the movie shot in India, The Darjeeling Limited. No such luck, though, despite almost running face first into a cow. Of course, Brody had a spill in 1992 and it was enough to make him stay off bikes for a long time to come—until a buddy of his celebrated his success of The Pianist by gifting him a Ducati Monster. Brody couldn’t say no anymore, and now owns several Yamaha motorcycles, too.

3 Hang it Up: Lauren Hutton

Via TownandCountry

Lauren Hutton was the original supermodel, gracing some 25 Vogue covers in her lifetime. She then turned to acting and was bitten by the biking bug along with friends Jeremy Irons and Dennis Hopper. While riding across the desert in 2000, Hutton had a bad spill. Luckily for her, Irons has just given her a helmet with a visor some minutes ago before the fall and it saved her from a major injury. It took her time to recover but she is still up and running, though not so much on motorcycles anymore.

2 Hang it Up: Jay Leno

Via AutoEvolution

After making celebrities laugh their guts out for years, Leno headed towards a more auto-focused show, Jay Leno's Garage. And he did go the whole hog for it by filming crazy stunts to make the audience hooked to his brand of entertainment. Of course, this means that sometimes, stunts can and do go wrong. It happened in 2016 when a car he was in flipped over. Leno remained unhurt and unfazed and was seen on his motorcycle just days after. But why be so daring all the time, Leno?

1 Hang it Up: Bob Dylan

Via Pinterest

There is only so much that's believable about Bob Dylan, right? Pinch of salt and everything, his life has been wild. In 1966, according to Ultimate Classic Rock, Dylan had one serious motorcycle spill in Woodstock, New York, and then went underground to recover. Of course, Dylan being Dylan, there were no records of any hospitalization or ambulance or medical personnel being involved in the same. Most now think that this was just Dylan’s way of taking a break and making some great music.

Sources: BMW Motorrad, People, BBC, Men’s XP, Rolling Stones, MotoFire, and Ultimate Classic Rock

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