20 Hollywood Studs Who Drive Total Duds

Most of us dream of owning a stunning car that will turn heads wherever we go. However, we can usually only afford something practical, whose insurance premium won’t have our bank account begging for mercy. Hollywood celebrities do not have such a hurdle, though. Thanks to their inflated bank accounts, these individuals are famous, live in mansions, and own the latest and fastest cars. If you see someone starring in a movie on Netflix or at your local cinema, they are probably driving a tricked-out Lamborghini.

So, it’s natural to assume that Hollywood studs—you know, the handsome ones that you wish you could become or be with—own cars that reflect their stunning good looks. And you’d be…wrong. Some studs have decided to be the embodiments of “opposites attract”: despite having money to burn, they often drive old, cheap and sometimes ugly cars. Even if they have other cars in their garage that cost a small fortune, they still prefer these cheap ones that almost anyone with a job can afford.

Some of them have these cars for sentimental reasons—maybe it was their first ever car, or their last one before they got famous—while others buy them to maintain a low profile when going around town. Others still drive these cars to show that they care about the environment. Whatever their reasons, these studs are just like regular people when it comes to their car selection. From Christian Bale to Clint Eastwood, Colin Farrell and more, here are 20 Hollywood studs who drive total duds.

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20 Leonardo DiCaprio – Toyota Prius

Via People Magazine South Africa

Ever since the days of Titanic and Romeo + Juliet, Leonardo DiCaprio has been one of Hollywood’s most consistent heartthrobs. He has been in tons of movies, and whether he’s playing a hero or villain, he’s always the one the ladies root for (and it doesn’t hurt that he’s picked up a bucketload of awards along the way). So, someone with that much star power obviously owns some of the most stunning cars in the world, right?


DiCaprio drives a Toyota Prius, which is fueled by his desire to own something environment-friendly. He loves the fuel economy of the car so much that, according to Top Speed, he bought Priuses for his father, mother, and stepmother.

19 Chris Hemsworth – Acura MDX

Via Net Worth Celebrities

The actor, commonly known for his performance as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is one of the most buzz-worthy celebrities in Hollywood. But his car? Not so much.

The superstar drives an Acura MDX. This black brick-shaped SUV is what regular people aim for… when they don’t have a high bar. The car is just boring, and not worthy of Hemsworth. But Acura gifted it to him while promoting Thor.

The thing is, though, Hemsworth could have demanded something much better. The Acura NSX is a pretty decent sports car, and a better fit for him. The MDX just feels a case of PR that was not well thought out.

18 Justin Timberlake – Volkswagen Jetta

Via Cash Roadster

Justin Timberlake isn’t your everyday stud. He made a name for himself with NSYNC, before going solo and establishing himself as one of the best musicians of his generation. Then he started acting, and reached another level of stardom.

The actor who brought sexy back, however, has one thing that isn’t so sexy. He drives a Volkswagen Jetta. The Jetta isn’t so bad; it’s practical, simple, inexpensive and… not much else. This $16,000 car is okay for a regular person; not for an award-winning, culture-defining Hollywood stud. Granted, he does have a garage full of exotic, eye-catching cars, but the Jetta is his daily driver.

17 Zac Efron - Oldsmobile Alero

Via AutoEvolution

Zac Efron got famous with High School Musical, and his role made him a household name at a pretty young age. Perhaps he got a bit too attached to playing the role of a regular teenager that he decided to show it through his car. Either that or he has poor taste.

He owns an Oldsmobile Alero; one of the most boring cars in the world. But he probably values it because his grandfather gifted it to him ages ago. That said, his grandpa also gave him a Delorean and a 1965 Mustang, according to Grunge. So, the young star probably has a sentimental reason for keeping this Oldsmobile around.

16 Christian Bale – Toyota Tacoma

Via CarsforSale

Christian Bale is not just Batman; he is also famous for undergoing incredible body transformations for his movie roles. He’s gone from skinny to being well-built and even chubby. He is someone you know will give his all when he acts.

When it comes to his taste in cars, though, it’s a completely different matter. Despite the luxury cars he’s driven in roles like Batman, his real-life car is a simple Toyota Tacoma. He has always been a low-key person, preferring a simple life to all the glitz and glamour of most Hollywood celebrities. So, this car perfectly fits his low profile.

15 Colin Farrell – Ford Bronco

Via RNR Automotive Blog

Colin Farrell is an actor who’s taken on plenty of roles, ever since his critically acclaimed performance in Phone Booth. He’s handsome, recognizable and a consistently stellar actor.

But his car is pretty underwhelming. The Ford Bronco is worth $11,000, which is even cheaper than a Smart. But the actor doesn’t seem to mind, since he’s been spotted in it all over Hollywood. The car is an oversized mess, and even for regular folk, it’s a hard sell; that’s why production on it stopped. The Ford Broncos were made between 1966 and 1996, but they might make a comeback soon.

14 Daniel Radcliffe – Fiat Punto

Via Wikipedia

The Harry Potter star became world-famous when he was still pretty young. After he was done with the films, he didn’t need to work a single more day in his life. So, he’s avoided blockbusters, and instead has been taking roles in relatively minor titles like Horns and Victor Frankenstein.

He bought a Fiat Grande Punto for himself on his 18th birthday, when he was already worth 23 million British pounds. Even if he wanted to be practical, he could have opted for something like a Range Rover instead of this Punto. Still, he wanted to travel around the country unnoticed, so this car will probably do it.

13 Justin Bieber – Smart Car

Via Fox News

Justin Bieber is one of the most divisive musicians today, but the one thing you can’t deny about him is his talent. He’s good at what he does, and he’s not ashamed.

But when it comes to cars, he really should improve his standards. He owns a Smart Car, which is a small, affordable, practical and modest car. In short, not the kind of car suitable for a guy who sells out in practically all his concerts. It just doesn’t make sense for a guy worth more than $250 million to buy a $14,000 car without any modifications or improvements.

12 George Clooney – Tango T600

Via Top Speed

Ever since he broke into the TV scene with ER, George Clooney has been consistently regarded as one of the most handsome men in the world. He is always the highlight of whatever TV show or film he’s in. But when you look at his car, you wonder if he has a taste for ugly things.

The Tango 1600 is an incredibly narrow electronic car; your passenger has to sit behind you, not alongside you. It’s also pretty heavy, at over 3,000 pounds (1,000 of which is just the batteries). If Clooney wanted an electric car, he should have gone for Tesla; it’s just as practical, and it looks a million times better.

11 Mel Gibson – Toyota Cressida

Via Pinterest

Mel Gibson is one of the most controversial actors (and filmmakers) of our time. After starring in the cult-hit Mad Max, the classic Lethal Weapon and the stellar Braveheart, he has been involved in one controversy after another, from making racist slurs to being a complete douchebag.

You can say that controversy has also seeped into his taste in cars. He has been spotted driving an old Toyota Cressina, a rare, short-lived and frankly underwhelming car. He has never been spotted in the car since, though, so perhaps he realized that he was traveling in a piece of junk when he could be doing so much better.

10 Ludacris - Acura Legend

Via AutoGuide

When Chris “Ludacris” Bridges made the transition from rapper to action star (the Fast and Furious franchise, especially), he was exposed to some of the fastest cars the world has ever seen. And yet, he still drives his ancient 1993 Acura Legend.

He got it before he was famous, so there’s some sentimental value in that, which we can understand. But he also refers to it as his dream car, which is why he’s driven it for hundreds of thousands of miles. It was even restored for him by Acura themselves. If you look at it objectively, though, the 1993 Acura Legend is just a dud.

9 Clint Eastwood – GMC Typhoon

Via Dragfepic

Clint Eastwood is an undisputed Hollywood legend, with classics ranging from The Good, The Bad and the Ugly to Dirty Harry, Million Dollar Baby and more. He has also aged pretty well, maintaining his good looks throughout the years.

With his grizzled looks and his status as an action star, you’d expect him to drive a muscle car or a classic like the Rolls Royce. But he doesn't. Instead, he drives a GMC Typhoon. When it came out in 1992, it was pretty fast for a truck, managing 0 to 60 in 5.6 seconds. However, in today’s standards, it’s just average. There are faster, more powerful and better-looking SUVs out there.

8 Tom Hanks - Fiat 126

Via Life in Italy

For about three decades now, Tom Hanks has been one of the most recognizable names in Hollywood. Most of his movies have been hits with both critics and audiences, and he’s currently worth around $350 million. So, you’d naturally expect him to drive something head-turning.

This Fiat isn’t that. Made in 1974, it was restored and gifted to Hanks by a Polish town back in 2017. It’s a minuscule car, about the size of the original Austin Mini, but with a rear engine. According to The Drive, this dud earned the nickname “Maluch”, which means “little one” in Polish. Even though it’s a gift, this is something Hanks should just keep in his garage and not take out unless absolutely necessary.

7 Jeremy Piven – Ford Bronco

Via Motor Authority

When Jeremy Piven starred in his career-defining role in HBO’s Entourage, his character Ari Gold was all about obtaining the finer things in life however he could. However, his real self couldn’t be more different.

Piven drives an ancient Ford Bronco. It might not be much to look at, but it’s not so bad. The car is a classic from the 60s, and Piven restored and reconditioned it. It’s nowhere near the levels of a classic sports car, but it’s not bad for a car that shouldn’t be anywhere on the radar of a celebrity stud with decent taste like Piven.

6 David Spade - Buick Grand National

Via Best Ten News

David Spade is a pretty good actor, though he’s made some questionable film choices over the years (his recent ones especially stand out). However, he’s always been a likable guy, and even a bit of a stud.

His Buick Grand National is one of the harder cars to find nowadays, especially in good condition. His, unfortunately, falls among the ones in poor condition. Even though Spade spent over $7,000 on it, the 1987 Grand National still looks beat-up.

This would have been a worthy restoration job if he got his hands on a proper vintage car, but instead, he got a car most people can pass by without a second glance.

5 Will.I.Am - Custom Delorean

Via Edzuztube (YouTube)

Will.I.Am is a great entertainer, with tons of memorable hit songs. And he’s a proper geek too, with a love of 80s films.

However, his taste in cars is questionable. He wanted his Delorean to resemble the classic one from Back to the Future, so he had it customized. $700,000 later, though, the result was less than stellar. In fact, it might be the most expensive dud in car history. It looks like a cheap imitation of the classic icon from the movies.

According to Superfly Autos, Will.I.Am wanted the car to reflect what the Delorean might look like in 2020. One glance at this car and you can tell that he clearly failed.

4 Dennis Rodman – H1 Hummer

Via AutoTrader

Dennis Rodman is one of the most flamboyant celebrities, both during and after his glittering basketball career. That’s why he is one of only a handful of people in the world who can get away with a car this elaborate.

Rodman pimped up his 1996 Hummer H1 with multiple drawings of practically naked women. It’s an eyesore, and definitely not safe for work; or safe for anyone underage who might see it cruising along their street. Rodman turned a perfectly okay Hummer into something ugly, and the fact that he thought this was a good idea in the first place will always remain a mystery to us.

3 Ryan Gosling – Toyota Prius

Via Wikipedia

The La La Land star is a stud knows how to pick movies. In his career, he has starred in classics like Drive, La La Land, First Man and even the melodramatic The Notebook. But having an eye for great scripts (or having a brilliant agent) doesn’t apply to his penchant for cars.

Like DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling drives a Toyota Prius. But unlike many actors who own a Prius as the only practical car in their garage of exotics and sports cars, Gosling only owns this Prius. Well, this and a few motorcycles when he’s looking for that adrenalin rush.

2 Matt LeBlanc – Ford Focus

Via Motor Authority

Matt LeBlanc became a legend because of his lovable role as Joey in Friends. Then he went to Top Gear as a guest and set the record as the celebrity with the fastest lap, before later joining the show as an official host. He’s even friends with Ken Block. So, he’s no stranger to blistering-fast cars and exotic rides.

Then you see his car: a Ford Focus RS.  It isn't so bad, with decent performance coming from its 350-horsepower engine. But this is Matt LeBlanc we are talking about. He can afford a car ten times the cost of the RS and still not feel a pinch. To someone on his level, the Focus is a dud that doesn't make a lot of sense.

1  T-Pain – Cadillac Hearse

Via T Pain (YouTube)

T-Pain is a singer with a series of hits over many years. Thanks to the riches his stardom has brought him, he's accumulated over 20 cars. But when you have that many cars, you’re bound to own a stinker or two. And boy, does he have one!

The rapper’s most noticeable car is a 1991 Cadillac hearse. Yes, it's a hearse! He tried to lessen the car’s gloomy feeling by painting orange, but that only makes it stand out, and not in a good way.

T-Pain’s orange hearse comes with all the bells and whistles, including a blue fiberglass coffin to match the blue top. Despite all his efforts, this car is a stinking dud.

Sources: topspeed.com, thedrive.com, superfly-autos.com, grunge.com

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