18 Homemade Race Cars That We Wouldn't Touch With A Ten Foot Pole

It takes a lot of effort and knowledge to build a solid homemade car and this is why good ones are so hard to find.

Homemade cars have been a fun part of the automobile world for a long period of time. The process of making your own race car is extremely enjoyable but, of course, it requires an abundance of effort. However, once it is complete, you have your very own car that is unlike anything else on the road—or on the track, for that matter.

In a lot of cases, however, these homemade cars actually are not very good. Car experts will be able to tell which ones are solid, while also determining which ones are complete lemons. At the end of the day, it takes a lot of effort and knowledge to build a solid homemade car and this is why they are so hard to find.

With all that has been stated, in this article, we will be looking at 20 homemade race cars that we wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. it is important to note that there will be a number of different reasons as to why we would avoid each one. In fact, some are not necessarily bad in their entirety, but simply have a negative quality that cannot be ignored. At the end of the day, however, this should not stop people from building cars. It is a fun experience and something everyone should try.

Now, let's look at these homemade race cars!

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18 Scary

via WordPress

This homemade race car is one that we just would not like to drive. The first and most obvious flaw of it is the fact that it is just extremely unappealing. The overall design is below average and it is clear that more could have been done to make this a better car.

Another major element that definitely is concerning is its steering wheel. It seems like it would be extremely hard to control, and this would make driving it unpredictable. At the end of the day, it just seems like a vehicle that we would likely pass on. More has to be done to it before it could even be considered.

17 Iffy

via Flourish Foundry

This homemade car is definitely not the worst one that we have seen, but it has one major issue. Had the maker of this car went with a different window color, there is a good chance that it would be solid. However, the yellow cannot be ignored, as it changes the perception of the road while driving.

In all honesty, the structure of the car looks pretty solid and it likely has the ability to drive well because of it. However, the yellow window looks entirely out of place and it takes away from the actual look of the car. With that being said, we will pass from driving this one.

16 What On Earth?

via Pinterest

This vehicle loses its charm by the abysmal teeth on its front. It is cool to try something different, especially when it comes to designing your own car, but this ultimately takes away from its charm. It honestly could have been a lot better without it.

Appearance is a major element of homemade cars, as one has the freedom to go into any direction they please. However, this vehicle just failed to possess a very solid style and that is why it loses its overall value. With that being stated, this just is one that should honestly just be avoided.

15 Meh

via The Jalopy Journal

The difference in wheels is a major reason why this vehicle is perplexing. It is common for homemade cars to have this quality, but there is too significant of a difference in them in this case. That is what ultimately throws this off and it gives it a below-average appearance.

The top of the car also looks as if it is from a poorly edited sci-fi movie. Overall, it appears as if the builder of this car just rounded out a lot of used metal and tried to create a car out of it. At the end of the day, it is likely that this car would not have the ability to maintain its structure as it drives.

14 We'll Pass

via ixora.pro

This homemade car is definitely one that is a bit underwhelming. Flames are one of the easiest stylistic cues that someone can put on their car, as people are automatically drawn to them. However, this one fails to capture the beauty of flames and it fails miserably because of it.

Being able to see inside of the car is also negative when it comes to this vehicle, as it makes the decal look as though it is cut off. This just looks like a car that could have had a lot of potential, but the builder simply failed to give it a style that actually worked out.

13 Is This Even Finished?

via The Jalopy Journal

It is understandable that some homemade cars are made with less material, as they can easily become rather expensive. However, this vehicle simply does not work because of the fact that over 75% of it appears to be unfinished. It is okay for its insides to show to a small degree, but this is ridiculous.

The rusting on the car also is not necessarily helping its case, as it appears as if it would not have the ability to stand pat for a long time. Homemade cars are not supposed to be perfect pieces of art but in this specific case, criticism is warranted for how many major flaws it has.

12 Very Strange Look

via YouTube

This homemade car is not one that we would want to drive any time soon. The primary issue that is presented through it is that its steering wheel extension appears to be the vast majority of the car. It is rather distracting and it takes away from the overall style of this car.

The driver's seat also does not look very comfortable, and as humorous as it may sound, that is definitely a negative quality. Car enthusiasts love to drive and race for long periods of times, so we want to enjoy it without any discomfort. This car simply does not allow that to happen.

11 Just A Tad Bit Off

via Barn Finds

For the record, this is one of the better cars on this list. It has a very nice color sequence, while maintaining a classic car look. However, when looking at it more in depth, it is pretty apparent that this vehicle looks like it has been through a lot of wear and tear since its existence began.

The possibility of it falling apart is a major factor as to why it should be avoided. This is the type of homemade car that would be better off being driven in a private area at low speeds. However, credit must be given for its outstanding look, so respect should be handed its way.

10 Bad Color Choice

via YouTube

One common error that homemade car builders seem to make is using too much of a color. When it comes to this model, it is pretty clear that the orange on it takes away from the actual look of the car. It is enough to honestly drop the desire to drive this car.

It is pretty cool to see that this is a two-seat car, as it allows for the driver to have his or her friend join them for a ride. However, how many people would actually want to be seen in public with this vehicle? It is fair to assume that the number would be extremely low with all of the orange.

9 Well, That's A Lot Of Metal

via YouTube

There is a good chance that the maker of this car is going to build it up more. However, at the current state it is in, there is no question that we would not touch this with a ten-foot pole. It is absolutely apparent that this vehicle has literally no originality to it.

Until the maker of this car actually makes some upgrades, this one arguably could go down as one of the worst homemade cars of all-time. It will take a lot of hard work to actually make this car one that people would want to drive but until then, harsh criticism will continue to be thrown its way.

8 A Little Too Much

via IBTimes UK

This is another car on this list that absolutely should not be deemed as bad. It definitely has been built in a solid manner and should easily be able to reach very high speeds. However, the primary issue is the fact that the amount of red it has is far too distracting.

Homemade cars allow for a high level of originality and this vehicle simply does not follow in that direction. There are honestly plenty of cars that look like it, so it is as if it lacks its own identity. That definitely is why we would not necessarily drive it at this time.

7 Not Trustworthy

via Petrolicious

At first glance, one can tell that this homemade car is not structured in an effective manner. Due to this clear fact, it is likely that it would not have the ability to steer correctly and this, of course, would ultimately make it a bit too dangerous to drive.

In terms of its style, it is alright, but the primary negative is that it shows far too much of what it is made from. This is common from homemade cars but the way that this vehicle does it is just far too off. With that being stated, we definitely would not touch this car with a ten-foot pole.

6 Come On

via Red Bull

It is pretty easy to understand why we would not drive this car. I mean, it possesses the appearance of a box. However, if we cast aside our criticism of its style, it still does not work. Its wheels are hanging on by a thread, and that just is extremely scary to see.

Originality is definitely there with this vehicle but that is perhaps the only positive element that can be noted. This was just a bad idea from the start and it is quite clear that absolutely no one would want to drive this car. Well, maybe the driver of the car is enjoying himself with it.

5 Untrustworthy

via Pinterest

This is another homemade car that definitely is not a complete lemon but it does have some negative qualities. It definitely looks as if it would not have the ability to last for a long period of time, as it does not have the strongest structure that a car could possess.

The color choice is another element that definitely could have been a lot better. The light in front definitely is a bit distracting and that seems to take away from its overall style. At the end of the day, there simply are far better ones that we can drive, so this is not one we are jumping for.

4 Futuristic, But Not Effective

via Wired

There is something about futuristic cars that makes them either a hit or a miss. Praise should be given for the maker's effort, but at the end of the day, it is quite clear that they did not succeed with its overall design. It is why this is a car that we would not want to drive any time soon.

It definitely looks as though the maker of it built it with decent material, but the style is just not done in an effective manner. It has too much exposed metal to be successful and that is a shame because the overall idea of it was actually a pretty nice one.

3 On Its Last Leg

via YouTube

The first part of this homemade car that absolutely jumps out is its cool wheels. However, that may be the only positive element of it. It looks as if it is structured incorrectly, as it seems that it is on the brink of completely falling apart.

This major fact alone is primarily why we would avoid this car at all costs. All it would have been a cooler looking car if the maker gave it a better body. It simply is another car on this list that looks as if it is incomplete but at the same time, is nearing its final days on the streets.

2 Nice Futon

via IBTimes UK

This back seat, or back futon if you prefer, is absolutely the strangest idea one could incorporate. Although it definitely is original, this element alone is a major reason why we would not want to drive in it. One false move could result in the passengers flying out of the car.

The style of this car is also not something that we necessarily would enjoy. The front of the car is a little bit uneven, and this gives off the impression that it would not have the ability to last for a long period of time. At the end of the day, it had the potential, but it is structured far too poorly.

1 Quack Quack

via Grassroots Motorsports

This car ultimately loses all of its credibility because of the fact that its body resembles a duck bill. The shape that the maker decided to go with is the primary reason behind this and it is enough where a slight amount of criticism is warranted. It likely was not intentional, but it is there.

It strangely does have the potential to last long, however, as it is built in a pretty strong manner for a homemade car. If the maker of this vehicle actually used a different color pattern to style this, it likely would have worked out. However, it cannot be unseen at this point in time.

Sources: Buzznick, Pinterest, and Wikipedia.

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