10 Homemade Batmobiles That Were Perfect (And 9 Robin Wouldn't Even Drive)

Batman is very popular, and many fans have tried to replicate his batmobile with their own rides.

If you had to look at the DC Universe as of late, you may find yourself disappointed with some of the movies that have been coming out. Though to be fair Gal Gadot is killing it as Wonder Woman! But if you wanted to guess as to who the most popular hero is in the DC Universe, the answer you may still hear more than any other is Batman. Which makes sense when you sit down and really think about just how awesome Batman is!

Don't get me wrong, there have definitely been some awful Batman movies in the past. But there are still many reasons as to why Batman is so loved. But if you had to ask the people on our list about the past Batman films, their love of Batman that is displayed through their cars may be enough to make them have an appreciation for even the very worst renditions of the character.

And while there are many cool things about Batman, the coolest thing of all may be the wide variety of vehicles that he has seen traveling around in. Which also perhaps makes it inevitable that fans would do their best to create their own Batmobile at home. And while there are 10 examples on our list who managed to pay homage to Batman in a way that makes their car look even cooler, that definitely is not always going to be the case. But that's okay, because you may get just as much enjoyment out of the 10 people who tried to create a Batmobile, but may have come up a bit short in their efforts!

19 Perfect: Absolutely Slick

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Can you imagine how upset you would be if you were fortunate enough to be driving around in this awesome Batmobile and ended up getting into a car accident that caused the vehicle to be scrapped? But the vehicle is just so awesome you may find yourself extra tempted to really put an emphasis on whipping around the corners, I just hope you do it responsibly.

The wings on the back of the car are also wonderfully done and make the car even more appealing.

Let's just hope the owner doesn't mind constantly having to talk to strangers who would surely want to take a picture of this car.

18 Perfect: This Definitely Took Some Time (And Money)

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There are some of the cars on the negative side of the list that definitely did not look like much thought was put into them. But this car clearly required a great deal of time and effort to customize. Though when you consider how amazing the finished look is, I would find it hard to imagine the creators didn't feel it was well worth the time it took. Plus if they ever found themselves feeling too tired, they could always do a marathon of some of their favourite Batman media - not to mention blast some of their favourite Batman theme songs - to boost that morale right back up again!

17 Perfect: The Coolest Thing Bieber Has Done

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If you had to think about it, you may come to the conclusion that Justin Bieber probably has so many cars at his disposal that he probably wouldn't be able to tell you about all of them if he was asked.

But he may have a special place in his heart for his Cadillac CTS-V Coupe "Batmobile" that was put together by the people at West Coast Customs.

And given the high bankroll of Bieber, if he ever had aspirations of getting things like cool gadgets - or engage in some crime fighting training - he'd definitely be able to comfortably afford that! Though I'm sure the main gadget he'd care about in this car is making sure it had a great sound system. (Source: TopSpeed).

16 Perfect: It Probably Doesn't Shoot Flames, But It's Still Awesome

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There is probably not a very high chance that this car would have the ability to shoot flames out of the back of it. But that doesn't mean that it is not still an outstanding looking Batmobile. Especially because the overall aesthetic has a certain homemade charm to it. And even if it doesn't have any of the gadgets that may have made you fall in love with the Batmobile, or perhaps the overall cost value as some of the other homemade Batmobiles, that definitely didn't stop this Bat fan from living out their dream. And for that, I give them a lot of credit!

15 Perfect: This Fan Must Love The Batman Video Games

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Now if you had to look at this car from a practical sense, there is no way Robin or Batman would ever drive around in this car. As you would literally be driving around with an advertisement for your villains.

The amount of attention this person put into their car in terms of celebrating Batman is definitely something that should be recognized.

And while it would have been very possible to have this not be a good look, the homage to the Arkham City video game is something that may bring forth a fair bit of nostalgia for many people.

14 Perfect: Showing An Appreciation For The Classic Series

Via twentytwowords.com

There are some moments when you see customizations get done to very expensive cars, which to be fair may add even more pressure to the whole process. But in the instance above, the sedan that the driver started customizing probably wasn't the most expensive to start out, but that does not mean they did not come away with a fantastic rendition of a Batmobile. As the amazing customizations that they put on - that are definitely an homage to the classic Batman television show - is surely going to leave people impressed whenever they had the good fortune of getting to see this car on the road.

13 Perfect: Inspired By The Tumbler

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Anyone who is a fan of Batman knows that there are many instances in which the top thing he needs to be considering when it comes to taking down some enemies is making sure he is stealthy.

Because while Batman is awesome and one of the most talented fighters in the DC Universe, there is only so much he can do if he gets overtaken by a large group of enemies.

But if Batman was driving around in this vehicle which is reminiscent of his Tumbler from the Dark Knight franchise, the word stealth may be very far from his mind.

12 Perfect: Kia Shows Off Their Love Of Superheroes

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A large majority of the vehicles that you got to look at today were created by fans of Batman and were not done from an official company. But when it came to this next entry, it was Kia who decided to step in and create a car that would be awesome enough for Robin (or Batman) to want to fire up the engine. Batman isn't the only superhero the company decided to pay homage to, as they did several other prominent DC characters, but is there really anyone in the DC Universe who you would rather have broadcast all over your car than Batman?

11 Perfect: Subtle But Still Awesome

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There are some cars on the negative side of our list where it seems like the owner did everything they could to cram as much Batman memorabilia on their car as possible. Which explains why they're on the negative side of the list! But in the case of this next driver who did a fantastic job with their car, they definitely kept things subtle with only the small Bat symbol being seen. That being said, the overall aesthetic of the car is still fantastic and definitely looks like something that Batman would be happy to be seen driving around in.

10 Perfect: Inspired By Batman Beyond (And Maybe Tron)

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There have been many different movies and television shows where the Dark Knight has been the star. But the black and red aesthetic that this driver is going for definitely is giving off some serious vibes from the cartoon series, Batman Beyond.

The series ran from 1999 until 2001 with a total of 52 episodes being made.

Fans of the series also got to enjoy a direct-to-video film. And while this car may not have the type of gadgets that make a Batmobile so cool, you may agree that this driver would look pretty awesome driving around in this car.

9 Wouldn't Drive: Well, They Did Call It A Batmobile

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The Saturn Sky isn't the flashiest car in the entire world, but if I'm being honest it is a car that I think looks pretty nice. At least when it isn't modified in the way that this driver elected to do. Because while they may have loved to put a spoiler on their car that is in the shape of the bat symbol, you may be thinking that it is something that is incredibly unnecessary. Though you may get a little bit of extra enjoyment out of the fact that they literally decided to put the word BATMOBILE on the back of the car.

8 Wouldn't Drive: Protecting The City By Hopefully Driving Safely

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If you have aspirations to help and make your city a better place, that's fantastic and in general should be an effort that is celebrated. But that's assuming you are making your city a better place by doing things like volunteering and not littering. If you want to help keep your city safe, you definitely should not be following Batman's steps and go and start picking fights with random criminals who upset you. Though I don't know if saying that would be enough to convince this Batman fan to go out and try and take on criminals, after all, they put "PROTECT THE CITY" on the back of their car!

7 Wouldn't Drive: At Least We Can Read It In a Mirror

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If you want to give this driver some credit, it is very true that the amount of dedication they have shown to Batman pales in comparison to some of the other more extreme examples on the list.

But that doesn't mean they made a decision that should be celebrated, because putting BATMAN on a windshield is just a confusing move.

I mean sure, at least they have it in a way that you'll be able to read it if you see the car behind you. But that doesn't exactly make it a winning decision. The little touch to the wheels is nice though!

6 Wouldn't Drive: The Bat-Lemon

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Batman is definitely more comfortable with the idea of working by himself, or with a close knit of people that he trusts like Robin than having to work with other superheroes. Though he and Superman have still found themselves having plenty of adventures together over the decades. Many of which I'm sure are amazing, at least if you were to ask this person their opinion on it. And while it may be nice that they managed to work both Batman and Superman into their car, including Superman in a fairly creative way, it's still a car that you know Robin would never step foot in. Would you?

5 Wouldn't Drive: Next Time Go With One Decal

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There is probably a pretty good chance that even if this driver had just elected for one bat symbol on the hood of their car, that it would still have landed on the negative side on this list. But the fact that the driver decided to go ahead and get several bat symbols and place them seemingly all over the car is something that made its inclusion on this side of the list a sure thing. Perhaps the only real tragedy of this car is the fact that we don't know what the back looks like as I'd be surprised if the Batman decals stopped on the front.

4 Wouldn't Drive: Batman Is Disappointed

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You can only imagine how intimidating it would be to be a criminal and have Batman staring you down. Because if you were interacting with Batman (and classified as yourself as a criminal for that matter) there is probably a pretty good chance you have done something wrong.

Especially because there aren't many characters who have the ability to stare someone down quite like Batman.

But just because this is a fantastic element as to why Batman is such a beloved character, does not mean you need to go out and get a giant decal for your car featuring an upset looking Batman!

3 Wouldn't Drive: I'd Just Try To Avoid This

via jalopnik.com

It is hard to imagine what on earth must have been going through the mind of the individual who decided that this was how they wanted to customize their car. It calls into question on if this is a pretty accurate representation of what they wanted to see, or if this is what you may think it it is, which is a disaster! You would also have to imagine that driving down the road and seeing this car is a definite way to make sure that the thing you are focusing on is not the road in front of you. The driver advertises the phrase "Welcome to a world without rules" but does that world have to have cars like this?

2 Wouldn't Drive: Tape Doesn't Belong On The Batmobile

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There are some things that you may use to try and customize your car. But if you find yourself pulling out some tape, you might want to take some time to sit down and really think about the decision that you are about to make. Because while this driver did want to show off their love of Batman, doing it by seemingly taping the bat symbol to the wheels of their car is not a great way to do it. Especially because it has to only be a matter of time before the paper either gets dirty or falls off.

1 Wouldn't Drive: This Would Look Better On a Poster, Not The Hood

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Batman is definitely a character who thrives in the darkness in order to be successful in his goals, so if you are going to get a decal of him on your car, I suppose it may make the most sense to get it on a black car. But that's not enough to make this decision one that is going to be universally loved. The pose of Batman is definitely cool, but it's something that would probably look a lot better if it was on something like a poster, as opposed to taking up the entire hood of this person's car.

Sources: Jalopnik.com, FunnyJunk.com, Reddit.com

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