25 Homemade Cars That Couldn't Have Passed A Road Test

Since automakers started competing to make the most technologically advanced vehicles that are comfortable and provide great performance, they had to raise the prices of their vehicles. Most earners with an average income have to take out car finance to afford a good vehicle. Some people might have bad credit or don't want debt but don't have the cash to purchase a vehicle, so they have to take other options.

While most settled for a cheaper car than intended, others didn't want to compromise on their choice in vehicles, so they made vehicles from their homes. Although that might seem like a viable option, the plan to build a reliable vehicle only works out when the maker is skilled at building cars.

The problem with most people who choose the DIY option is that they are motivated by a strict budget rather than the desire and skill to build cars. Some jobs you have to leave to the professionals, but we discovered people who built cars from their garages and didn't possess the necessary skill-set to make safe vehicles. Their efforts resulted in a vehicle so odd that it couldn't have passed a roadworthy test. To show you what we mean, we gleaned pictures of homemade cars people built that need more effort than the builder exerted. When other road users saw the vehicles we have featured, they wondered how the driver got permission to drive that vehicle on public roads.

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25 Stiletto

via The National

A shoeshine man wanted to advertise his business, so he designed a car in the shape of a stiletto.

"I am the only shoeshine man in the country who works from his vehicle. Eight years ago, I decided to create a vehicle from which to propose my services as a shoe shiner. At first, I had a simple, three-wheel motorized scooter. Then, I gave it the form of a man’s loafer. Three months ago, I decided to change this to a red high heel," says Mohammad Ali Hassan Khani, according to The National.

24 Two For The Price Of One

via Youtube

Some cars have a magnificent front end but a terrible rear. One driver thought that his car would look best if both ends of the car were the front, so he constructed a car that had two front ends.

Besides the uncomfortable interior that the design provided, the driver will struggle to get out of the car, as he has to climb out of the window. The back bonnet serves as a truck while the front bonnet fosters the engine. Passengers who want a ride will have to climb through the window like the driver.

23 Couch For Passengers

via IB Times UK

With numerous accidents occurring daily on the roads, safety has become one of the most important features that drivers look for in a vehicle. That is the reason that SUVs have garnered tremendous popularity from the car market.

If you're a passenger in this car, don't expect to remain seated in one position when the driver turns the vehicle, as the passenger seats look like a couch. When the driver slams the brakes, the passenger would recoil from the seat and leap over the driver due to a lack of a seatbelt.

22 Six Wheel Hummer

via Car News China

Consumers who can't afford the gargantuan Hummer due to the hefty purchase price, not to mention the exorbitant gas and repair costs, have an option to build one. That is what one man did in China.

The big difference between his car and an original Hummer was the size, comfort and the number of wheels. He built a Hummer with six wheels and used a motorcycle engine, as well as wheels from one and a half Cherry QQ3, according to Car News China. The builder designed the chassis and the body.

21 Banana Car

via The Mutant Brothers Art Car Fabrication Studio

When the owner of this vehicle went bananas, he decided to build a vehicle to match his personality. If you are in Los Angeles, California, you might spot the Big Banana Car, the world's only banana car.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, a whimsical arts car company Mutant Brothers are responsible for the banana car. The car came to fruition when Steve Braithwaite was staring at a bowl of fruit at a gas station. One of the other projects that the Mutant Brothers also worked on was the submarine sandwich car.

20 Wind Turbine Car

via Youtube

Since automakers built gas engines, inventors have tried to make their version more popular. Rudolph Diesel was the man who invented the diesel engine, and many manufacturers have fitted electrical engines in cars. One man has designed a wind turbine car.

Whether the vehicle's turbine can produce wind energy to supply the car with energy is debatable, what is for certain is that he has designed a vehicle that doesn't meet the road-worth standards. Finding parking for that car would be a nightmare.

19 Victorian House

via Yeni Mobi

Driving a car that doesn't have the necessary safety features is one thing, but it's a whole different story when you're driving a house. Sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction.

Some people don't want to leave their homes behind when they have to go to town, so they formed a new meaning for the words 'mobile home.' The designer of this car made his home mobile by fitting it on wheels and installing an engine. The best part about the design is that the house is a Victorian style dwelling.

18 Man Cow

via Ben Phillippi

Muscle cars have been pulling on many heartstrings for a long time. What's not to like about a vehicle that has dashing looks and a performance engine that roars like a lion? When you can't afford to own a muscle car, you can try to build it, but the best option is to present your idea to the professionals.

One man thought that he could design a superb muscle car but ended up with a vehicle that looks like crumpled paper. The last thing that the driver wants is for another vehicle to crash into him, considering the material used.

17 Amphibious Vehicle

via Inventor Spot

The Detroit Auto Show has boasted some strange vehicles, but none were more so than the Tang Hua Detroit Fish. The vehicle debuted at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show and has a propeller by the exhaust, according to Inventor Spot.

The Tang Hua Detroit Fish is supposed to be an amphibious vehicle, but I'm struggling to picture this vehicle on the road, never mind the water. The strange part was that the vehicle was for sale. It seems that there's a buyer for everything in the world.

16 Lamborghini

via IB Times UK

Most boys grew up with posters of Lamborghinis on their bedroom walls. How can you dislike a car that has an unprecedented design and can reach 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds?

The only reason one might dislike a Lamborghini is due to the envious purchase price. Those who can't afford the $300,000 price tag have to scrap parts from a junkyard and design a replica. Although this vehicle doesn't resemble a Lamborghini, it has scissor doors. The owner's idea was good, but the execution was poor.

15 Rusted Mustang

via Bangshift

To be honest, this vehicle has the potential to look like a real Mustang. When I glanced at it the first time, I thought that it was rusted, bashed original. Upon closer examination, I discovered that the owner had used numerous parts to construct the vehicle.

Not only does the vehicle have a hole in the windshield and the bonnet, but it also doesn't have headlights, indicators or a grille. With the right paint job and fitting of numerous lights, this replica could look similar to an original Mustang.

14 Rat Rod

via Pinterest

The only people I could picture driving this vehicle are The Jetsons. Although the owner needs to keep this vehicle off the road for obvious reasons, he has designed a unique car.

He'll struggle to see the road when it rains due to the lack of windshield wipers, but his ride looks like a Formula 1 car from the '60s. If the owner applied a good paint job to the car and added several safety features, he might get permission to ride his baby on public roads. Until then, he's limited to the small street in front of his house.

13 Rusted Miniature Car

via BuzzNick

What this builder had in mind when designing the vehicle is beyond me. The only aspect I'm certain about is that he wanted a small car. After he built it, he failed to maintain it, so the vehicle rusted.

The doors are so small that an average built man would struggle to get inside the car. The tank can't store a lot of gas, and the engine provides a measly performance. Considering the car is in bad condition, one of the options for the owner is to take it to a scrapyard.

12 Salters A1

via Picssr

The Salters A1 has one of the strangest car designs I have seen. H.A. Salters of The Hague Netherlands built the car. The A1 has 3-wheels and a 75cc ATCO-engine. The driver has to pedal for the engine to start from a standstill.

Don't expect too much performance from this roadster, as the top speed of the car was 22 mph, and it weighs 187 lbs. The lightweight will help the driver when he has to push the vehicle if it breaks down. The Salters A1 looks like a shopping cart with a body fitted on top.

11 Mobile Shack

via Crazy Daily Content

Tourists who have been to third world countries would have seen people live in dilapidated dwellings known as shacks. People who haven't seen a shack could get a good idea about its design from the pictured vehicle. Not only is this vehicle a road hazard, but it also looks like a shack on wheels.

The safety features on this vehicle are virtually non-existent. One of the perks of having a mobile shack is that the driver can take a nap any time that he gets tired from driving, not that he should drive this vehicle on public roads.

10 CLK Mercedes

via Car Advice

At first glance, it looks as if the car is a smashed CLK Mercedes; it's not. The inventor of the vehicle used parts from a CLK Mercedes to construct the vehicle that looks like it's about to self-destruct.

Apart from missing windows and several other key safety features, the CLK replica has six wheels. The rear wheels are the size of an SUV's wheels, with two smaller wheels located by the rear passenger doors. The vehicle doesn't make sense nor provides safety, not to mention lights at night.

9 A Classic Ford

via Flickr

One of the most popular vehicles that Ford designed was the Ford Model T and Model A. The vehicles became so popular that collectors are paying exorbitant prices to get their hands on those classic cars. A car builder thought that he'd build a classic vehicle and ended up with one that lacks windshield wipers, seatbelts and an exposed engine.

The vehicle is a hazard to the driver and other road users, but we commend the effort. The skill and effort required to put all the parts together were impressive.

8 Tent

via Ballinatown FC

Consumers have veered toward hard-body cars such as pickups and SUVs to ensure their safety. Driving a car with the body of the same material that a tent manufacturer uses doesn't give the driver peace of mind.

Although the builder of this car has saved tremendous costs by covering the car with a tarp, he hasn't taken every precaution to ensure that he's safe. If he gets into an accident, he will regret not kitting the car with a proper body that would've reduced the risk of injury.

7 Three-Wheel Jeep

via Flickr

Driving on the road is fun, but many consumers have sought vehicles that provide off-road capabilities. Jeeps have gained a huge following from off-road enthusiasts since the vehicles have incredible off-road maneuverability. The four-wheel drive helps Jeep drivers to get over large boulders.

Considering this Jeep has only three wheels, it won't provide good capability off-road. What was the point of making a three-wheeled Jeep since you can't go off-road with it?

6 Upside Truck

via NewsLocker

Some people believe that normal is boring, and they want to be eccentric. Their attitude leads them to make vehicles that are upside down, literally. The driver of this pickup didn't want to settle for a standard looking car, so he turned it on its head.

I have to commend the builder for an original design, but a normal pickup looks much better. Sometimes, sticking to the standard design than veering too far away is the best option. When you go too far from the norm, everything ends up upside down.

5 Wooden't Work (Get it?)

via 886bl

Making a car from steel, aluminum or special fibers is expensive. That hasn't stopped some car builders, as they have found a cheaper alternative. One car maker decided to build his homemade car from wood. His invention looks like a car and drives like a car, so it must be a car.

The only problem with this car is that it doesn't comply with the safety rules of the road. If the driver got into an accident with this car, he would regret making it from wood and not fitting safety belts and windows to protect himself.

4 Snail

via Ordissinaute

Driving a car that looks like a snail isn't only odd, but it is also a hazard to other road users and the passengers, especially when the kids are perched on top of the vehicle. The home-builder gets credit for a unique design, which won't score him any points when he has to put the car through a road-worthy test.

The kids might think it's cool to ride on top of a snail car, but they'll think differently if an incident had to occur. That is one joyride that I wouldn't take. I much prefer seating inside the cabin with my seatbelt fastened.

3 Bathtub

via BuzzNick

When you look into the history of cars, the '40s and '50s was a time when automakers produced big, luxurious cars. Since some people couldn't afford the luxurious items, they opted to build a vehicle using parts from a junkyard.

The best way I can describe this vehicle to somebody who hasn't seen it is that it looks like a bathtub on wheels. The best feature that the builder fitted was the cover for his so-called convertible if it rains. The vehicle only has three wheels, and the front wheel looks wobbly.

2 Box Car

via Caffeinated Projects

When Jeremy Clarkson hosted the Top Gear show with his two colleagues, it was about driving superb vehicles while poking fun at each other. Sometimes, the three presenters took a break from Lamborghini and Bugatti models to drive vehicles that car enthusiasts built from home.

Some of the cars lacked numerous safety features that the only place to test drive the vehicles was on a track. Although a professional driver was behind the wheel, the subpar manufacturing impeded him from driving the car.

1 Converse Shoe

via Motor 1

Businesses have used cars to promote their brand for many years. While some opted for wrapping the car with the company logo, others have taken more extreme measures.

When the sneaker company, Converse, wanted to promote its shoes, the manufacturer wanted to advertise their shoes and the company's name. To accomplish its goal, the shoe manufacturer designed a car in the shape of its shoes. Although the design is original, the car is an acquired taste and not one deemed road-worthy.

Sources - Daily News, Car News & The National

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