24 Homemade Convertibles That Should Never Have Seen The Light Of Day

The desire and allure of owning a convertible to some is an extraordinary one, a pull and dream that is excessively enticing, to the point that they'd do anything for a convertible, whether it be buying one even if they can't afford it, selling their possessions for the down payment, or even modifying their own hardtop to make it into a convertible.

This last one is a bit drastic, but it's easy to understand why. There's nothing quite like driving a convertible on a sunny day, wind buffeting hair in the perfect amount, open roads and beautiful vistas all around, maybe it's a sporty car, eager and ready to take on those mountain roads with their curves and twists and bends, in equal amounts to the stunning forests, valleys, and snow-capped peaks. Maybe it's a warm fall day or a perfect spring afternoon. The sense of freedom and boundlessness that a convertible gives is unmatchable. That and the image it gives is suavity, coolness, and endless style.

When people get a taste, sometimes it's never enough if they don't have their very own convertible. They'll go to any lengths to get one, to look cool, to say they've got a convertible. But often, especially the homemade versions, end up lacking quite a bit, even being a laughingstock because of their poor quality and shoddy craftsmanship. Let's take a look at some of these, 24 homemade convertibles that should never have seen the light of day.

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24 Lackluster Color Palette

via Reddit

This homemade convertible should be covered in a tarp and hidden away from the light of day for all time, or put in a garage somewhere to never again drive the streets, for good. The color palette of this car is truly bad, with green clashing against purple, garish yellow contrasting the purple in green in a way that isn't exactly clashing but is just way too loud.

Yes indeed, this chop-top without a windshield, some kind of makeshift roll cage, and a single back seat deserves to never be seen again.

23 No Windshield No Problem

via cardonationwizard.com

This is a serious fiasco. There are way too many people inside of it, including an entire brass band and driver. It doesn't seem like things could get any more out of hand and outrageous. Add that to the terrible spray paint and the end result is a seriously homemade creation.

I'd say that this one deserves to never see the light of day again, and that may be so at some point, but for right now it seems to be bringing joy to countless people in this photo. So maybe after the parade is over.

22 Complete With An Astroturf Bumper

via reddit.com

The person sitting in this chop-top minivan, clearly a homemade contraption of some crazy kind, seems to be absolutely living up the convertible life. He's chilling in the front seat, tilted back, arms behind his head, soaking up the full rays of the sun, not a worry in his mind, sunshine uninterrupted by a roof.

The astroturf bumper is quite a hilarious touch and adds to the homemade quality of this particularly homemade convertible. Whatever works for him, it seems like he's owning it.

21 Homemade Durango Conversion

via reddit.com

The paint job on this car is the first giveaway that the chop job to the roof is entirely homemade. The wheels paired with the blacked out headlights is a sure sign that this mod needs to be hidden away from the light of day, forever. Driven at night only, or not at all.

Preferably not at all, because the giant front bumper and lift kit make this thing a bona fide piece of junk. And while you're at it, please put those cargo shorts with the car and get some khakis or something. And some self-respect.

20 Just A Little Off The Top

via grandhaventribune.com

To take the roof off of a Saturn isn't really all that much of a shame, as there are plenty of them in the world and they really aren't worth much at all. Yet, that only adds to the bad quality of the build and adds to the list of compelling reasons to hide this thing away from the light of day as soon as possible.

The spray paint and strange decals add to the junkyard quality, as does the lack of a windshield and that strange device on the front. At least they came prepared with helmets.

19 Completely And Utterly Custom

via newportconvertible.com

Talk about rolling in style and swag with this fully automated and custom van convertible. The conversion looks quite professionally done, but the idea was very clearly homegrown. The entire back row has been taken over by the massive automatic retractable roof.

With some glitzy rims and a fresh coat of wax, this massive van is ready to cruise, with the entire posse in tow. I hope I never have to see this on the roads. And let's hope the roof collapses more than that.

18 Convertible Mini Van Taxi

via pinterest.com

This strange taxi is legitimately a convertible, and legitimately a minivan. Could it get any more optimal and supreme? Unlikely. What more could you want from life beyond a business that makes you money, while also being able to bask in sunshine all the time, and be the coolest taxi driver all around?

It's all fun and games until it's rainy, or cold, and then you're just a normal taxi driver with a kind of lame trim job and a jank soft-top roof. Sounds like the party's only on when the sun's out.

17 Could Use A Smidge More Refinement

via flickr.com

This is an extraordinarily bare-bones conversion, that's clear. Someone wanted a convertible at all costs, no matter what it took. So, the choice was obvious, take it all off. Roof, doors, everything. Who needs em, right? And no one needs a cover for the rain, either.

That way there's even more of an open-air feel. The unfinished edges and ruined bodywork really only add to that down-to-earth, all-natural feel. It's like you're actually outside, one with the environment. The environment, of course, being the junkyard.

16 Don't Need The Doors Either

via YouTube

This open-air concept chop job convertible conversion is fairly well done, all things considered. The windshield is still intact, the door posts are evenly cut and likely sanded, and the bodywork otherwise is still intact.

Of course, it's clearly homemade and kind of just a bad idea in general. Who needs doors, right? Yeah, except they are pretty important for safety, but who cares? Let's just hope that he's taking it into that garage for good, never to see the light of day again.

15 Famous Chop Job

via markfisheramericanphotographer.wordpress.com

This convertible conversion is particularly homemade looking, with hardly an eye for finesse or quality shown on any level at all. The doors are merely ripped out, only certain parts of the roof are taken off, and the metal plating is supremely unfinished and bad looking.

Yet, it's a very expensive Maybach, and this grievous act of destruction was done by none other than Jay-Z and West, as part of a music video. The famous duo sold it recently, and it sold for much less than anticipated. Wonder why...

14 For Sale, Mattress Not Included

via flickr.com

The customization level on this van is very high. Many things have been done to this old behemoth. The skill level of all of this customization is very low. Incredibly low, actually. The entire top has been chopped off, down to the bottom of the door windows, and left completely unfinished.

Except, of course, for the black plastic tubing around the edge, to keep passengers from cutting themselves. Held down, naturally, with duct tape. The mattress is the best touch, though, for those who want to sleep under the stars, in a poorly lit parking lot somewhere.

13 Lifted Crown Vic Convertible

via YouTube

This homemade lifted donk Crown Vic convertible is seriously in need of a quick drive to the junkyard, or a backyard, or a garage, or anywhere that's not on the streets where the public can see it. The soft top looks commandeered, the lack of a pillar between the front and back doors proves the ride has been chopped.

It's probably safe to say that most anyone wouldn't want to be caught dead driving this thing. But, to each his own, and I'm sure for at least one person (with no taste) this is a dream car. What more could you want from life?

12 Limo Convertible

via picdeer.com

It's a grand mystery to me as to why exactly the person or people responsible for this build even attempted to put in roll bars at all. They're thin piping bars behind the driver's seat and the back axle, yet they would be of absolutely no use.

The small amount of support they give wouldn't be nearly enough to hold up the entire limo, which would likely snap in the middle. That's saying nothing of the strange paint and decals and the fact that there are horns on the front. Someone hide this thing.

11 Looks A Little Chilly

via fieldnotesbrand.com

The idea of a convertible when it's warm and sunny is perhaps the greatest thing that man has created by way of vehicular transportation. On the other hand, a convertible when it's winter, when it's cold when it's rainy or cloudy, is perhaps one of the worst things that man has ever created.

This picture perfectly illustrates it, as the occupants need to be wearing full suits, gloves, and helmets to even be able to ride in it. How exactly is that enjoyable at all? That and this homemade neon mess needs to just be put away entirely.

10 Luxury Gone Crass

via imgur.com

This was at one point not all that long ago a very nice, classy, luxury sedan from Europe. It had speed, power, refinement, and comfortability. Yet, someone decided to change all of that by sawing the roof off with abandon.

At least they'd had the presence of mind to keep the windshield and doors intact. It's also a mystery as to why it's at Valvoline. Is it getting the oil changed? Or were the mods done to it in the garage? In any case, it should be left there, away from the public eye. Don't the builders know that BMW makes their own convertibles?

9 Nothing Like A Topless Fillup

via reddit.com

This truck is a sight to see, especially out in the public at a gas station. One of the aspects of a convertible that many don't like is the fact that you are always visible. That's the case here, as while filling up, if you're topless, everyone is going to look at you.

And there's nowhere to hide, as everyone can see right into your car. This black Chevy is a particular eyesore and definitely belongs in the junkyard. Either that or covered up for good, never to see the light of day.

8 Someone Didn't Dare. . .

via oddimotive.com

This at first glance looks like a complete travesty, an unforgivable sin, even. It seems that someone has chopped the top off of a collectible and very expensive (never mind an incredible machine) Porsche 959. These cars are collectibles, rare, and never to be tampered with.

So how dare someone do this to a Porsche, right? But on closer inspection, it seems that this is merely a replica and not the real thing. Thank goodness. Yet, it still belongs in the junkyard, somewhere where it'll never see the light of day again.

7 And It Has Suicide Doors

via thenewswheel.com

This Nissan Altima is most assuredly completely homemade, even though it is been done fairly well. Nissan doesn't make a convertible Altima, but someone out there in the world did, and they didn't stop at just taking the top off of it.

They've taken it a step further in their customization and reversed the back door, turning it into a suicide door chop top for the ages. Except, of course, that otherwise, it's a stock Altima (and just looks kind of lame).

6 The Scion Bathtub

via scionlife.com

Something about this Scion, whether it's the fact that it turned into a flat box, or the color of the bodywork and pinstriping, or more likely a combination of both, makes it seem exactly like a bathtub on wheels. It's all too easy to imagine it filled to the brim with suds and bubble bath.

Of course, that's not what it's designed for, but it is a mystery as to what exactly it is designed for. The likeliest solution is that someone took the roof off to cruise with the music blasting as loud as possible, judging by the massive trunk speakers.

5 Who Needs A Rear Window?

via reddit.com

There's only one way to make an HHR worse, and that's by doing this to it. The back end has been chopped off, and it seems like they've attempted to turn it into a pickup truck of sorts.

For the time being, though, it might as well be a convertible, with the rear window completely open to the air. It looks cold, too, and rainy, judging by the pavement. Not sure as to why someone thought this would be a good idea at all.

4 Complete With Rust Holes

via roadkill.com

This strange looking older car looks the way it does because it isn't exactly supposed to be a convertible. The interior looks out of place, too, because it looks like it needs to have a roof around it to protect the leather and vinyl. And that's, of course, because it does.

The white racing stripes are a nice touch, too, clearly adding that sportiness factor that was missing. It wouldn't be complete without it. Nor wouldn't it be complete without that hammer decal, or the rust holes dotting the bottom of the doors and wheel wells.

3 Blue Bar Of Soap

via trucktrend.com

This mini truck is a seriously low-riding letdown that should be taken away from the seeing eye of the public, and perhaps never to be seen again, at least not without some serious changes.

While the job itself is done quite well, there's just something about it that doesn't create a good convertible. The flat square shape of the whole thing (except for the windshield) really is unappealing, and it ends up just looking like a vibrant bar of soap, rather than a convertible.

2 Why Does The Interior Look Like It Came From The Mid-2000s?

via insta9pho.com

This retro hot rod is a pretty gorgeous color of goldenrod yellow, and the green partially showing through is actually quite nice looking, especially resealed and shiny. Yet, that's as far as the compliments go, unfortunately, as the rest is bad.

For some reason, they spray painted all over it, chopped the roof off with disregard to the quality of any kind, and seemingly changed out the interior to look like some kind of a dud from the mid-2000s. Maybe they reupholstered it themselves, and could only find vinyl from a 2003 Dodge Caravan.

1 Subaru Under-Construction

via Reddit

This ride looks like the owner tried to salvage it. Clearly, the Subaru has seen better days, literally rusting away. Instead of scrapping the ride the owner felt as though it was a better idea to scrap the top of the ride instead.

Clearly, that wasn't the best decision. He should have just brought the ride to the junkyard and left it there. Or at the very least, made a bit of money for some of the parts and what was left of it. Turning it into a convertible wasn't the right call.

Sources: Oddimotive, Reddit & Flickr

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