18 Homemade Rides Done So Well That They're Street Legal

The car market is saturated with vehicles. Car manufacturers release new models every year with additional specs to lure in consumers by surpassing the standards of the competition. With so many vehicles occupying the market, consumers are confused about which vehicle to buy. Since manufacturers produce new models every year with new features, the companies have increased the prices of the vehicles to remain profitable.

Consumers have seen a consistent rise in car prices every year. Inflation and rising car prices have forced consumers to find alternative modes of transport. While some consumers have opted for downgrading vehicles, others have chosen public transport.

A minority of the car market was unwilling to forfeit the pleasures that driving a car provides but also didn't want to pay exorbitant costs for vehicle purchase and repairs. A few drivers have opted for building a car. Numerous online resources have enabled consumers to educate themselves about acquiring the skills needed to produce products.

To determine who has mechanical dexterity to build vehicles, we peaked into the homes of average citizens. We discovered numerous car owners who had built cars from their garages so good that the vehicles became road-worthy. Enjoy the list!

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18 Extraterrestrial

via Youtube

The movie E.T. showed us that species from outside of Earth could inhabit our communities. Not only can unfamiliar species infest Earth but so can vehicles. The owner of this Extraterrestrial Concept wanted to make a futuristic vehicle.

If you want to drive around town in a unique vehicle, then the Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle should be your first choice. Consumers who wanted to purchase the vehicle had a chance. Mike Vetter built the Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle and placed it onto the market. When Vetter signed the ownership papers to the buyer, he received $71,000 for his building efforts, according to Motor 1.

17 The Batmobile

via The New Daily

If there was one car that every boy wanted to drive, it was the Batmobile. The sheer power of the vehicle and the vigilante status that the car would grant once behind the wheel was surreal.

The Batmobile is being used for good causes, and I'm not talking about fighting crime. The New Daily reported that the home-builder of the Batmobile surprised a child in Australia by making his dream of being Batman come true. The toddler was thrilled to get into the Batmobile with a man who wore the Batman attire.

16 Supercar

via Homesecurity Press

Most people cannot afford a supercar, but that doesn't mean that you can't own one. After all, if there is a will, there is a way. While most builders are amateur mechanics, some possess a tremendous amount of skill to build outstanding vehicles.

The owner of this home-built supercar wasn't content with settling for an average vehicle and wanted to compete with the millionaires on the road. He designed a beautiful car that looks like a combination of an Aston Martin and Lamborghini. The car looks stunning and provides great performance.

15 Formula 1

via IB Times UK

Formula 1 enthusiasts would love to sit inside one of the cars and experience the blistering speeds that the car provides. While most enthusiasts believe that the desire will only remain a dream, two brothers in Asia are proving that dreams do come true.

Buying a Formula 1 car is out of the question for most people, but building one is a possibility. After building a Formula 1 car from their garage, brothers Zhao Xiushun and Zhao Xiuguo test drove the vehicle on a public road, according to IB Times.

14 Caroplane

via English Russia

During the Soviet Union era, Russia residents encountered several problems when purchasing vehicles. Not only were the vehicles expensive and consumers had to save up money for a long time, but they had to place themselves onto a waiting list.

Some people waited more than eight years for their turn to purchase a vehicle. Some didn't want to conform by the rules and built homemade vehicles. This home-builder wanted to infuse an airplane cabin with a car, so he fit the cabin onto a car's wheels and made what is best described as a "caroplane." Although the vehicle looks eccentric, we applaud the effort.

13 Ragged Pickup

via Flickr

Consumers buy pickups for numerous reasons, but one of the biggest reasons that drivers like to sit behind a pickup wheel is that the car's bulky frame allows them to feel safe. Not only do pickup manufacturers elevate the vehicle to give the driver better road visibility and make the exterior tough to protect passengers in case of an accident, but the companies also fit the interior with safety features.

The owner of this homemade pickup wanted a unique vehicle and built his car from scrap metal. Apart from the car looking rugged and tough, the vehicle looks as though it could tackle the most inhospitable terrains.

12 Freedom 1

via Youtube

Don't worry if you don't have money to buy a convertible that resembles a Tesla. The other option is to build a vehicle according to your specs without destroying the bank. That is what some home-builders continue to do. They have a beautiful vehicle to prove that they have spent arduous hours in the garage.

The owner of this home-built vehicle made a two-seater convertible that has a pointy front sticking out and pop-up headlights. The builder painted the car red, which makes the vehicle look exquisite.

11 Luxury Vehicle

via Russia Beyond

Russia's vehicle might be the Lada, but some from Russia don't want to settle for mediocre vehicles and opt for only the best. This home-builder decided to save his money by not splurging on expensive luxury vehicles and opted for building one from home.

The owner of this magnificent vehicle built a luxury car that resembles a Bentley but didn't cost as much. Apart from the dashing exterior, the car also has a sunroof and plenty of space in the cabin. Although the exterior looks extravagant, it is also tough. To add more glitz to the vehicle, the home-builder added shiny rims.

10 Sportscar Engineering

via Piximus

Although you don't have to be a car expert to build a homemade vehicle, being an engineer helps when you want to build a sports car. A 27-year-old engineer built an electric sports car over six months for $4,000. The car has impressive scissor doors, coat of red paint and an elegant interior, according to Daily Mail.

Although dubbed a sports car, the car is all bark and no bite, as the top speed of the vehicle is 37 mph. Chen Yinxi's efforts came into the public's eye after he was invited to display the vehicle at the auto expo in Haikou, capital of China's southernmost island province Hainan.

9 Dream Car

via Modified Cars Fun

While growing up, we fantasized about driving supercars such as the Ferrari Enzo or the Lamborghini Diablo. Some of us kept the fantasy alive by searching for answers about how to own one of the majestic vehicles that Italy manufactured to produce.

The dreamers who refused to give up on their dream found their answer in home-built vehicles. The owner of this majestic supercar wanted to own a McLaren F1 but thought that the home-building process would be more rewarding and built the vehicle from his garage.

8  Electric Jeep

via Inhabitat

Tesla and Toyota aren't the only ones building environment-friendly cars, as Doug Manowitz, a Manhattan resident, fitted a discarded VW chassis with a 72-Volt forklift motor to create an operational, zero emissions, urban electric car, according to Inhabitat.

The fascinating part of the story is that Manowitz has built two electric vehicles, although he is only an amateur mechanic. “The next phase for me is to search out a high school shop class, or a technical school, to collaborate with and teach. I am currently looking for a real estate sponsor to donate industrial space,” Manowitz stated.

7 From Amateur To Professional

via Daily Mail

Nick Truman, a 53-year-old IT specialist from England spent five years building his dream car. Truman bought scrap parts from eBay and an old Jaguar engine for $115 with the intention of transforming it into an elaborate coffee table, according to the Daily Mail.

When Truman realized that it was too big, he opted to make a supercar from the acquired parts.  "I would never do it again, and in hindsight, I probably wouldn’t have started. I have gone through four engines, two gearboxes, three windscreens," Truman said after spending way too much to build the vehicle.

6 Pure Class

via Russia Beyond

Tourists who visit Russia shouldn't be surprised that the country has a vast array of vehicles. Although roads in Russia have numerous vehicles, some wanted to produce unique vehicles.

The owner of the pictured vehicle built his luxury car from home and took inspiration from Rolls Royce. The car is long, provides luxury but cheaper than a Rolls Royce. The car's rear looks a lot like a Porsche, perhaps a Panamera but with only two doors. The design is eccentric but the car provides performance and luxury.

5 Bulletproof

via Cars

One of the things that we discovered while compiling the list of homemade cars is that most home-builders took every precaution to ensure that the vehicle was road-worthy and a sight for sore eyes.

Apart from ensuring a reliable and safe vehicle, some home-builders wanted to make their car bulletproof. Some of the reasons include that the owner lived in a crime-ridden area or had enemies, at least we presume. Other car-builders like to feel the protection that a bulletproof car gives them, so they built one instead of spending exorbitant costs to purchase.

4 The Tumbler

Batman fans who thought that the 80s Batmobile car was awesome were surprised to see the Tumbler in the Dark Knight. The car was a combination of a Lamborghini and a Hummer but capable of blistering speeds and leaping. Christian Bale became the envy of men around the world when he drove the car in the movie, but some Batman fans wanted a piece of the action.

Since the original designers made the car only for the movie, a Batman enthusiast decided to build the Tumbler in his backyard. The pictured gentleman performed an outstanding job of replicating the Tumbler and saved money by not purchasing the original.

3 F1 Car

via Wired

Combining your passion for Formula 1 and knowledge of mechanical engineering can result in the development of an amazing vehicle. Considering that Kevin Thomas has more mechanical knowledge than the average Formula 1 fan, he assembled a Formula 1 car with cast-off parts and eBay bits, according to Wired.

Thomas built the Formula 1 car in his garden shed after getting the idea when he saw an F1 Renault at a showroom.  “It quickly became clear that it was very difficult, or even impossible, to get the right parts," Thomas told Car and Driver "I have to use what I can get.”

2 Third World But First Class Car

via Cars Interest

Moses Ngobeni from Limpopo, South Africa took three years to assemble the parts of his homemade car. Ngobeni's car is a two-seater with a BMW 318 engine. When Ngobeni showed his friends the car that he had build in a small village of South Africa, his friends snapped pictures and ensured that it went viral on social media.

“I didn’t want to draw unnecessary attention. I know some people might get jealous and use ‘things’ to prevent this car from being completed,” Ngobeni stated. He spent $14,000 to build the car.

1 Insanity

via Car Magazine

When Ryan McQueen from Edmonton, Canada named his vehicle "Insanity," the neighbors were worried about the kind of car he had built. Those close by had reason to worry, as McQueen built a vehicle covered in red paint and a nose that resembles a Ferrari Enzo. If that wasn't enough to worry the neighbors, McQueen also fit two Rolls Royce jet engines on the vehicle's rear, according to Car Mag.

Considering the car runs at 14,000 pounds of thrust, it has an estimated top speed of 403 mph. According to McQueen, Insanity might be the world's first twin-jet powered supercar. “I went to my first drag race with jet cars and basically fell in love with them and thought ‘I’ve got to do this’,” McQueen stated.

Sources - Daily Mail, Wired & Ibitimes

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