This Honda Accord Has Over 1 Million Miles On Its Odometer

Honda Accord 1 mil

Another car has entered the million-mile club after just ticking off that 1 millionth mile last week.

The lucky vehicle is a 2000 Honda Accord owned by Dexter Mills of Durham, North Carolina. Last week, the odometer rolled over his millionth mile and catapulted his car into the record books.

Surprisingly, his sixth-gen Accord is still in pretty decent shape. It certainly looks lived in, and from what little of the engine bay we can see it seems to still have all its necessary parts. There isn’t a whole lot of corrosion, although it’s about as filthy as you’d expect 1 million miles to be.

According to a report from WRAL News, Dexter has owned this Accord for 19 years since buying it brand new off the lot way back in 2000. “It’s been absolutely phenomenal,” Mills said in an interview. “I still average anywhere from 440 to 460 miles out of a tank of gas.”

That’s pretty good mileage, although we wonder just how many horses are still working tirelessly in each of the car’s cylinders.

We should point out that this Accord is NOT working with the original engine. It’s actually been replaced twice--once at 375,000 miles, and again at 695,000 miles. This makes it not nearly as cool as the 1 million-mile Hyundai Elantra we learned about earlier this year, but still pretty cool.

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In addition to the engine, the Accord has seen its alternator and starter replaced as well as the A/C compressor. We assume the brakes and pads have also been replaced several times, and there have been countless oil changes and filter swaps. Mills actually performs most of the regular maintenance himself so as to avoid spending too much cash.

Mills writes as a vehicle inspector for vehicleexam.com, so he knows a thing or two about vehicle maintenance.

Besides that, Mills says the secret to a long-lived car is just being gentle with it. “Probably one of the biggest things is I don’t drive cars hard. Every car that we own or have owned, I typically drive it in a non-aggressive manner," he said. "I don’t do jack rabbit starts.”

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