Get Behind A New Honda NSX Thanks To A $20,000 Discount

Get Behind A New Honda NSX Thanks To A $20,000 Discount

If you’re on the fence about getting a brand new Honda NSX, there’s a $20,000 discount out now to help with your decision.

For those few 1%ers that are looking to save the environment while also achieving the performance of a supercar, the NSX is the car for you. With its hybrid electric powertrain, short, everyday hops to the grocery store can be done entirely on electric power, while high-speed highway driving engages the car’s 3.5-L twin-turbocharged V6 engine.

Nevermind the fact you can barely fit two grocery bags in the trunk. You probably wouldn’t be going to the grocery store for much anyways as you have servants to do most of the bulk purchasing of foodstuffs.

But perhaps you’re a 1%er that’s a little down on their luck. Well, never fear. The Acura NSX is on sale now for $20,000 off thanks to a little-known incentive from Honda.

Get Behind A New Honda NSX Thanks To A $20,000 Discount
via Honda

The news comes courtesy of Motor Trend, who notes that the $20,000 cash incentive is not noted on the Acura or Honda websites. They learned of it through IntelliChoice who discovered it using JATO Dynamics data.

JATO also reports the incentive came about in mid-march and will be around until March 31, 2020. So if you’re still on that fence, no rush. Maybe Acura will even sweeten the deal a little more between now and then?

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As for why they feel the need at all, apparently Acura has been having a hard time selling the NSX. Sales are down to just 170 units last year after topping out at 581 in 2017. However, the $20,000 incentive seems to have brought people back around as sales have reportedly jumped 44% since the deal was enacted.

Get Behind A New Honda NSX Thanks To A $20,000 Discount
via Acura

In case you were wondering, that drops the $159,000 NSX down to $139,000. Still a lot, but a lot less than, say, a Lamborghini or a McLaren.

Seeking additional information, Acura spokesman Andrew Quillin told Motor Trend that the deal is limited to 2019 models and that there are only a few “build-to-order” slots left. So maybe you should rush out for that NSX if you wanted it with certain specific options.

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