Honda Has Turned The Civic Type R Into A Rally Car

Honda has taken the Civic Type R to the last frontier it has yet to conquer: a rally course. Or at least, it will eventually. It's not quite done yet.

Honda Rally Car

There is now a rally car version of the Honda Civic Type R.

We here at Hot Cars sometimes have to ask ourselves: does everything deserve to have an off-road version of itself? The answer is almost always “yes”, but we still ask ourselves the question from time to time just to make sure.

Here we have a rally version of the Honda Civic Type R. It was unveiled at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Test Day at Millbrook Proving Ground in lovely Bedfordshire, England last Thursday. With the help of Honda, development of this prototype rally car continues under the skilled hand of Ralph Hosier Engineering, a chartered engineer who occasionally gets up to some very strange projects.

Honda Rally Car
via Honda

But there’s nothing really strange about this car. It’s still got the same 2.0-L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that it was born with, producing 316 hp instead of 306 because Japan bestows the UK with the better engine for allowing the Civic Type R to be built there. It also retains the same 6-speed manual and Brembo brakes and most of the Type R’s anti-torque-steer dual-axis strut suspension.

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However, there are some differences between this car and the stock Type R. The car has been lifted 3 inches thanks to a new rear trailing arm mounting and modified transverse linkages. Giant BF Goodrich tires are wrapped around “rally-derived, lightweight wheels.” There’s a new hood with additional vents and a roof scoop for no particular reason we can discern.

And of course, the Type R also now has a widebody kit with big vented fenders.

It’s called the Honda Civic Type OveRland, and so far it is just a prototype. It’s also probably not done yet; Jalopnik points out the charge air cooler is pretty much completely exposed thanks to the removal of the front splitter, and the side sills have yet to be replaced by rockers.

However, we suspect these issues to be easily solved. Hoosier also mentioned he might sell “one-off versions” if there’s enough interest.

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