Honda Civic Type R Vs. Ford Mustang Bullitt - Which Car Would You Drive? [VIDEO]

The latest video from Throttle House looks at the Honda Civic Type R and the Ford Mustang Bullitt to see which one they'd rather drive.

Civic vs Mustang

If you had to choose between a brand new 2019 Honda Civic Type R and a 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt, which would you go for?

The choice says a lot about you. Does the sound and fury of a Mustang’s pounding V8 engine thrill you, or do you prefer the intense precision of a turbocharged Japanese 4-cylinder? Does your fun come from taking corners at speeds far in excess of what a normal car could achieve, or do you enjoy the spectacle of waking up everyone in the neighborhood when you drive to work every morning?

To find out just which car is best for you, we return to the boys over at Throttle House. The cold weather is finally starting to recede up in the wilds of Canada, and that has provided our hosts with the perfect opportunity to take both the Ford Mustang Bullitt and the Civic Type R out for a spin.

Both our hosts will scream about how both cars are thrilling in their own way, but there are certainly some stark differences.

With the Civic, it’s all about harsh precision. The 2.0-L turbocharged 4-cylinder produces plenty of power (306 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, to be precise) and Honda’s magical front differential somehow allows it to apply that power with perfection. You can still swing your tail around if you really need to, but the Civic is as firmly planted on the road as any AWD car.

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Not the Bullitt. With 20 more horses than the regular Mustang GT, the Bullitt can easily swing around a corner backward with an inexperienced driver. Both cars are manual, but the Mustang’s shifts are long and require the full force of your arm rather than the Civic’s dainty pulls and throws.

Another huge difference is the price. The Civic Type R starts at $35,700 USD and it pretty much comes fully loaded. There aren't many optional upgrades to spring for because it comes with everything possible.

The Bullitt, on the other hand, starts at $46,595, but you can easily push that number into the low 50s with a couple of optional upgrades like the Magneride suspension and Recaro racing seats.

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