Honda Aiming To Electrify Their Entire European Range By 2025

Honda wants all of its cars in Europe to be fully electric models in 6 six years.

Japanese automaker Honda plans to have its entire European range electrified by 2025.

The company announced said intentions at the Geneva Motor show, having previously revealed plans to have two-thirds of European units electric.

"Honda took to the stage at Geneva today to announce the further acceleration of its electrification ambitions," a statement from the manufacturer's European Media Newsroom reads. "The company announced its intention to move 100 percent of its European sales to electrified powertrains by 2025. This new ambition builds on the brand’s 2017 aim of two-thirds of its sales to be electrified by 2025, and places it firmly at the forefront of Honda’s global electrification shift announced as part of its 2030 vision."

Senior vice president of Honda Motor Europe Tom Gardner added that the demand for cleaner mobility has risen since the company's pledge regarding electrification in 2017.

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"Since we made that first pledge in March 2017, the shift towards electrification has gathered pace considerably," he said. "Environmental challenges continue to drive demand for cleaner mobility. Technology marches on unrelenting and people are starting to shift their view of the car itself.”

As a means of meeting that goal, which should prove quite the challenge, Honda will expand its range of energy management products and services, inclusive of their bi-directional Honda Power Manager charger, which should be followed up by the unveiling of a commercial version

“This is a significant move for Honda," Gardner added. "Our intention is to deliver industry-leading innovation by launching energy services…to create additional value for power system operators and EV customers alike.”

The e Prototype, Honda's flagship vehicle for this project, so to speak, was unveiled at Geneva. The retro-inspired hatchback is all-electric and will roll out under production livery later this year. The car will have a range going over 124 miles and a fast charge functionality that sends the battery over 80 percent in just 30 minutes.

Honda also plans to release more hybrid vehicles leading up to 2025, with the CR-V Hybrid that rolled out earlier this year said to be the first of many.

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