Honda Reveals Electric CRF450 Dirt Bike & Electric Scooter

Honda has unveiled two electric bikes.

Honda seems to be edging towards a future filled with electric bikes after two production-ready models were put on display at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show on Friday, per Jalopnik.

The Japanese company had been showing off a few EVs in recent times but the focus remained on cars. However, it appears that there's a lot in the making where two-wheelers are concerned following the exhibition.

The pair of bikes - a CRF450 and a Benly scooter - are based on architecture which was already existent and they point to what could be a secret Honda project that was going on for quite a while.

A partnership with Panasonic on battery swap tech saw them put the Benly on show while the CR Electric utilizes an off-the-shelf CRF twin-spar frame and electric motor/transmission unit sporting Mugen logos.

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The Benly scooter is similar to a model strapped with a 110cc gasoline motor that has been on sale in several markets. It comes with two removable battery inserts which gives the rider the option of charging up several spares if a long-distance ride is being planned. However, it is still unknown how much power each battery holds or how powerful the electric motor could be.

The CR Electric, meanwhile, shows that Honda and Mugen are able to produce batteries similar to gas tanks and engines in size.

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There's no information as it pertains to power for this model either, but it's unlikely that Honda will construct anything unable to match the standards which have been set in today's market. Additionally, Mugen has won the Isle of Man TT Zero electric motorcycle race for the last five years with the Shinden team.

There are many bike manufacturers working on electric motorcycles at the moment an there are several great options on the market. But, with Honda looking poised to enter the arena, it could spell trouble as the company's reputation will see to it that any product they back will be flying off the lots.

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