Gearhead Replaces Honda S2000 Engine With Twin Turbo Acura V6

Gearhead Replaces Honda S2000 Engine With Twin Turbo Acura V6

One humble gearhead has taken his 2006 Honda S2000 and swapped the engine with an Acura V6.

The Honda S2000 is a legendary car among enthusiasts. Built between 2003 and 2009, it was a light but roomie roadster that lent it to all sorts of tuner projects, not the least of which was the time-honored tradition of engine swaps.

While the usual swap target was simply a larger Honda engine, a new video from The Hoonigans (by way of Motor1) shows the unique approach from Jason Schmuck: a 3.2-L V6 from a 2003 Acura TL Type S.

In its classic form, the S2000’s 2.0-L inline 4-cylinder could produce 237 hp and 153 lb-ft of torque. In its evolved form, this S2000 now produces just shy of 500 hp on 7 lbs of boost. And it could go higher, but Schmuck was saving the car for showing off at this year’s SEMA Show.

via The Hoonigans

Getting the S2000 to more than double its power required a lot of work, and it definitely shows when you pop the hood. To start, the Acura engine dominates the engine bay, and yet everything is incredibly clean and symmetrical. A pair of twin Garrett turbochargers are on either side of the engine, while a pair of titanium exhausts dump waste gases right out the side of the car.

A custom aluminum intake manifold and custom headers combine with precise laser-cut pieces to make for a truly beautiful engine bay.

You might notice there are quite a few things missing from under the hood, not the least of which is the radiators. They’ve been moved to the back and pipe coolant to the engine via electric pumps mounted in the trunk.

On the inside, nearly everything but the doors have been replaced. The transmission tunnel is now a simple piece of carbon fiber with a stick-shift and parking brake. The gauges have been replaced by a single LCD screen. There’s no climate control as the air conditioner has been removed, and there’s now a custom-fitted roll cage that makes getting inside the car nearly impossible.

Jason plans to make the car even more powerful after SEMA, but that would require the replacement of the S2000’s stock transmission. He hopes to use a Nissan transmission to handle the engine’s output as it closes in on 600 horses.


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