20 Pics Of How The Biggest Soccer Stars Travel

While football is the biggest thing in the US, if you step outside the borders of the nation run by Donald Trump, you'll see how prevalent actual football, or, as we call it, "soccer," is in the world. Soccer is pretty simple—except for the offsides and red-card rules maybe—to learn the rules of, with the goal being to simply get the ball into the other side’s net without touching it with your hands. It doesn’t require much equipment, so you famously see people playing it on the road. Just grab a few cones and a ball and start kicking; even footwear is optional.

Unlike in some of the other sports, size doesn’t matter in soccer. Agility and the ability to run fast are more important, depending on the position of the player, although you can’t exactly be a big guy and hope to make it as a soccer player.

Some of these soccer players are really, really successful. Like Michael Jordan and LeBron James-type successful. The rest of the world knows that, and I guess even we know it when FIFA rolls around, but still, Americans, at large, aren't that familiar with these stars, except for David Beckham, I’d imagine. That’s because he's become more of an icon rather than just a soccer star. I remember reading about how he flew in his private jet to see his kids play soccer, which is insane.

So, let’s dive in.

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20 Nani: Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2

via goldigital.com

Also known as "Luis Nani," Nani has achieved a remarkable career. He started playing soccer in Portugal at an early age, eventually playing for the English club Manchester United. The guy was raised by his aunt after his parents abandoned him at an early age. He has a number of siblings, and his hero is Luis Figo.

Nani has good taste in cars. Here, you can see him with his Gallardo LP 550-2, which was built in 2011, two years before Lamborghini moved on to the Huracan. The white color looks sleek with his contrasting skin tone. Here, you can see him pumping gas into his space shuttle—it looks like a space shuttle depending on the angle you look at it from—at Tesco in Cheshire, UK.

19 Thierry Henry: Audi Q7

via pinterest.com

The retired French player played as a forward for various teams, including, of course, the national team of France. The guy is into models; he was married to one for a few years, and when that ended up in a divorce, he started dating another model, Andrea Rajacic from Bosnia. He's also a big fan of basketball, and he's often seen with his friend Tony Parker, who plays for the Spurs. Currently, he's the second assistant manager of the Belgium national team. How about that, huh?

Anyways, at six foot two, he's a bit on the tall side of soccer players. So, sports cars with their congested cabins aren't his best friends. He probably knows that, which is why he drives an Audi Q7. The Q7 is a mid-size SUV, providing him plenty of space for his physique.

18 Ashley Cole: Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG

via celebritycarz.com

While his name is that of a girl’s, his soccer career and car choice aren't. The English soccer player plays as a left-back for Los Angeles Galaxy in Major League Soccer. He made his name in several of the leagues at a young age. Like some of the stars on the list, his love life suffered a bit. He had a couple of allegations of affairs and then adultery, all of which caused his wife—singer Cheryl Tweedy—to file for divorce. He also had some instances of speeding. Not sure if he was driving the SL63 AMG, but the car looks tempting. Its name meaning “Sport Lightweight,” the car has been in production since 1953, although the recent versions are much more refined and to the liking of millennials.

17 David Beckham: Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

via dubmagazine.com

Beckham is a cultural icon of England. His quick crossing, bending, and passing have made him one of the most iconic players in the history of soccer. In his 20-year career, he's won 19 major trophies and countless other awards, titles, and championships. He holds league titles from four countries: England, Spain, France, and the US. He's at the point where he flies with other parents in his private jet to watch their kids play soccer; with a net worth of $450 M, you can definitely do that. Marrying a famous pop singer didn’t hurt him establish his current fame either.

He owns several vehicles, but the Phantom Drophead Coupe is a handmade luxury for a select few. The car is a mixture of a luxury and a sports car—a good mixture, that is.

16 Jermaine Pennant: Aston Martin DBS

via meyouandsoccer.blogspot.com

Pennant’s life is full of news. He did so-so at the club level, and while he's a good player now, the guy made several poor choices in the past. He was imprisoned several times for traffic violations and DUIs, including driving in the wrong lane. In one of the trials, it became evident that he was illiterate. Due to several such offenses, he had to wear an electronic tag at all times, for which he gained notoriety when he showed up on the field wearing one. His love life is much like a soccer ball—back and forth among three to four players.

His car is nice, though. The engine of the Aston Martin DBS gives a solid performance and the interior has the taste of luxury, but it’s the exterior that captivates us all—that chrome exterior!

15 Frank Lampard: Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

via sport.co.uk

Lampard is one of the best midfielders of his generation as labeled by various teammates and journalists. The midfielder most recently played for New York City FC and the England national team from 1999-2014. Although he's now retired, he was no less impressive in school, earning various GCSEs in secondary school. All this was corroborated by his high IQ score during a neurological research carried out by Chelsea’s doctor. Combine all that with the fact that he's a children’s writer, and life seems to be evergreen for him.

He owns a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, which were in production from 2004-2011. While we might not like the earlier versions due to the release of newer versions, the 612 Scaglietti had a posh interior.

14 Obafemi Martins: N50M Lamborghini

via beritahariini.online

Playing forward for Shanghai Greenland Shenhua, Martins is known for speed. Though born and raised in Nigeria, he left for Italy in his teenage years to become a professional player. After that, he played for various top-notch clubs in Italy, England, and Russia. While his stature is rather a little on the short side, he makes up for all that with his pace and mobility; his agility has helped him win several matches. And let’s not forget the acrobatic-intensive goal celebration that he has. He's married to the sister of the famous Italian soccer player Mario Barwuah.

His Lamborghini cost him 270K euros, which is $335K in US dollars. You can see him posing with his Lambo. The doors are awesome—the entire car is awesome, although this picture doesn’t do justice to the beauty of a Lamborghini.

13 Cristiano Ronaldo: Bugatti Chiron

via freepressjournal.in

We’ve all probably heard of Ronaldo. Often regarded as one of the greatest players of all time in the world, Ronaldo has pretty much any trophy you can name in the soccer world. He believed he had the ability to play semi-professionally by the age of 14 after he had excelled in various clubs. So, he quit school and started focusing solely on football. Even though he suffered from a racing heart in his teenage years, he eventually recovered very quickly after a procedure. He's a star off the field also, known for his philanthropy and fashion; of course, he's been named on numerous Forbes lists—his net worth is around $400 M.

He owns several cars, including this Bugatti Chiron, which looks just stunning. The inside is a world of its own. And it's zero-to-60 time is 2.5 seconds!

12 Cesc Fabregas: Range Rover Sport

via dailymail.co.uk

The central midfielder plays for Chelsea and the Spain national team. He doesn’t have many personal interesting facts, but he is a big-time supporter of Puma, with whom he signed several sponsorship deals. Fabregas was used for their various marketing campaigns. He also launched his one-time TV program called The Cesc Fàbregas Show: Nike Live, which also featured other soccer stars.

He drives a Range Rover. Of course, he has other cars, including an Audi R8, but when going out with family, he uses the Rover Sport. The mid-size luxury SUV has been in production since 2004; his looks pretty recent. While the exterior is decent, the interior is quite spacious and perfect for his three children. You can see him relaxing with his daughter in the picture.

11 Arda Turan: Ferrari 458

via autogespot.nl

Probably one of the greatest Turkish soccer players, Turan currently plays as attacking midfielder for Turkish club Istanbul Basaksehir. He also plays for Barcelona and the national team of Turkey. Similar to the likes of Lionel Messi, he's won several critical awards, being ranked in the top-percentile in various best-soccer-player lists, youth and non-youth alike. Despite that, he still thinks Messi is the greatest player in the history of soccer, so he keeps humble while feeling a little flattered. The devout Muslim is known for his philanthropic work, especially for helping sick children.

He doesn’t love cars that much—except that he has a top-notch Ferrari, the Ferrari 458, which has been in production from 2010 to 2015. It succeeded the F430. The long lamplights are just sick.

10 Steven Gerrard: Jaguar XKR

via celebritycarz.com

One of the greatest midfielders of his generation, Gerrard played for Liverpool club and the England national team. Notable is the fact that he's the only soccer player to have scored a winning goal in an FA Cup Final, a League Cup Final, a UEFA Cup Final, and a UEFA Champions League Final. In other words, he was the man to give the ball to when the team needed a score to win. He has several endorsement deals from various companies like Adidas, Jaguar, and Lucozade.

Not sure if that’s why he has a Jaguar XKR, but the convertible looks really cozy. Looks like he was shopping around in the XKR, which stopped being produced after 2015. He has several other Jaguars, which can lead us to conclude that he either is a big fan of Jaguar or is getting these at a discount from the endorsements.

9 Didier Drogba: Mercedes SL65-AMG

via scorem.com

Whichever team he played for won. The former Ivory Coast captain is a striker for club Phoenix Rising. He started earning his name in the professional world at the age of 18 when he played for Le Mans, a second-tier league. He continued to climb the ladder afterward. When he got to the Premier League, he signed a record-breaking £24 million fee, making him the most exclusive and expensive Ivorian player in the world, both present and past. Club Chelsea won several games when he came on board. Drogba retired from international soccer a little over three years ago and now plays at the club level.

He owns a Mercedes SL-Class, which has been in production since 1954, although the one we're concerned with came out in 2012. The engines vary from mild to wild, although most of them stay on the wild side. Simply put, it’s a good car.

8 Wayne Rooney: Aston Martin Vanquish S

via elgoldigital.com

The forward English player currently plays for the Premier League Everton and is a player of the England national soccer team. Rooney has been a fan of soccer since he was a child; at the age of nine, he joined a youth soccer team, and by his 16th birthday, he made his professional debut. And then, the guy went on to play for the national team of England at the age of 17! The 32-year-old is also a celebrity on Twitter, having 10 million followers. While he was convicted of a DUI, everything else looks clean on his record.

His wife gifted him the Aston Martin Vanquish S in 2006. The Vanquish S had an improved engine from the base model in 2004. It was a solid car to have in 2006. We're not sure why, but it was on sale in 2008.

7 David Beckham: Bentley Continental Supersports

via celebritycarsblog.com

Bought by his wife for him, Beckham's Bentley Continental Supersports is capable of running on both gasoline and biofuel (E85 ethanol, which, scientifically speaking, is just alcohol). The Supersports came out in 2009. The two-door car has a fabulous design, interior, and powertrain. While it drinks heavily, it drives very smoothly; it had the best handling available from Bentley from those times. The power was also inspiring. It could complete the 0-60 mph race in 3.7 seconds and deliver 1.29 g of force. As far as the interior is concerned, I don’t even need to describe the posh interior of a Bentley, do I? It had everything imaginable. When the car came out in 2009, it was revealed by no one other than our very own Jay Leno.

6 El Hadji Diouf: Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

via worldhotstars.blogspot.com

The retired Senegalese soccer player played as a winger or a forward. He's had as many controversies as memorable moments in his career. I’m not sure if he had a thing for spitting on people, but boy, does he have a history of spitting on fans on numerous occasions. Not sure why a player of his caliber would lose his calm over an opposing team’s fans, but he was fined for spitting on an opposing team's fans. Now that he's retired, he lives in his home country, Senegal, where he serves as an ambassador and advisor of sports to the nation’s president. He also has a side business of a newspaper and a gymnasium.

But his choice of car is saliva-producing. The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren was produced by a joint venture between McLaren and Mercedes. The result? Awesomeness.

5 Arda Turan: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

via wikipedia.org

The two-seater front luxury car was produced in limited numbers. The "SLS" stands for “Super Light Sport;” the "AMG" part is obvious, and it was the first automobile designed in-house by AMG. It was also handbuilt, thus the limited-production part. When it came out back in 2010, the naturally aspirated engine was the world’s most powerful engine, forcing Mercedes to give it a name of its own. Not only does it have a powerful engine and exceptional torque, making it super fast on the tracks, let alone roads, but the design is jaw-dropping also. The gull-wing doors are exceptional in this car, complementing the long hood, the low-slung body, the front and the rear, and let’s not forget, the interior—literally, everything looks great. Well done, Turan... well done.

4 Lionel Messi: Audi R8 Spyder

via autogespot.co.in

Here's another world-known soccer player. It’s hard to decide between Messi and Ronaldo for the title of the world’s best soccer player. Treating his growth hormone deficiency by playing for Barcelona at the age of 13, Messi decided to stick with the Barcelona club ever since, playing, of course, for the national team of Argentina also. While the gentleman was convicted of tax evasion, as exposed by the Panama Papers leaks, overall, he never let money and fame get into his head.

He owns several cars, but the sick Audi R8 Spyder made it on the list. Introduced by the German car manufacturer Audi AG in 2006, the R8 uses a Quattro permanent AWD system. Designed by the sports and high-performance division of Audi, the R8 looks completely rad from front to back, and it drives even cooler.

3 Cristiano Ronaldo: 2014 LaFerrari

via nocarnofun.com

Literally meaning “TheFerrari,” LaFerrari has been produced in limited numbers from 2013-2017. These cars carry a 6.3-liter V12 and a seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual. These are rare and thus expensive cars; each one sells for more than a million dollars, and some have even been sold for as high as $7 M and $10 M. The latter one was at an auction. Now, unlike your regular auction cars, these cars aren't owned by any renowned figures; the car themselves cost that much, without the influence of a celebrity owner. Furthermore, these cars are a mild hybrid, meaning they're the most powerful; however, they're also less fuel-consuming Ferraris. Considering these, it’s not a surprise that only 710 coupes and spiders were made in total. The one Ronaldo owns costs £2 M.

2 Lionel Messi: Custom Maserati GT MC Stradale

via speedvegas.com

Here's another possession of Lionel Messi. Originally white, the car has been saturated with matte black and accents of red color, and that looks a lot better than the factory setting. The 4.7-liter V8 is mated to an MC Race Shift six-speed robotized manual transmission; the powertrain allows the car to go up to 188 mph. Overall, the car looks stunning. Combine that with an elegant interior, and you've got a perfect car.

Apparently, this car was up for sale for $125K. A car owned by a celebrity becomes much, much more valued than a brand new one. And when it’s owned by a superstar like Messi, you can, for sure, keep bragging about who was the former owner. But regardless of all that, it’s a good car.

1 Emmanuel Adebayor: Fisker Karma

via celebritycarsblog.com

This Togolese soccer player is a man of faith. For some unknown reasons, Adebayor couldn’t walk for the first four years of his life. Cures weren't of help; only a miracle could help him. He was resting in a church on a Sunday morning when he saw a ball appear in the church kicked by kids playing outside the church. And that was it. He wanted to chase after that ball, and that’s how he started walking and running. Now, he gets paid to run after a ball.

He drives an elegant car, the Fisker Karma. The luxury sports sedan was being produced by car manufacturers in Finland. The cabin isn't exactly sedan-like spacious, but the car looks totally amazing from the outside. These cars haven’t been made since after 2012; the remaining ones are a true possession.

Sources: complex.com; sportzwiki.com

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