Hyperdrive: What The Top 10 Drivers Are Up To Now

For muscle car lovers and gearheads alike, Hyperdrive is one of the top binge-worthy shows on Netflix. Described by the show's producer as "American Ninja Warrior meets Fast and the Furious," the 10 episode series has something for every type of car enthusiast; racing, drifting, modding, and autocross. While the car mods are a show in themselves, equally as interesting are the drivers behind the wheel. Each with a story of how their passion for racing started and the lengths they had to go to make it onto the show.

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While it’s unclear if the show will be picked up for another season by Netflix, one thing is on everyone's mind. What are the top 10 ranked drivers up to now?

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10 Jordan Martin

Behind the 2015 Lamborghini Huracán was Jordan Martin. Admittedly one of the craziest of the contestants for showing up on course with an actual supercar. Although he admitted it wasn't modified for that type of extreme environment, that didn't stop him from putting on a wild show that landed him in 10th place.

Post-show, the proud family man headed back to Illinois to be with his wife and 3 kids.  Today, you'll find Jordan in the boss chair at Prime Cuts Chop Shop, his automotive store for used exotic and luxury car parts.

As a self-professed petrolhead, Jordan is known for popping up at car events like goldRush, a 10-day luxury rally event where car owners drive through different cities.

9 Sarah Haro

Sara Haro started her automotive career as a big rig truck driver, which is unique to all the contestants. Since then, she's been learning the art of drifting part-time in her 2014 Ford Mustang, which isn't as easy as the pros make it look.

If you're curious where Sara is now, she's exactly where you would expect her to be; in the driver's seat. Sara currently lives in Florida where she splits her time between being a racer sponsored by Blacklidge and a model. For those racing and drifting enthusiasts in Atlanta, you may have seen her at Road Atlanta Gridlife.

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So yes, the legend of "The Black Pearl" lives on. Her upcoming plans include Formula Drift in California and SEMA in Las Vegas. On her website, she talks about her goal of making time for stunt driving and acting classes to get into commercials and movies.

8 Brittany Williams

With only two and a half years of race experience going into the show, Brittany Williams was considered new and an underdog. Yet, she was able to take her 2008 Nissan 350Z into the top 8th spot in the competition.

Her story of hardships resonated with a lot of viewers. Despite being homeless when she was younger, she showed everyone just how anything is possible when you never give up.

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Where is she now? Back in her garage making modifications to a new big kids toy, this time a SRT Hemi Jeep. Beyond showing the build process on her YouTube channel, she also ventures into off-roading.

Brittany is also a co-founder of an association called E3 Offroad which she runs with her husband. The company is a membership-based service to educate, empower, and entertain fellow offroaders.

7 Alex Gräff

Alex is half of the Germany-based husband and wife duo that took the show by storm. Together they're two of the most experienced drivers on the track. Alex may not have won, but he has plenty of local records to beat in his 986 Series 5 E28 BMW M3, including the longest drift and fastest drift.

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If you happen to take part in hardcore tuning events like TWB 2019 in Germany, you will eventually stumble upon Alex doing donuts. He's been participating since 2004.

So where is Alex now? Still ripping up tires in his hometown where he's also the director of Gräff Motorsport, an automotive shop he runs alongside his drift loving family.

6 Fielding Shredder

Aggressive driving was a common technique on Hyperdrive but Fielding Shredder was the only one who's style was dubbed by commentators as "drives like a man possessed."

Since the show, Fielding has been regularly uploading videos on his YouTube channel. He has a new series of videos designed to help drivers with drifting, rally, and racing, including step-by-step guides on how to go pro and get sponsors.

He's also the lead driving instructor at Rally Ready Driving School in Texas. In case you're interested in learning to drive like a crazy possessed person.

5 Corinna Gräff

Corinna is wife to competitor Alex and the winner out of the family duo. While gloriously beating her husband Alex, Corinna ran into some serious obstacles in her Mercedes-Benz E500 during her trials, including flooding her engine and a smashed windshield.

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Today, Corrina can be found working alongside her family at their Gräff Motorsport company and traveling the country competing. In Germany, Corinna is a major contender and has more than a few rivalries besides her husband.

4 Axel Francois

On Hyperdrive, his car was unmistakable. Alex decorated his 1993 Nissan 200SX S13 to look like a futuristic police car from the movie Blade Runner.

Like his competitor Joao, Axel started in the sport young. He got his first taste of the sport at age 11 from his dad and has since built a legacy through training and competing. He also opened a drift school in France called Xtrem Drift Driving School to share his passion with others.

Today, you can find Axel training and competing full time to further hone his craft. Despite being a classically trained driver with a BPJEFPS Advanced piloting diploma, along with countless wins, Axel takes his goal of being a world drift champion very seriously. He plans to participate in Drift King and the Championship of France Drift. He literally has a timer on his website counting down to his next event.

If anyone in the contender group is going to want to avenge his reputation as a champion drifter, it will surely be Axel.

3 Atushi Taniguchi

Of all the contenders, Atsushi is the rock star of the group. He has been a mechanic and tuner over 20 years and drifting cars for more than 10. He also has a sense of humor. On the show, he made his 2002 Toyota Crown look like a Japan police cruiser.

In his home country of Japan, often referred to as the land of drifting and car mods, Atsushi is a legend. Today, he has countless trophies and over 10 million views on his YouTube channel.

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As of late, he has been creating new videos as a way to encourage younger drivers in Japan to join the sport. He has a goal of hitting 200,000 subscribers, so be sure to visit his channel and hit that subscribe button.

2 Joao Barion

Known as "the Sheriff," Joao has been racing since he was 9. He went from karting, Formula Renault, South America Formula 3 and the Piquet Sports Team.

Besides spending some of his career supporting his family business Dori Alimentors, Joao is also a serial entrepreneur. His very first company was making electric skateboards.

Joao is an avid businessman outside of the track. He’s currently a shareholder of the company BRICS, which works with entrepreneurs and invests in sustainable startups.

Today, you can also find him vlogging race events, showing driving techniques and sharing motivational talks on driver and car safety on his Sheriff Barion YouTube channel.

1 Diego Higa

There can be only one winner and that person is Diego Higa. Despite being the youngest contestant on Hyperdrive, Diego has a serious portfolio of wins. This includes four-time SDB Champion, three-time Brazilian Drift Champion, and 2nd place King of Nations.

Today, you can find Diego picking up exactly where he left off, dusting the competition. Most recently he was at Super Drift Brazil, the largest drift competition in Latin America.

At just 21 years of age, he's also running a drift school called Diego Higa Drift School in his home town of Santos Sao Paulo. Where you can learn drifting skills using the Nissan 350Z, which is the same model Diego used for the majority of his career.

Since his win, you’ll have a harder time ignoring Diego than trying to find him online. He has a slew of social profiles, like YouTube, Facebook pages, Instagram and a few websites.

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