Watch Contestant Crash His Police Car In Crazy New Hyperdrive Trailer


If this trailer is even a tiny portion of what Hyperdrive has in store for us, this show is gonna be awesome.

Last week, we got our first look at what Hyperdrive is all about with their first trailer. The show is best described as American Ninja Warrior but with cars. Drivers from around the world are all flown to Rochester, New York to take part in a competition that takes place on a converted business park that has been turned into a giant, car-sized obstacle course.

One of those obstacles is called "The Leveler" because it's basically a giant teeter-totter. But it's more complicated than that; the objective of The Leveler is to test a car's ability to climb hills and stop on an incline. There are two ramps that lead onto the teeter-totter, and if you charge the ramp before The Leveller is level (hah) then it's like driving over a massive speed bump--or driving into a brick wall.

We get our first look at how this competition will go thanks to Hyperdrive’s latest trailer. The Japanese team lead by driver Atsushi Taniguchi tried to get on top of The Leveler, but either didn’t have enough power or sticky enough tires and started rolling back down. That’s a problem as now The Leveler has swung too far in the wrong direction, creating an enormous hump that no car can reasonably expect to drive over.

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What Taniguchi should have done was wait for The Leveler to level-off, but the competition is timed. Rather than lose by getting counted out, Taniguchi floored it to try to get back on The Leveler and ignored the giant bump.

As you can see, the results were spectacular to watch and disastrous for Taniguchi. We don’t know exactly what went wrong with his police car, but a broken axle is by far the most likely possibility.

Hyperdrive arrives on August 21st on Netflix. You can watch the preview trailer now and add it to your “Watch Later” list so you can immediately binge this series as soon as it drops.

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