Hyundai i30 N Fastback Spotted In The Wild [Photo]

The Hyundai i30 N Fastback was spotted driving around, and while it was covered up, there seem to be some small changes compared to the Elantra.

Hyundai i30 N Fastback Spotted In The Wild

Hyundai’s upcoming i30 N Fastback has been spotted in the wild trying to lay as low as possible.

When you think Hyundai, you don’t normally think performance. That changed slightly with the Genesis Coupe, where Hyundai proved they can make a relatively affordable sports car like everyone else, but it didn’t make as big a splash as the Korean manufacturer would have liked.

So Hyundai gave up on the Genesis and now we have their performance N cars, which are like their regular cars, only better in every way. Does a tricked out Elantra perform better than a purpose-built sports car? We don’t know yet, and if Hyundai has their way, we may never know.

While the i30 N Fastback certainly seems like a fancy Elantra, and the Elantra sells well in the United States, Hyundai has no plans to bring the i30 N to North America. They do however plan on bringing the Veloster N State-side which will have much of the same guts, so let’s take a look at this i30 N to see what we could be in store for with their other hot hatch.


via motortrend

Spotted by Motortrend photographers, the i30 N Fastback looks to have a redesigned front bumper and a far larger air intake in comparison to the Elantra sedan. It also has wider side sills and two performance exhaust pipes on the back end, which also might have an outrageous spoiler hiding under all that camouflage vinyl.

Bigger wheels and distinctive red brake calipers mark the car as a departure from the Elantra better than its camera defeating paint job ever could.

Inside, we don’t know much, but it’s expected to have the same stuff as being sold on the i30 N Hatch in Europe. Standard, it comes with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder making 246 hp, while a performance package brings that number up to 271 hp by some engineering voodoo (ie. a bigger turbo). A six-speed manual is an available option for car enthusiasts, while part-timers can have an automatic.

Sadly, we won’t see the i30 N come to North America, but the Veloster N was debuted at the Detroit Auto Show last month and it’s expected to have the same bigger, badder engine as the i30s. A Hyundai hot hatch is just around the corner.


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