2020 Hyundai Santa Cruz Pick Up: Everything We Know So Far

The 2020 Hyundai Santa Cruz truck is Hyundai's first US pick-up, so we've gathered everything we currently know about the intriguing new model.

Hyundai has been pretty tight-lipped about details of any sort about its forthcoming "mini pickup truck" except location and general release date. While specifics are short on supply we have just enough to make us thirst for more. And that's just the way they like it! While we are not sure of many details there are some tidbits for us to chew on. Here's what we know so far about this "El Camino" like vehicle forthcoming from Hyundai.

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9 Production Date

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The subcompact pickup enters production in 2021 in Montgomery, Alabama alongside the Santa Fe and Tuscon vehicles already being made. Apparently the big hold up was where to build this "mini pickup" and how to retool its production line in order to build it. Now that that's been settled Hyundai is seeing all green lights in the road ahead. And while the pickup truck market continues to heat up, the timing of its release will be everything!

8 Model Year

Santa Cruz Crossover Truck Concept
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According to sources close to Hyundai's top brass, the new addition would be a 2021 or 2022 model according to when in the year it is actually made. This is contrary to many rumors that the Santa Cruz pickup was pressed to be a 2020 model. As previously noted, Hyundai took its time in releasing this newbie in order to iron out some production kinks and to further test the viability of a mini-pickup truck. (That's why the 4-year gap from the concepts' first release.)

7 Large Factory Expansion

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Hyundai Will Expand its factory by spending $410 Million on logistics and manufacturing equipment. After clearing the hurdles of logistics and the like, Hyundai will retool its current production facility in Alabama. This is the same plant that builds many of its siblings including the Santa Cruz SUV and the Tuscon to name a few. All this fresh construction will pave the way for a new wave of American labor in order to put this vehicle together.

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6 More Local Hiring


An investment of this size will no doubt ably have an impact on Montomgry's labor force numbers.  In fact, some 200 direct hires will have new jobs manufacturing this cross-over truck. How about that for a shot in the arm for the local economy! This is some welcomed news especially in light of cutbacks that have been mentioned in the production lines of other rivals.

5 What Will It Look Like?


While there are a ton of concept photos around the web to choose from, Hyundai has seemingly made it a point to maintain its silence. In fact,  we know so little official information that in doing research for this "mini truck" I was only able to find information on the 2015 concept! We have no confirmation regarding engine, transmission, or even what drivetrain they'll use! Anticipation is key! We can't wait to hear more real stats instead of guestimates from other gear heads and car enthusiasts.

4 Targeting Millennials

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While there is very little to go on in terms of specs or styling, we are fairly sure that the Santa Cruz based truck will have 2 half doors in the rear as opposed to traditional crew cab styling. While this is yet to be confirmed (as nearly all the forthcoming details of this vehicle) one thing is for certain, their target audience. Courting the Millenials, more specifically urban dwellers who want a modern and stylish utility-like vehicle to cruise around in the city.  Its subcompact size is vital since you can't easily park a monster truck in the urban world!

3 Drivetrain

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Speculation abounds in the vacuum of information but it's generally thought that the Santa Cruz pickup will be outfitted with a front-wheel-drive platform based on the crossover platform from the Tuscon. Again, as we get closer to the actual reveal time will tell just where these chips land. What remains in question as of now is what equipment will be standard versus optional. Hyundai remains rather reserved in spelling out the details so we'll have to wait until the spring of 2020 to see what they have to say.

2 AWD?

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All-wheel-drive (AWD) while not confirmed, is expected to at the very least be an option available in its front wheel based drivetrain. It'd be short-sighted to not include at the very least the option for AWD in a world where even many sedans offer it. One of the reasons why so many people want SUVs is for the AWD to aid during inclement weather. It makes a great deal of sense that this vehicle would offer this option.

1 How Long Is Your Bed?

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The concept has a 4-foot long bed expandable to 6 feet when needed. The big question on everyone's mind is what will the actual truck look like? And again there is great build-up to their "monumental" reveal, which by the way, is set for the Spring of 2020 but no firm date is available as of this writing. Sources close to Hyundai say that it will likely include an expandable truck bed similar to the concept from 2015 allowing for an additional 2 feet of cargo space. We'll see what happens!

Despite there being a plethora of speculation and unconfirmed details about this new "bite-sized" pickup, one of the details that seem more firm is the design cues borrowed from its bigger sibling the Hyundai Palisade. It's said to have a similar but not the same grill and body attributes. Hyundai apparently wants to move away from cookie-cutter designs in the line up (where each of the models looks like a twin of the next in a different size). While there are expected to be shared design features, gone are the days when uniqueness was a bad word. Their CEO wants there to be a distinction in the new line up.

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