Hyundai Looking To Take Down Toyota’s Land Cruiser With Massive SUV

Hyundai is looking to take some of Toyota's market share regarding SUVs by making their own to target the Land Cruiser.

Long gone is the perception that SUVs are to be used by government officials or families solely. SUVs are becoming classy, stylish, and much more affordable. One of the big boys in this field is Toyota, who have been seen making big milestones in the industry every time they unveil a new SUV. However, for any healthy pay, there has to be competition to make sure that those at the top don't get too comfortable. Hyundai has been in the game too, but not all their cars grabbed people's attention. But all this is about to change, Hyundai is planning to build a bigger and better SUV one that could go head to head with one of the toughest cars on the block the Toyota Land Cruiser. Hyundai claims that this car might be bigger than its upcoming car the Palisade.

With such claims, one is forced to speculate about the beast that Hyundai is working on exactly. The Palisade, which is to be unveiled soon, is an eight-seater SUV. Just imagine them going bigger than this. Hopefully, they are just going to add some leg space between the seats as anything more than this turns the car into a van.


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Don't get excited just yet, however. Motor1 says this car is still at its inception stages and it will take a couple of years for the dream to be turned into reality. Hyundai will look to add a tailored rig for their customers in the United States, Australia, and the Middle East. These are among their biggest customer market bases.

Even though the car designs and specs have not been agreed on yet, word around town is that the car will be five meters long, this beats the length of the Land Cruiser which is at 4.95 meters. But the Hyundai might have an extended version which will have underpinnings to allow it to stretch just like the Palisade monocoque version.

Now to power. Hyundai has not settled on a powertrain that is best fit to carry this beast around. They might be spoiled for choice too, with powertrains like the 3.3- liter twin turbo V6 engine which produces at least 365-hp which is used to power the KIA Stinger. They might also go for the Genesis G90 engine that is a 5.5 liter V8, or they may settle for diesel — nobody is sure.

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There is also some speculation on if Hyundai should be using the Land Cruiser as a benchmark, especially if they are aiming for the United States market. This is because the Land Cruiser is not really the go-to car in the States. Having sold shy of 1,800 units 1,712 to be exact in six months, this is a drop from 2017 sales of 1,725 units in the same time frame. But if they have set their eye on the Land Cruiser, let's hope they have factored in all this

With such ideas, we always hope that the company does not have to sacrifice one thing to achieve another. For example, they may sacrifice performance for comfort or the other way around.


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