Hyundai Reveals Windshield Concept That's Essentially A Huge Monitor

Hyundai has revealed an all-new concept for a smart windshield that turns the surface into something of a monitor.

The Hyundai Motor Company has recently revealed the newest in windshield technology, and the news has had many to have their jaws drop quite low to the ground and their eyes pop considerably out of their heads.

Many have said that these windshields look more like modern day flat screen TV screens than windshields, and as always, there are a plethora of mixed feelings and opinions circulating online. But really, what kind of modern age would this be without a few opinions flying around out there on the World Wide Web? And said opinions are of course both good and bad.

50 years ago, the Hyundai Motor Company was founded in Seoul, South Korea, and since its inception, the company has indeed brought the world some decent cars — and yes, the company hasn’t always had the best of reputations among automotive enthusiasts, but let’s face it, 50 years is definitely a long time, and as far as technology is concerned, they are definitely worthy of some “props,” as they say.


Via Driving.ca

Well, Hyundai’s newest feat of technology will definitely have you thinking of science fiction films and the great novels of Isaac Asimov and other greats of the field when you get a load of this windshield and all it has to offer. It definitely looks like something out of a science fiction motion picture and we’re not really exaggerating here.

The brand new Hyundai MOBIS’s CES 2019 will have some pretty impressive and incredible new features which will include: “windshield display technology” with “virtual touch,” “emotion recognition,” among many others, according to Driving.ca.

To see this windshield is to believe it, and when crowds will get the chance to witness this thing in person, there’s no doubt in our minds that their collective mouths will whisper something along the lines of: “what the …!”

Now that’s all well and good — specifically technologically speaking, but what has many worried, is the feature that will allow the driver to be able to live-stream online videos while driving. Essentially, it’ll almost be as though the driver is at a remote location, the actual outside view being obstructed by the digital view of the road, as well as whatever else he or she is streaming onto that screen.

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Sounds pretty horrific, or rather the possibility of incident does. We can fairly say that there are many precedents for incidents, especially with the whole texting while driving issue still causes many horrific accidents to this day.

Here, the trust must be put in the driver still, as he or she needs to be able to stay focused, even with all these distractions right up there on the windshield. And we know that putting data right there on the windshield is indeed the newest in mechanical technology, but still.

The fine people at Hyundai feel that this is indeed the wave of the future, and will be safe, and we hope they’re right. But the classic automotive enthusiast screams “Beware!” from somewhere deep within the recesses of time, sitting in a classic Dodge Charger, where everything was up to the driver.

So when this newest invention from the people that brought us the Elantra and other vehicles that ended up disappointing, we hope that people will be skeptical and shrewd in placing enthusiasm here. Essentially, we hope people will question the validity and safety of this leap into the future and not just chug on the old vat of Kool-Aid once again.


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