Check Out The Icon Derelict: A Restored & Modded 1966 Bronco

The Icon Derelict is a truck that will make some drivers of a certain age feel nostalgic for a different time when 1966 Broncos ruled the roads.

Many people are fans of any, if not all, of Icon's famous resto-mod Ford Broncos, and their latest project won't disappoint.

The Derelict Icon Bronco is the new member in the family. According to Top Gear, it is based on the 1966 Roadster Bronco and is as bare bones as it gets. This ride had no rooftop, no heating system, no doors, and no radio — it just came fitted with fiberglass door inserts. It was the perfect definition of rugged. Driving this made you one with the road, or rather, the beach.

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Maintaining its predecessor’s rugged exterior, the Derelict comes with added features upgrading it to a better modern vehicle. This included a powerful V8 engine powertrain and softer interiors.

Carrying a Ford Mustang 5.8-liter V8 engine, the Bronco runs on a five-speed manual gearbox which is a big plus for stick shift lovers.

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The car also has Fox shocks, which are held together by a strong Eibach spring system. To top it off, this beauty pulls a steady 425 horsepower — quite impressive for a rugged beach buggy. TheDerelict Icon rocks state of the art Brembo breaks, which are nicely fitted under the majestic 18-inch wheel rims, which are an acquired taste as they are a blend of the past and modern.

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The controversial part of this car is the finishing. Icon decided to match the exterior’s rugged looks with the interior. The newly added components have undergone a special treatment to achieve a faux patina look. We're not sure if everyone will love to rock this aesthetic, but it does scream "rugged".

One thing that can definitely not go unnoticed is the extra rear seat which Icon added as per the owner's request. This is a change seeing that the original Roadster did not have it. The buyer who got this just twenty minutes after the car was posted on Instagram must be among the few proud owners of this legendary vehicle.


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