5 Most Iconic Marvel Movie Rides (& 5 That Completely Missed The Mark)

Cars aren't the first thing Marvel movies think about, but films like Black Panther have iconic rides. Then movies like X-Men missed the mark.

Whilst DC has cars locked down with the incredible Batmobile's, Marvel's rise to dominance in the movie world has seen them also venture into the world of bringing cars into their film franchises to add another dynamic to their heroes.

Unlike Batman, the Marvel heroes do not tend to rely upon cars as much, with many not even having a car at all. However, that doesn't mean that the Marvel movies are lacking in iconic cars, with the films featuring some incredible cars that have left fans wowed in the theatres. On the other hand, there have also been some missteps in Marvel's attempts to add more vehicles into the movies.

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10 Iconic Ride: Audi R8 (Iron Man Trilogy)

Tony Stark owned plenty of cars throughout all of the movies that he featured in, and many of them were different models of an Audi, however, the Audi R8 was the one reoccurring car that he always went back to.

The original 2008 model seemed to be Stark's favorite car and that has helped it become one of the most iconic vehicles in the history of Marvel movies, mainly because its one of the only ones to keep coming back again.

The R8 just screams Tony Stark, it's fast and flash and Tony looks great driving it, which is something the billionaire playboy certainly thinks about within the movies.

9 Missed The Mark: Lamborghini Huracan (Dr. Strange)

From one arrogant Marvel superhero to another, the Lamborghini Huracan is an amazing car that you might think would find itself on the other side of this list, but sadly the decision to use this car felt more like an advert than anything else. Even though a lot of cars are simply brought in for product placement purposes, this one was very blatant with the car highlighting all of its safety features to make the brand look positive, even though it had just been in a major crash.

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The crash is another reason that the car fails to become iconic as it doesn't exactly last long in the film, therefore it makes it hard to claim that the vehicle is one of the best to be in the Marvel movies.

8 Iconic Ride: Schmidt Hydra V16 Coupe (Captain America: The First Avenger)

Not every brilliant car has to be used by the heroes that we love so much, as the incredibly iconic Schmidt Hydra V16 Coupe proves in Captain America: The First Avenger as the fantastic vehicle is driven by the movie's villain, Red Skull.

Unlike the vast majority of cars used in Marvel films, this vehicle isn't available in real life and was created specifically for the movie, much like many Batmobile's are, which is possibly why it looks so cool. According to the movie, Red Skull builds the technology himself to create this fantastic car which is the fastest at the time with its V16 engine and interesting design, making it one of the best cars in the history of the Marvel movies.

7 Missed The Mark: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (Captain America: Winter Soldier)

This is an example of how simply adding a stunning car to a movie doesn't always mean the car is going to become iconic, and that is one of the reasons that this Chevrolet Corvette Stingray missed the mark.

Of course, the car is incredible and looks sleek, but when Black Widow popped up driving it something just felt very off. Previously Black Widow had ridden a motorcycle and it felt very much like that would be her 'thing.' Her discrete character all of a sudden stood out loudly, and the car also didn't fit the film either, with the Captain America's always having a very old-school feel due to how Steve Rogers' character is.

6 Iconic Ride: Ford Econoline (Ant-Man)

Not every iconic ride has to be an incredibly fast sports car, as the Ford Econoline proves. Appearance wise, this van isn't very appealing to the eye and simply looks a mess, but that is the entire point as it fits perfectly with the charm of the Ant-Man character.

The characters involved in Ant-Man are not super rich billionaire's like Tony Stark, and therefore they would never be riding around in a Lamborghini, and it's great that the MCU stuck the characters to their roots with this van.

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The van that is once owned by Scott Lang's cellmate, Luis, ends up getting packed with technology, which only adds to the humor of the entire thing, and who isn't a sucker for a horn that plays La Cucaracha?

5 Missed The Mark: Ford F-250 (X-Men)

Even though many people only think about the Avengers characters when it comes to Marvel movies, the X-Men franchise is just as important and still incredibly successful, although they certainly got things wrong with this vehicle.

The X-Men movie which was produced in 2000 really kickstarted things for all of the comic book films, but thankfully the vehicles used have improved. Unlike how a beaten up van was made cool in Ant-Man, the same technique wasn't used for Logan's Ford F-250.

Even though it was supposed to suit Logan's life and the fact he was beaten down, the vehicle just wasn't a hit and in the end, could have easily been replaced by something different.

4 Iconic Ride: 1978 Wolf WR Ford Replica (Iron Man 2)

One of the most iconic shots in the history of the MCU comes from Iron Man 2, as pictured above. It is the moment that Whiplash really makes his mark as Ivan Vanko slices up Tony Stark's iconic F1 racing car in pieces with his electrical whips.

Even though Iron Man 2 isn't seen as one of the best films in the Marvel Universe, with Whiplash being a fairly underwhelming villain, this was a badass moment that is often shown in highlights from the franchise. The car in question, which is powered by a V8 Chevrolet engine, is an old F1 racing car from the Ford Motor Company and is one, unlike any others that are featured in the MCU.

3  2. Missed The Mark: Mazda RX8 (X2)

Much like the car featured in the list earlier from the original X-Men movie, the sequel didn't do a fantastic job at improving the vehicles chosen, and this time Cyclops is the character in question. Marvel made the decision to give Cyclops a Mazda RX8, which didn't exactly scream cool, young superhero, instead, it helped with the fact that many fans didn't enjoy the character as much as they should have.

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A muscle car or a more sleek looking vehicle would have been a better option for this one, but perhaps it is simply a sign of the times and the fact that comic book movies hadn't taken off to the level they are at now.

2 Iconic Ride: Lexus LC (Black Panther)

Throughout the MCU the movies have featured plenty of cars in some iconic and interesting scenes, from chases to fight scenes and more. But easily the most iconic scene involving a vehicle came in Black Panther.

The amazing movie had a truly superb scene that saw Black Panther on the top of a Lexus LC, all whilst the car is being driven remotely by his sister, Shuri. The scene is one of the best in the movies and certainly highlights the slick looking Lexus, which shines brightly in the dark. The Black Panther universe is very technologically orientated, and that is where this car fits in so well. It will now be interesting to see whether it is featured again in the sequel.

1 Missed The Mark: Hyundai Veloster (Ant-Man & The Wasp)

This might be a controversial entry, with many fans of the movie actually loving this car, which is involved in a very fun and comedic scene that involves a Hyundai Veloster seems to be like a Hotwheels brought, but this was a flop in reality.

Whilst the Ant-Man series is very reliant on the comedic side of things, perhaps more than others in the MCU, but this car felt like it was trying too hard to go for laughs rather than putting some focus on the fact it is a superhero movie. The Hyundai itself is a fantastic car, but with the over the top design elements, there was just something slightly off about this vehicle decision.

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