Image Of C8 Corvette Leaks Ahead Of July 18th Debut

We have our first leaked image of a production C8 Corvette, and it confirms a lot of things from the prototypes we've seen.

Image Of C8 Corvette Leaks Ahead Of July 18th Debut

We finally have our first look at the new C8 mid-engine Corvette without any camouflage in the way.

Sadly, it’s an image that limits our view to the rear panel of the car, but at least we get to confirm a few things showcased on the camouflaged prototypes.

This image comes by way of Instagram account absoluthank, which was picked up by the Corvette Forums before heading to every major outlet under the sun (although we’ll thank Autoblog for linking back to the original Instagram account). What we see seems to be a C8 Corvette just rolling off the assembly line at GM’s Bowling Green, Kentucky facility, which just recently was upgraded to begin production of the next-gen ‘Vette.

Without the camouflage, we’re able to confirm quite a few details. The rear bumper is very subdued while the rear wing is of a size thus far unseen on a Corvette outside of the ZR1. The quad-tipped exhaust is now at the car’s corners rather than in the middle for the first time since the C4-gen Corvette, and above them are a few vents behind the wheel fenders.

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The new Corvette’s tail lights also seem to have been designed at the same time as the 2020 Camaro refresh. This makes sense as it helps to maintain a coherent brand design across Chevrolet and may even increase the Camaro’s popularity by association.

We know the C8 Corvette will debut in 10 days with a refined version of the same 6.2-L V8 as the outgoing C7 did with an expected power between 500 and 600 horses. A twin-turbo model is also rumored to be in development alongside a hybrid version with over 1,000 horsepower. An 8-speed dual-clutch pumps power to the rear wheels, while an unhackable ECU thwarts hackers and tuners alike.

We’ll find out more when GM takes the cover off on July 18th.

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