18 Photos Of Police Cars Completely Stuck In Mud

If you think getting stuck in the mud is embarrassing for an ordinary motorist, just imagine how much worse it is for police officers.

Is there any worse sensation as a driver than realizing that your vehicle is well and truly stuck in a patch of mud or a deep muddy puddle? It always seems that no matter what you try, there is just no shifting your car, and even when you follow all the tricks drivers are taught to try and get themselves out of such a predicament, you just end up wedged even deeper into the mud.

If you think getting stuck in the mud is embarrassing for an ordinary motorist, just imagine how much worse it is for police officers who have somehow got their cop cars trapped in a puddle of mud. Let’s be honest; most drivers would be hard pushed to keep a straight face if they came upon some of the scenes in the photos below, even if you did eventually stop laughing long enough to help the officers out of their predicament.

While the rest of us can choose our routes carefully in order to avoid hazards like deep mud and floods, pity the poor cops whose road is often chosen for them, either because they have to take the quickest route between two points in an emergency, or because they are in pursuit of someone – and wherever they go, the police officers have to follow. Of course, sometimes the cars which are being chased also get stuck in the mud…

18 Muck-Raking

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If wet weather and muddy puddles are the norms for Canada, that certainly can’t be said to be the case for California. However, on the rare occasion that it does rain in the Golden State, it really does rain, and even the police officers can be caught out by the slippery road surface and end up becalmed in the middle of a sludgy grass verge at the side of the highway.

This particular California Highway Patrol vehicle, which was submerged near the city of Novato, just north of San Francisco, is fixable, but it is going to need a serious deep clean before it can go back on the road!

17 Shifting Sands

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When you work as a police officer on the Caribbean islands, the potential pitfalls for patrol officers can be very different. When two cops from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service received a call about some illegal drug activity on the beach at the town of Cedros, they naturally responded and took a drive around to check out what was going on. Unfortunately, they drove a little too close to the water’s edge and found themselves bogged down in the sand.

It wasn’t long before they had to abandon their truck, as the high tide approached, and pulled the vehicle further into the mire.

16 Dig Deep

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However, it isn’t just glamorous locations likes Trinidad and Tobago where vehicles, including cop cars, can get themselves stuck in the sludgy sand which you find on some beaches.

The UK police officer in the image above probably thought he was doing the right thing when he took his rough and ready pickup onto the beach at Liverpool as part of a wider search for a missing woman, but he was nearly the one who ended up vanishing without a trace when his patrol car got stuck in the mud and started to sink. Worst of all, his colleagues made him dig out the truck all by himself!

15 Dragged Through the Dirt

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While no police officer wants to end up with their car stuck in the mud, sometimes conditions can work unexpectedly in their favor. Take the Chilmark police officers who were driving the patrol car in the above picture, as they chased a car thief who had stolen a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The thief took a quiet lane off the main road and ended up getting himself stuck in the mud after plowing over a stone wall. Although the chasing cops also found themselves bogged down, the hold-up did give them the perfect opportunity to apprehend the culprit they had been pursuing.

14 Puddle Jumping

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This poor police officer had a rather unfortunate episode, when he parked his patrol car on the side of the road, only to return and find that a sudden downpour had created a giant puddle, leaving him stranded in a growing patch of mud.

The cop, from Jackson, Memphis, was left high and dry – or should that be low and wet – until he could get some assistance to get his vehicle out of the water, and drying out, hopefully in time for his next emergency call. It certainly shows the importance of picking the right parking spot if bad weather is forecast…

13 Merry Christmas!

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In the early hours of Boxing Day, just as Christmas Day was coming to an end for most people in Derby, England, the local police force was called out to investigate some activity down a local country lane. Unfortunately, the wet weather over the Christmas period had left the lane looking like a bit of a quagmire, and the investigating car had to call their colleagues to help them get out of the mud.

Their helpful officers turned up with a tow rope and a Toyota Landcruiser, but they also made sure to get the whole thing on video, to make sure the cops would never forget their embarrassing moment!

12 Helping Hand

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Of course, it is the job of local police officers to go to the assistance of members of the public who have themselves become stuck in the mud – even if it means taking the risk that they might end up trapped in the mire too.

In 2016, heavy rain in Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates took many drivers by surprise, and police had to respond to dozens of emergency calls from motorists who had found themselves stuck as a result of the rising floodwaters and muddy country roads. Unfortunately for this officer, the bad weather looks like it was too much even for his pickup truck.

11 Stuck In A Rut

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Why is there always someone around to capture on video the embarrassment of a police officer who has managed to get his vehicle stuck in the mud? This Memphis County Sheriff who managed to wedge his car well and truly into the mud along the Wolf River Trail in Shelby Farms Park, Memphis will never be able to live this moment down, as a helpful passer-by made sure they recorded the moment for posterity, and then shared it with the world on YouTube.

At least other members of the public were more helpful, pitching in to try and get the red-faced officer back on the road.

10 Get Your Feet Wet

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It’s good to see that not even getting their car stuck in the mire can stop police officers from doing their job. The Montreal cops who managed to get their patrol car stuck in a rather deep muddy puddle in Baldwin Park in the Plateau area of the city still managed to apprehend the teenagers who were damaging some of the facilities in the park, even though they had to temporarily ditch their wheels when they realized they weren’t going anywhere fast.

Backup was called to deal with the vandals – and to get their cruiser out of its sticky situation.

9 Slip Slide Away

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To be fair to the cops driving the car in this picture, their predicament was not at all their fault and must have been a pretty frightening experience for all involved. The officers in this car were caught up in a landslide in January 2018, which saw their vehicle swamped by mud on the La Tuna Canyon Road in Los Angeles. Luckily no-one was seriously hurt, but the area was evacuated in case there were further landslides and unsurprisingly the road itself was closed for several days.

Hopefully, the poor cops were given the rest of the day off to cope with their ordeal!

8 Rescue Gone Wrong

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Sometimes, police officers manage to get themselves into such a sticky situation that they end up needing to be rescued themselves – which is exactly what happened with the Dutch cop who was behind the wheel of the car in the image above. Having received a call that a hiker was in trouble on a notorious stretch of sand, which could become boggy and muddy at high tide, the officer naturally went to his assistance, only to get his SUV well and truly wedged into the sludge.

Cue an embarrassing call to his colleagues when he realized that he also needed to be rescued…

7 Rain Check

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Long Island may be a favorite tourist destination in the summer months, but visit in the winter and you will find a very different place. Suffolk County is just one area of Long Island which has to suffer those cold and wet winters, with enough rain to make driving treacherous, as the officer driving this patrol car found out to his cost.

After skidding on the wet road surface, he found himself embedded in a very muddy verge, and eventually had to call a tow truck to get his vehicle safely out of the mud and back on patrol again.

6 That Sinking Feeling

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In July 2017, the Arizona border town of Nogales suffered some serious flooding after heavy rain and summer storms. Of course, the local police department jumped into action to ensure any Nogales residents who found themselves stranded as a result of the flooding could be transported to a place of safety.

Great plan – until the flood rose so high that even the police cruisers were swallowed by the muddy water. The rescue operation had to be abandoned while the officers themselves made their way to a shelter, where they could dry off before heading out into the storm to try again!

5 Hunting High and Low

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When cops in Armidale, a city in New South Wales, Australia, received a tip that a stolen pickup truck they were looking for had been hidden down a remote lane in the outback, the officers on the case were only too keen to get out there and start searching.

However, the search was over before it began, as their vehicle became bogged down almost as soon as it left the track, and they had to radio back to base for assistance from the local council to get their “ute” (short for utility truck in Australia) out of the deep mud.

4 Hit the Dirt

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All that snow they get in Canada may make for some pretty scenery but when it all melts, it leaves behind a lot of excess water and a lot of deep muddy puddles. This Calgary patrol car ended up well and truly stuck in the mud when the officer behind the wheel got himself bogged down.

He clearly made a few efforts to extricate himself, judging by all the mud on the rear panel and rear fender, but this case requires some outside assistance, and then a good wash for the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor – the classic cop car in the US and Canada.

3 Deep End

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Back in 1994, two patrol officers in the Greenville Police Department in North Carolina were responding to a call about stolen cars which had been dumped near the Tar River, where there are a number of muddy ponds like the one in the picture above.

Locals know that many of these puddles are pretty shallow and easy to negotiate, so the two cops decided to take their chances at this particular patch of mud didn’t look that deep – until they drove into it and discovered it that the water came half way up their wheels and that they were well and truly stuck in the mud.

2 Full Flow

Via nogalesinternational.com

This enforcement vehicle is another of the official patrol cars which were affected by the sudden and serious floods in the Arizona border town of Nogales in 2017. While we have already seen how a local police officer had to abandon his vehicle when the flood waters began to rise, it seems that he was far from the only law enforcement officer to be caught out by the bad weather that day.

This Border Patrol officer also had to ditch his truck when the situation became too dangerous, although I’m sure there were plenty of his colleagues on hand to keep the border safe!

1 Double Trouble

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What’s worse than one police car getting stuck in a muddy field? Two police cars getting stuck in a muddy field. Several vehicles were involved in a high-speed pursuit through the town of Swindon in England, as the cops chased a car thief who was later arrested.

However, in the course of the pursuit, two police vehicles, a local patrol car, and an armed response vehicle became bogged down in a rather wet and muddy Buckhurst Field. Both vehicles and their respective drivers had to be rescued later, once the criminal was safely locked up at the local police station.

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