Incredibly Rare McLaren F1 Expected To Fetch $23 Million At Auction

This McLaren F1 is one of just two in the world, and it's heading to auction next month where it's expected to sell for around $23 million.

McLaren F1

An incredibly rare McLaren F1 is now up for auction and is expected to rake in as much as $23 million.

The McLaren F1 was a revolutionary car. Initially built in 1992, it was the first-ever production vehicle to be built around a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis. It had a unique seating arrangement of the driver placed in the middle with two uncomfortable passenger seats behind on either side. And for a seven-year period, it was known as the fastest production vehicle in the world.

Exactly 106 of these 600-plus horsepower beauties were made at McLaren's factory in Surrey, England, with 64 made to be road-legal while another 42 were made strictly for the track.

Of those 64 road-going cars, five of them were selected to become F1 LMs, where LM stood for "Le Mans." They were modified versions of the standard F1 that were made to honor McLaren's 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans win in a specially race-modified version of the F1--an impressive feat given that the car was racing against purpose-built Le Mans racers.

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Upgrades included a stripped-out interior, a larger fixed rear wing, and power bump from 618 horsepower to 671 hp from its 6.1-L V12 engine.

And now one is being sold at RM Sotheby’s auction for Monterey Car Week in August. Only it’s not one of the five F1 LMs, but instead one of two F1 “LM Spec” models that were born as regular F1s but were sent back to McLaren’s Special Operations division to be modified with the LM’s power.

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However, the LM Spec models retained their comfortable interiors while also getting even more bespoke upgrades. This particular car was given the same power and aero upgrades as the F1 LM, but also got a newer radio, better headlights, adjustable suspension, and new 18-inch rims with better tires. It was also repainted and re-trimmed.

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The car was first owned by a Japanese millionaire before being sold to a German who was the one that sent his car back to MSO for a million-dollar makeover. Then it was owned by someone in Singapore before making its way to New Zealand. This car has traveled more than most people do in their entire lives, but the odometer has less than 13,352 miles on it.

Prospective buyers can attend Monterey Car Week from August 15th to 17th for their chance at this one-of-a-kind supercar. And they’d better bring some heavy wallets; Sotheby’s expects this car to sell for between $21 and $23 million.

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