Someone Is Selling A "Modified Bugatti Veyron" In India For $5,700

Fake Veyron

There’s a Bugatti Veyron being sold in India for the low price of $5,750.

To be clear, there seems to have been some extensive modifications performed on this particular Bugatti Veyron, which judging by the targa top, seems to be a Veyron Grand Sport.

First, this car seems to be somewhat raised in comparison to a normal Veyron. A lift-kit would certainly improve the Veyron’s ability to drive over poorly maintained roads--as is common in the rural parts of India--but would likely cause the Veyron’s famously ludicrous top speed to suffer somewhat.

Also, the tires seem much smaller than on a stock Veyron. It’s an odd aesthetic choice, but at the price of 400,000 Indian Rupees (which is roughly $5,750 USD), a new owner could easily afford a set of brand new Veyron wheels to bring it back to its former glory. Even if those wheels normally sell for $20,000. Each.

Fake Veyron
via OLX

Then there are some of the stranger modifications. A rear row has been installed in what was previously a 2-seater vehicle by pushing the car’s 8.0-L W16 engine much further down than seems physically possible. The wide and streamlined headlights have been replaced by something square and quite bulbous. And the wheelbase seems to have been shortened by quite a few feet.

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The net effect is something that barely resembles a Bugatti Veyron at all. In fact, this vehicle bears a striking resemblance to several discontinued models produced by Maruti Suzuki, the Indian subsidiary of Suzuki Motors.

Fake Veyron
via OLX

But that’s preposterous. The listing states this is a Bugatti Veyron and nobody would lie on the internet, right? Nevermind the fact it states this to be a 1999 model year vehicle and the Bugatti Veyron didn’t even begin production until 2005. It has the Bugatti logo on the front and back, and that’s proof enough of the car’s authenticity.

And in case you were wondering what “bidaas” means in the vehicle description, Wiktionary.org describes the word as meaning "independent and carefree; admirable, cool." Which the owner would be for snagging a nominally $1.7 million hypercar for a mere $5,750.

(Source: Jalopnik, OLX.in)

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