Indian Man Prefers Jaguar, Pushes Birthday BMW Into River In Protest

This kid is clearly spoiled if he thinks throwing his brand new BMW into the river will somehow get him Jaguar.

BMW in River

A young man in India pushed his brand new gifted BMW into a river because he really wanted a Jaguar.

These days, most of us would be lucky to get a beat-up and cast-off family sedan for our birthday. It’s only a very select class of individual that gets to make demands of not only the type of car but the type of luxury car they want for completing another revolution around the sun.

An Indian youth in the northern state of Haryana was celebrating his birthday when his father, a local and wealthy landlord, showed up with a set of keys. We don’t have any information on how the big reveal actually went down, but we can imagine the young man smiling broadly at finally being given exactly what he wanted for his birthday: a brand new Jaguar.

And when he gets taken to the estate’s drive-in parkade and sees a BMW M5, that smile immediately vanishes behind a look of pure disappointment.

Continuing this dramatization, we can imagine the youth throwing a temper tantrum of sorts. Or perhaps he’s more the machiavellian type, hiding his emotions and taking the keys so that he could “drive it around town.” His doting father (and clearly he’s a doting one to give his kid a BMW for his birthday) would be all beaming pride and gladly hands over the keys.

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And then the kid drives it up to the river bank and gives his brand new BMW a push.

Here we return to the known facts of the case. The BMW M5 was spotted last Friday afternoon floating downstream where it eventually got stuck in a patch of tall grass. Locals started to notice the car’s presence and created an impromptu work team to try to extricate it from the river.

Sadly, they failed, and the BMW M5 sank right to the bottom. Contractors were then called in to try and retrieve the M5 from the river bottom.

According to Indian news channel ANI, the kid might have a few screws loose. “His family informed that he is mentally unwell,” a police official said. “He was demanding a Jaguar car as the BMW car was small for him. Investigation will be done.”

(via BBC)

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