10 Inexpensive Electric Cars With Surprisingly High Horsepower

The rise of electric cars has not just brought about their own market, but they have begun breaking the vehicle industry as a whole wide open. Their rise in popularity via quality marketing by Tesla and their ever-growing battery life has brought them into the conversation. More than just a conversation, their price range has brought them much consideration by folks who only once dreamed of owning an electric car.

Then came the horsepower that is driving the motorheads nuts. Now we have the ever-loving mix of inexpensive yet rather high horsepower under the hood that nobody wants to miss.

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10 Tesla Model 3

This list would not be complete without a Tesla in it. In fact, no list written about electric cars should be devoid of Tesla. They just appear to be at the top of the game in this market and they are at it again with this one.

Coming in at an affordable 35,000 USD you can purchase this car for yourself. Don't worry it has comfortable rear seating if you have a small family. However, this whip pushes a quick range of 258 to 271 horsepower. That is about o-60 in roughly 5.6-5.3 seconds. In case anyone is wondering it still gets about 140MPGe in the city and 120MPGe on the evening highway cruises.

9 Hyundai IONIQ

This compact five-door liftback or as primitively known, hatchback, has a bit of history to it. The name IONIQ is a portmanteau of ion and unique. A portmanteau for those wondering is a combining of two words like breakfast and lunch to make brunch, but yet it is also a large suitcase, according to Webster. Back to the car.

The IONIQ is the first of its kind to be offered in hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric variants. The pricing for this unique ride starts at a unique price around 23,500 USD.  It is expected to last around 110 miles on a full charge. Now the fun stuff. Packing 139 horsepower it can be expected to reach 60 from a dead stop in just 9.9 seconds. So, enjoy.

8 Ford Fusion Energi

The Ford Fusion was a stunner when it first arrived on the scene. Bringing back old looks of the speedy and sleek Ford Taurus with a modern touch. Well, it is back again with its Energi model. Pushing 188 horsepower this will reach sixty from a red light, or a dead stop on the track where it is safe, in roughly 8 seconds.

Some other slightly less fun facts about this ride are it's 21 mi battery and a starting price at as low as 37,000 USD for everyone on a budget, but still looking to save the planet. What is better than saving your wallet while simultaneously saving the planet? We'll wait.

7 Chevrolet Volt

In case the question has arisen, yes the 'T' is silent in Chevrolet. This one will grab with its sharp lines, cute look, and compact style. However, do not let it breed confusion with its seeming counterpart the Chevrolet Bolt. Just like any good parent would, Chevrolet really got inventive here and switched just one letter to create a whole new name for their new creation here.

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Coming in at 149 horsepower and is rumored to have once gone from zero, a complete and utter dead stop, to sixty whole miles per hour in a slow jaw-dropping 8.8 seconds. Okay, that may have been a bit exaggerated, but don't quit reading yet. This sweet whip comes equipped with a 53 miles battery and can be taken home by any lucky member of the family for just 33,520 dollars.

6 MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4

MINI did not hold back on naming this sweet child. It is a mouthful to say that name. Likewise, there is a mouthful of things to say about this ride. This Cooper will comfortably seat five adults with just four doors.

The eDrive engine pushes a whole 87 horsepower reaching sixty from a dead stop in right at about 6.8 seconds. This may not be any Italian Job but its close. If you're not convinced of this purchase yet maybe the price tag will help. This can be driven home for just 36,900 dollars. Just in case 37,000 is too much, this one fly under the radar and stays in the valued price range.

5 Chevrolet Bolt EV

Back with Chevrolet again and what seems to be the Chevrolet Volts twin or maybe their cousin. Nobody is really sure they just have super similar names. Regardless, the range on this compact mix of a whip is 238 miles which is a nice distance for electric. It averages 128 MPGe in the city and 110 MPGe on the highway for those late night cruises.

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Need a recharge? No worries, a full charge only takes 9.3 hours at 220 Volts. Now the fun stuff. Just how much of a Bolt is this whip? It is rumored that the 200 horsepower this thing has will take it from zero to sixty in 6.5 seconds. How's that for a little Bolt?

4 Volkswagon e-Golf

Volkswagon known for their safety and stylish good looks is making a move with this e-Golf. The Golf comes equipped with a 125-mile battery taking only 3.7 hours to charge with a 220 Volt. It is expected to get 126 MPGe in the city and 111 MPGe on the highway. The Golf is said to hit 60 in just 9.1 seconds which beats the manufacturers estimated 10 seconds.

That deserves more than a golf clap. With 134 horsepower and the sharp looks of this ride, it is at least a quick Google search. No doubt a test drive will be in the near future. To drive this ride off the lot it will only be an oddly specific number of $31,895.

3 Ford Focus Electric

Ford held nothing back when it came to creatively name their all new electric Ford Focus. One cannot imagine the creative meeting that took place ultimately ending the meeting with a final and unanimous decision to name the Ford Focus the Ford Focus Electric. They keep the guesswork out of things.

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Who doesn't like that? Enough of the jargon let's get back to business. Coming in at 143 horsepower and a 110-mile battery this little ride is rumored to reach the heights of sixty miles per hour from zero in a quick 10.1 seconds. All of this and more can be taken home for as little as $29,120.

2 Hyundai Kona EV

Introducing the Hyundai Kona EV. Hyundai is really taking the electric market for a run with this one for its battery length if anything. The Kona EV has a blasting 258-mile battery. This spacious ride has a quick 1.25-hour charge on a 440 Volt. Hyundai did anything but lack when it came to the speed on this ride.

With 201 horsepower it is said to reach sixty from zero in just 7.6 seconds. Hyundai has been stepping their game up in general, but when it comes to this electric ride they saw an opportunity in the electric SUV market and went for it.

1 Renault Zoe

The name of this car is just cool. Cool enough that no more information is needed to simply be interested in it. However, here are some of the basics it has to offer. This little whip will reach from zero to sixty in just under ten seconds and has a top speed of 87 miles per hour.

This compact zipper has 135 horsepower under the hood, well under, under something. This ride covers 186 miles before running out of juice. This unique ride can be taken home for around $26,460. Lower in price and higher in horsepower. Is there really a better combination?

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