Infiniti Reveals Crazy-Powerful F1-Inspired Q60 Project Black S Details

Infiniti has revealed more details on just how Formula One racing technology has created the incredible Project Black S hybrid sports car.

Infiniti Reveals Crazy-Powerful F1-Inspired Q60 Project Black S Details

Infiniti has now given us the full technical specs of the Formula One-inspired Q60 Project Black S.

We last reported on the Project Black S, Infiniti’s hybrid sports car, last week when the Japanese luxury carmaker released some initial teaser images and info. The most impressive takeaway was the new dual-hybrid technology that had never before been seen on a road-going car.

On a normal hybrid car, energy is only recouped from the use of braking, but on the Project Black S, Infiniti has found a way to recoup energy from both brakes and exhaust using technology pioneered in Formula One Racing.

Electrical generators are placed on both of the Q60’s twin-turbos that turn heat from the exhaust into electricity. That energy then feeds into a 4.4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack which replaces the rear seats and then can be used on the car’s various functions. One of those functions is to feed power back into the turbochargers at low revs, spooling up the turbines and eliminating turbo lag.

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Sort of like a super-turbocharger.

The regular Q60 engine gets around 400 hp from its 3.0-L twin-turbo V6. Project Black S gets upwards of 563 hp thanks to all this clever power generation and an electrified drivetrain.

In fact, the entire car is electrified. Project Black S uses a drive-by-wire system that replaces all hydraulic systems with electronic ones. Steering and brakes are all done by electric motors rather than hydraulic pumps.


Project Black S has three drive modes: Race, Quali, and Road. Road gears the car for greater fuel efficiency, offering a stable ride at the cost of some performance. Quali is the complete opposite, sacrificing efficiency for maximum speed and acceleration. Race is, confusingly, a middle of the road choice that aims for maximum sustained performance. It’s the closest setting used by the Renault Formula One team where much of the Black S’s technology is borrowed from.

Infiniti Reveals Crazy-Powerful F1-Inspired Q60 Project Black S Details
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Despite the added electrical bits, replacing the roof, hood, trunk, and fenders keeps weight down to 3,915 lbs. Zero to sixty is done in under four seconds, although Infiniti doesn’t say just how far under four seconds it is. Once we find out how this prototype performs we’ll have a better idea on whether or not Infiniti is suddenly a contender for performance after years of being luxury-focused.


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