Infiniti Unveils The Weird Looking Prototype 10 Concept

Infiniti has revealed the Prototype 10 concept, and it is really strange looking.

Infiniti, a company that is a subsidiary of Nissan has unveiled a very strange looking concept car —the  Prototype 10. A lot of its design cues are taken from speedy cars of the past with a futuristic flair and to a degree, it looks like something Batman would consider for the Batmobile if it was painted black.

According to Top Gear, this car is basically designed to help get people more excited about the future electric and hybrid models that Nissan and Infiniti will be offering consumers by 2021 (Infiniti aims to make all of their models electric by that point in time). Despite the extreme styling offered by this concept vehicle, the inside is as bare bones as it gets. Basically, there's a single, low to the ground seat and not much else. Just the necessities to make this car safe. Infiniti says the inspiration for the cockpit is based on race cars.


Via Top Gear

The Infiniti Prototype 10 was revealed at Pebble Beach. While the car was revealed no specs were released in regards to horsepower or how fast this thing could hypothetically go from 0 to 60. This car really only has one purpose and that is to drum up interest in the future of both Nissan and Infiniti. Still, this car certainly is the future for Infiniti, even if it never sees a production model based off of it. The technology will just trickle down into the models prospective buyers can buy.

Whether you like the styling of this concept car or not, you have to admit that it is an interesting looking car even if it isn't to your taste. The likelihood that Infiniti introduces something this extreme looking to the mass market is highly unlikely because Infinity and Nissan do tend to be very conservative and traditional in the cars they offer to the consumer from a looks perspective. But the technology utilized is pretty cool and it will be interesting to see how they implement it into future models. This may even put the pressure on other manufacturers to bring more hybrids and electric vehicles out faster.


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