Infinity Reveals Ambitious Plans To Go Mostly Electric By 2021

Infinity Plans To Go Mostly Electric By 2021

Infinity is out to go (mostly) electric by the year 2021.

The announcement should come as no real surprise as many other carmakers are vowing to go hybrid or all-electric sometime down the line. Volvo recently announced all their cars will be either hybrid or electric by 2019, and Jaguar Land Rover will do the same by 2020.

So it seems that Infinity, a brand that so far doesn’t have anything worth noting in the hybrid or electric market, is playing a bit of catch up.

According to USA Today, Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa made the announcement at the annual Automotive News World Congress event during the Detroit Auto Show last week. "This is going to be a unique sales point for Infiniti," he said, adding, "Our strategy is to continue to be in a leading position in electric cars."


The only problem is that Nissan isn’t really leading anything when it comes to hybrids or electric cars. The luxury market is utterly defined by the Tesla Model S, while the more reasonably priced market is being gobbled up by GM’s Chevy Volt.

Nissan does have an electric car, the Leaf, which was recently redesigned and unveiled at the International Auto Show. Despite having only a 150-mile range, the Leaf seems to be doing rather well for itself, reportedly getting 13,000 pre-orders in the United States alone. However, that’s hardly enough to get to the point of “industry-leading.”

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Yet, that may change. Nissan also unveiled the Infiniti Q Concept at the Detroit Auto Show, and it was absolutely breathtaking. Most thought that it would be a replacement for the Q50, a car that guzzles gas and turns it into 400-hp, but sharper-eyed individuals will note the complete lack of front grill and tailpipes.

The lack of combustion engine features combined with the recent announcement to go all electric now leads many to believe the Q Concept will be a fully electric car to take on the dominant Tesla Model S.

But, as previously noted, Infiniti has a lot of catching up to do in the electric car segment, and Tesla is already many miles ahead.


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