A Peek Inside The Private Jets Of These 17 Celebs

We know that people are interested to see what kind of planes celebrities purchased, so we took to the sky to glean photos of their aircraft.

Celebrities have become the modern world's kings and queens. They receive special treatment wherever they go. Flying first class, getting hotel bookings and free meals are some of the perks that celebrities experience.

The world has become so obsessed with the lives of celebrities that regular people are becoming stars by appearing on reality television programs. Since celebrities add a tremendous amount of value to the marketplace, they receive large paychecks. Long gone are the days when movie stars such as Steve McQueen and Marlon Brando received a few hundred thousand dollars for roles, as actors such as Dwayne Johnson get $25 million per movie.

Having that much money has enabled celebrities to buy whatever they want. While supercars and mansions have become standard celebrity purchases, they have also started purchasing their own air transportation. While some celebrities rented private jets to fly across the world, some celebrities have so much money that they purchased a private jet.

Since we know that people are interested to see what kind of planes celebrities purchased, we took to the sky to glean photos of their aircraft. Although pictures of the planes were intriguing, we wanted to see what the cabin set up looked like, so we gleaned photos from the inside of celebrity jets.

17 Dwayne Johnson

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Being one of the biggest Hollywood stars allows you to buy possessions that most people will never own. When Johnson was struggling to break into the wrestling industry, he ended up with seven bucks in his pocket. He's come a long way since having only spare change in his pocket, as Johnson's estimated net worth is $220 million.

He named his production company Seven Bucks, as a reminder of his roots. When Johnson needs to fly around the world, he needs the comfort and privacy reserved for a king, so he prefers to fly on a private jet. If you can, why not?

16 Floyd Mayweather

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Making $100 million a night is possible when you're an undefeated world boxing champion. Floyd Mayweather might not be the public's most favorite figure, but he knows how to promote a fight. Although many people tuned in to watch Floyd lose, he used that as a strategy to make more than $600 million in earnings during his career.

Not one to settle for anything but the best, Mayweather bought a private jet to fly around the world with women. When questioned about the plane, Mayweather was quick to dispel the notion that it was a charter plane, saying that he owned it.

15 Jackie Chan

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Fans of Chan who haven't seen him in a Hollywood blockbuster recently might believe that the martial arts star hasn't been making serious money for the last few years. Although Chan hasn't starred in a blockbuster like Rush Hour in many years, he has taken his acting to the foreign markets.

Forbes estimated Chan's net worth at over $390 million. He didn't make that kind of money by not starring in movies since his absence from Hollywood. Business Insider stated that Chan's Embraer Legacy 500 jet is worth $20 million. That plane isn't Chan's first private jet.

14 Dan Bilzerian

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I wouldn't recommend that anybody follows Bilzerian's lifestyle, as he had two heart attacks from several days of partying too much. Wanting to live like a rockstar, Bilzerian set up his life so that women and expensive possessions surrounded him.

Although Bilzerian has made millions of dollars through playing poker, having a rich dad helped to grow his net worth. Whenever Bilzerian needs to jet off to Las Vegas for a good time, he doesn't fly commercial like us mortals, as he hops into his Gulfstream GI-V. The plane costs $6 million and transports him and his female entourage.

13 Jay Z

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With a combined net worth of more than $1 billion, the couple has gifted each other with expensive cars and islands - that really isn't the norm or something we typically see. Jay Z bought Beyonce a private island for $4 million. Beyonce bought Jay Z a Bugatti Veyron for his birthday.

It seems that Beyonce's present was a gift that kept on giving, as she purchased her hubby a $40 million private jet. The plane has a kitchen, bedroom, two bathrooms, and a leather interior. Talk about flying first class all the way.

12 Cristiano Ronaldo

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Having the most followers on IG helped Ronaldo share his adventures with a large portion of the world. His 155 million followers on IG has seen him promote his CR7 brand in jocks and relaxing in the private jet.

Considering that Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world, he isn't shy when it comes to asking for big paychecks. Forbes stated that Ronaldo's lifetime contract with Nike is worth upward of $1 billion. Having that much money allows a man to buy whatever he wants. Ronaldo owns a Gulfstream G650, estimated at $45 million. The plane can accommodate 18 passengers.

11 Jim Carrey

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One of the funniest movies, in my opinion, is Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Funnyman Carrey has entertained audiences across the globe in wacky movies such as Dumb and Dumber, The Mask and The Truman Show.

Although Carrey hasn't starred in a big blockbuster in the last few years, he has used the fortune he amassed through acting to purchase a few toys. One of Carrey's purchases is a stunning Gulfstream V private jet. The estimated price of the plane is $41 million and can fly Carrey anywhere around the world, as it is one of the longest range aircraft produced.

10 John Travolta

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Welcome on board the Travolta. Not only does John Travolta own a private jet, but he is also a licensed pilot who takes control of the jet. Travolta loves planes so much that he bought a home in Florida with a runway in front of the house.

He parked his planes in front of the house and can choose between five personal planes. One of the planes that Travolta flew was the Qantas Boeing 707-138 airliner named Jett Clipper Ella. Travolta is the official ambassador of Qantas and served as a pilot for Oprah Winfrey and her studio audience for a trip to Australia. Some men have it all.

9 Neymar

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Cristiano Ronaldo isn't the only soccer player to purchase a private jet, as Neymar wanted to splurge some of the massive income that he earned during his time with Barcelona FC and PSG.

Neymar doesn't own one private jet; he is the proud owner of two. One of the private jets that Neymar owns is the Phenom 100, worth around $4 million. The second jet that Neymar purchased was the Cessna Citation 680. Since the plane was second hand, Neymar picked it up for around $5 million. Besides the two planes, Neymar owns a helicopter and a yacht.

8 Oprah Winfrey

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Being the queen of talk allowed Oprah Winfrey to become one of the richest women in the world. Not only has she garnered a tremendous amount of money from her talk show, but she also started a network company.

Winfrey has a net worth of more than $3 billion and chose to spend a small portion of it on a private jet. She selected the Bombardier BD-700 and paid $42 million to own it. The plane can accommodate 19 passengers and fly almost anywhere in the world due to the long range. The plane has a state-of-the-art entertainment system and luxurious lavatories.

7 Lewis Hamilton

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It seems that winning the Formula One Championship five times wasn't enough to make Hamilton satisfied, so he had to buy several lavish cars and a private jet. Considering that Hamilton earned $50 million in 2018, according to Forbes, he's not worried about running out of cash after splurging on a private jet.

When he's not speeding down the track, Hamilton prefers to fly in his plane. Hamilton is the proud owner of a Bombardier Challenger 605. He used smart tactics to avoid paying tax on the $25 million purchase.  However he pulled that off, we hope he did it legally.

6 Mark Cuban

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If there's one man who understands the importance of timing in the stock market, it's Cuban. At the peak of the tech boom, Cuban sold Broadcast.com to Yahoo for $5.7 billion, making it the most expensive acquisition that Yahoo has ever made.

Yahoo has since discontinued the services of Broadcast.com and has regretted its decision to acquire a company that became irrelevant. Cuban used a portion of the billions to purchase a yacht and a private jet. According to CNBC, Cuban holds the Guinness World Record for the largest single e-commerce transaction, buying the $40 million Gulfstream V business jet.

5 Steve Jobs

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Many people credit Jobs with starting Apple and growing it into an empire. Although Steve Wozniak was the brains behind the operation, Jobs' marketing propelled the company to new heights. His vision to create the best smartphone in the world came true when the first iPhone debuted.

Furthermore, he produced the iPod and iPad. Since Jobs understood business, he didn't leave all his eggs in one basket. While owning shares in Apple, he was the chairman and majority shareholder in Pixar. His estimated $10 billion dollars net worth allowed him to purchase a private jet.

4 Tom Cruise

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For Ethan Hunt to travel commercial wouldn't make sense, so the Mission Impossible man has to fly private. Cruise has been involved in the movie industry for more than three decades. Throughout the decades, Cruise starred in numerous blockbusters such as The Mummy, Jack Reacher, and Top Gun.

The movies were lucrative, so Cruise garnered a fortune of more than $500 million. To make life easier for himself while traveling, Cruise purchased a Gulfstream IV, an estimated cost of $36 million. The plane boasts an impressive entertainment system and engines that the Rolls Royce corporation manufactured.

3  Warren Buffet

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Nobody knows more than billionaires that time is money. To ensure that he stayed productive every second, Buffet bought a private jet to make appearances around the world. Buffet stated that he has to do a tremendous amount of flying as the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and that his private jet makes life convenient.

Besides purchasing a Bombardier Challenger two decades ago, Buffet also purchased jet operator NetJets. Considering that Buffet has a net worth of more than $84 billion, he doesn't have to explain his purchases to anyone.

2 Amitabh Bachchan

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When talking about one of the greatest Bollywood legends, one cannot leave Bachchan out of the conversation. Bachchan has appeared in more than 190 Indian films, with a career spanning over five decades. Since Bachchan has been in so many movies, it shouldn't be a surprise that his estimated net worth is around $400 million.

Many people in Bollywood believe that Bachchan is one of the best actors of the century. He is treated like royalty wherever he goes. Since everyone makes him feel like royalty, it's only normal that Bachchan would fly in his private jet.

1 Prince Al-waleed bin Talal

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Talal is one of the richest investors and a member of the Saudi royal family. Having a net worth of more than $15 billion has allowed the Prince to play as hard as he works. Besides being a phenomenal businessman, Talal is also a philanthropist.

He has donated to charity the eighth highest amount, $4 billion. When he needs to attend meetings, the Prince does it in the utmost style. Besides owning a $200 million yacht, Talal also owns a Boeing 747. He also owns an Airbus 321 and a Hawker Siddeley 125.

Sources: Forbes. CNBC & Business Insider

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