Airport In Italy Has Lamborghini Huracáns As Tarmac Taxis

Italy's Aeroporto Marconi di Bologna actually boasts Lamborghini Huracáns as taxi cars, according to Autoblog.

The cars are being used as tarmac taxi vehicles that direct planes to where they need to go and they even sport light bars like a cop car.

Lamborghini showed their new design off in the form of a Huracán RWD airport car but it wasn't just for good looks. In addition to the welcome note, the cars also have the words "FOLLOW ME" printed across their doors. The custom airport lambo, designed by Centro Stille Lamborghini, guides planes around the airport ahead of takeoff and landing and they're quite hard to miss, even without the yellow checkered livery.

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The idea does make a lot of sense, considering that Lambos have long been inspired by planes where their designs are concerned - plus a manufacturing plant is located just 20 miles away from Bologna, in Sant'Agata Bolognese.

The aforementioned airport already has a display space with a Lamborghini Urus and a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.

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In other news, Lamborghini is considering bringing their off-road Huracán concept to life, having recently made a revelation over the speedster.

The concept, referred to as the Huracán Sterrato, is yet to be approved but the company's chief technical officer Maurizio Reggiani has confirmed that it's seriously under consideration despite a stringent budget.

“Even though the budget is quite tight—it always is at Lamborghini—the provisional business case suggests that we can build this car at a profit. How is this possible, you ask? By manufacturing all restyled or new body panels, claddings, ducts, and splitters on 3D printers,” he said.

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“For this purpose, we developed a lightweight synthetic material which is in its final shape bolted or screwed onto the finished body. The idea for this car was born here in Nardo where we have both worlds next to each other. While the Urus is clearly more SUV than sports car, the Sterrato is a Huracán with the abilities of a crossover.”

We do hope that the concept makes it off the screen and onto four wheels; it looks too good not to.

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