It’s Alive! 15 Of Graveyard Carz’s Best Restorations (Plus 10 Behind The Scenes)

Graveyard Carz is a show in which they take some of the most classic Mopar, Dodge, Chrysler, and Plymouth relics and turn them into show-worthy vehicles. From stock style builds, to resto-mods and even rat rods, this shop knows what they are doing when it comes to these rare vehicles. Lets just say, there is no one else like them in the business. Today we are going to go over 15 of the best restorations by Graveyard Carz, plus we will take a look into 10 behinds the scenes shots you haven't seen before.

Not only does this shop always come through, but seeing the process that each car undergoes is something that is hard to even fathom. Knowing that each of these cars takes well longer than the average episode (weeks or months) is just another insight that makes each of these rare Mopar builds that much more special.

Each of these is an extremely unique car from the Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth and Mopar line of vehicles. Given that they are rare as is, they aren't just found on a day to day basis, making each just as special as the amount of time and effort that goes into each of the builds.

Let's get into the 15 best restorations by Graveyard Carz, plus later 10 behind the scenes looks at the show.

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25 Dodge Challenger R/T

Via YouTube

Another rare Challenger and very sought after is the Challenger R/T in the plum crazy purple color. This is one that you will see many collectors looking for since it is one of the most iconic of the Challngers during this time.

Graveyard Carz loves working with these rare specimens that allow them to flex their restoration muscles and put everything into these builds. However, just being around one of these plum crazy Challengers is a sight to be seen.

24 1971 Plymouth Cuda

Via Mopar Connection

Another long forgotten model that Dodge and Plymouth produced during the early 70s and late 60s was the Cuda. Graveyard Carz is a Cuda specialist when it comes to knowing every last detail about these cars.

This one is no exception, however, it has gotten a bit more of a resto-mod treatment versus just being a regular restoration. When you do a resto-mod you are adding some modern aspects to make the car better, while keeping the theme of the classic car intact as well.

23 Stripped Down Rat Rod (Behind The Scenes)

Via AACA Forums

Something that you might not see very often is a bare bones rat rod before it is completed. This is another behind the scenes look at what it looks like to have a rat rod built by Graveyard Carz.

Not only is this before any paint is applied, but before the base shell of the car is completed. Graveyard Carz not only does really well with restorations but when it comes to custom fabrication, they are top notch as well.

22 1969 GTX 440

via Hot Rod

The GTX is one of those cars that unless you are a Mopar enthusiast, you probably haven't really heard of. However, finding a GTX 440 is even more special than finding the vehicle in general.

Graveyard Carz took this car and fully restored it to its beautiful factory blue color, with the chrome restored body, interior and then some. Fortunately, this isn't the only GTX on our list, but this is a great start to see what the crew at Graveyard Carz is capable of. But this is only the beginning of this list.

21 1969 GTX

Via Hot Rod Magazine

Not quite as rare as the GTX 440 is this beautiful green factory restored GTX. You can just see the number of details that the crew at Graveyard Carz has looked over. This is what makes a good restoration.

Cars like the GTX are rare in general, however to the Graveyard Carz crew, it isn't unusual to find them in bad condition, and restore them to their former glory. Just looking at this car is a great example of what the guys can do, and how the details really shine on rare vehicles.

20 Mopar Build for SEMA (Behind The Scenes)

Via YouTube

SEMA is one of those shows that you have to get into to showcase your work, plus you can network with some of the biggest automotive brands in the world.

This build was not only to showcase their ability as an automotive restoration shop, but Graveyard Carz is able to draw attention in order to draw in customers and even to raise more awareness to the brand as a whole and their skills.

19 1969 Hemi Roadrunner Convertible

Via Motortrend

Finding a 1969 Hemi Roadrunner is something that you don't see too often, but add a drop top into the mix, and you have an extremely rare piece of Mopar history.

This Roadrunner isn't just like every other one you might see, or might not see in that case. It is one of the very few convertibles ever produced at the time. This adds to the rarity of this muscle car, plus when paired with the Graveyard Carz crew, you get this restored beauty sporting this beautiful teal factory spec color.

18 1970 Plymouth Superbird

Via Motor Trend

Dodge and Chrysler are been known for their muscle cars historically. One of the most notable is the Charger and Challenger line of cars. This one, in fact, is a Superbird, which is even rarer than your usual Charger of the era.

Not only have you seen these cars on the NASCAR tracks during their time, but they owned the streets as well. Paired with the green color, is an exceptionally rare piece of Dodge history as this car is iconic especially due to Richard Petty having driven one on the track.

17 Cuda Knowledge (Behind The Scenes)

Via Twipu

Graveyard Carz is known for their off the wall Hemi and Mopar restorations. This is one of those special moments where they are captured dropping some Cuda knowledge.

Not only are they some of the best in the business when it comes to Mopar, but they also know their stuff. When it comes to any aspect of the restoration, they can tell you anything you need to know in order to inform you, or even put you at peace of mind.

16  Burnt Orange Hemi Cuda

Via YouTube

Another classic example of a beautiful Hemi Cuda that Graveyard Carz has restored is this burnt orange version. Not only did they maintain most of the factory elements, but the biggest highlight on this car is the level of detail they placed on the chrome accents.

The burnt orange color isn't one that you see very often, mostly because it isn't a largely sought after color, but it still is one of the best examples of a Hemi Cuda that you can find without it being the rarest of them all. However, slowly there are less and less of these models around, so it still is rare.

15 Dodge Challenger R/T SE

Via Motortrend

The Dodge Challenger is a car that put Dodge and Chrysler on the map for being one of the best muscle car manufacturers in the world. Not only does this challenger have the aspects of Graveyard Carz best restorations, but it also is an extremely rare R/T SE model.

Paired with the mild green, this color combination on this SE model of the Challenger is a relic, and like all of the builds that Graveyard Carz does, it is a beauty. Adding in the rarity of this model, this is one of a kind indeed.

14 The Painter Behind Graveyard Carz (Behind The Scenes)

Via Graveyard Carz

For any restoration project, paint is one of the most difficult pieces to get correct the first time. Mostly due to different pigments and styles of paint that were used on the cars when they were built from the factory.

This gives a bit of a look into who is behind some of the best painting in the restoration business. Graveyard Carz always follows through with some of the most perfect paint jobs for any restoration project, and this is who is behind each of those.

13  Dodge Challenger T/A

Via Pinterest

The Dodge Challenger like the above has been one of the most iconic muscle cars in the world for many years, Graveyard Carz tends to find and restore some of the best examples at the highest level possible.

The T/A Dodge Challenger is one of the very few, high-end trims of the Challenger that still is around today in certain models. Graveyard Carz always delivers when it comes to rare Mopar vehicles, this Challenger T/A is one that is a prime example of what the crew is capable of.

12 Coronet Convertible

Via YouTube

Another rare Mopar is the Coronet. Even rarer is the Coronet R/T in convertible form. This is one of those cars that isn't just any normal Dodge vehicle. It is a piece of history that the company produced during one of the best eras of vehicles.

It shouldn't be a surprise that Graveyard Carz got their hands on this beauty. Giving it the full treatment of restoring the massive amounts of chrome on the car, and getting the paint looking factory fresh, is just one of the many things that Graveyard Carz does.

11 SEMA (Behind The Scenes)

Via Graveyard Carz

Playing back on the look at the SEMA build, is the car actually at the show here. This is something that you might not have been able to see on the show itself but Graveyard Carz knows how to draw a crowd with their impeccable work that is put into the build.

Not only is it nice to see the car where it was restored, but to see it under the lights is something that has to be seen in person. This gives Graveyard Carz a wonderful place to showcase the product at the highest level.

10  Factory Spec Dodge Challenger R/T

Via Motortrend

One of the hardest things to do is to restore a classic car to near factory spec. Parts are hard to come by, mechanics with that specialty are even harder to find. But with Graveyard Carz, they are the right crew for the job. Regardless of what happens with the cars before they get them, they never look the same.

This Challenger was given a full factory spec restoration treatment, plus it has been one of the only cars that has been perfectly color matched to factory specifications. Not only does it look great, but it drives amazingly as well.

9 General Lee

Via Graveyard Carz

If you know of the Dukes of Hazzard, then you know the General Lee Charger. This iconic movie car is one of the few icons in pop culture that regardless of its controversial paint job, it still is loved by many fans around the world.

Graveyard Carz actually had the pleasure of restoring this authentic car back to its glory. In fact, this was the same car that to this day, holds the record for the longest jump in movie history. Not to mention the touch of Graveyard Carz to restore it, this is iconic on its own.

8 General Lee Goes to Autorama (Behind The Scenes)

Via Graveyard Carz

Another look at the iconic General Lee Dodge Charger. This time you can see it as it is getting prepared for Autorama. This is one of those cars that has to be showcased just due to its pop culture significance.

The General Lee heading to Autorama is one of those things that you want to see happen. Especially when Graveyard Carz starts to restore the project, it is even more significant for it to be shown to the public, not just the customer.

7 Red Charger Daytona

Via Motortrend

Back with another Daytona Charger is this beautiful red Charger Daytona that was restored by Graveyard Carz. While this one isn't as rare as the Superbird, it is still iconic through NASCAR and various other racing series during this era.

Not only did Graveyard Carz restore this beautiful Charger Daytona, but they made it near factory spec. This one isn't in any way resto-modded but a simple, clean factory style build that holds its value for many years.

6 Road Runner

Via Motortrend

The Plymouth Roadrunner is a car that isn't just an iconic sports car/muscle car of the 70s. But it is the first time that any manufacturer tied in some pop culture into the actual name and design of the car.

Featuring the iconic roadrunner that you might have seen from Looney Toons, this design has everything to do with speed. Graveyard Carz put their all into making this iconic muscle car, restored to its former glory as a whole.

5 First Look at a New Restoration (Behind The Scenes)

Via RacingJunk.com

It is always awesome to see the first look at some of the restorations that Graveyard Carz finishes. Not to mention the level of attention to detail that goes into each of the cars. Here you can see one of their newest restorations in progress.

Yes, it might be without a hood right now, but once it is finished, it will be of the highest quality that any of the Graveyard Carz restoration projects has ever been.

4 Yellow Hemi Cuda

Via Twitter

For the last of the best builds by Graveyard Carz is another Hemi Cuda. This time it is sporting a bright yellow exterior with black accents to set off all of the body lines and the stripes that set the paint off.

This one is also a testimonial to how much work goes into these cars before Graveyard Carz delivers them to the customers. Not to mention that the show showcases most of the process, but in terms of labor, it is a long and grueling process that each car undergoes to be fully restored.

3 Crew Shot (Behind The Scenes)

Via Graveyard Carz

Starting off the behind the scenes looks at Graveyard Carz, is this look into what it takes to get the perfect shot. The crew can be seen here trying to capture what goes into painting the body of a restoration.

For finding the perfect angle and perfect shot, there are many different factors that go into how the film crew gets the shot and portrays it on camera. Fortunately, there isn't just one camera rolling.

2  Paint Preparation (Behind The Scenes)

Via Pinterest

Paint preparation is one of the most important things that any restoration project has to do. This isn't something that Graveyard Carz overlooks either. They're experts at ensuring that the paint surface is perfectly prepped and ready to go for any restoration.

Fortunately, there are some experts that work at the shop, and the behind the scenes look that this gives, is just a taste of what goes into really making sure the car is ready for paint.

1  Bare Shell of a Project (Behind The Scenes)

Via RacingJunk.com

Another car that you can see behind the scenes is this ride. A completely bare shell before the Graveyard Carz crew has been able to start assembling it back together. This one already had its paint and body prepared, now it is almost time for assembly.

Graveyard Carz gives this ride the ultimate treatment, as this is one of the burnt orange cars that we talked about earlier. So it goes to show that there is a ton more that goes into each of the builds than you might see on the show.

Sources: MotorTrend, RacingJunk, YouTube & Graveyard Carz

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