Jaguar Heritage Is Auctioning Off Retro Cars

Jaguar has quite the history in the world of automobiles, and now, drivers can own a small piece of that in this unique auction.

Jaguar Heritage Is Auctioning Off Retro Cars

The heritage arm of Jaguar is off-loading several of their retro cars.

According to Autoblog, Jaguar Land Rover will be selling 50 classic cars at auction. The cars were all acquired from Dr. James Hull when the heritage arm of the company purchased 130 Jaguars from the most prolific British classic car collector to have ever lived.

Hull’s collection included over 500 British built cars, from TVRs to Land Rovers, but 130 of them were Jaguars from all walks of life. Examples include original C-types, D-types, and the XKSS. Hull put the entire lot up for auction in 2014 with an asking price of $170 million.

Jaguar Land Rover won the auction in what was then the largest single purchase of British made automobiles ever. Jaguar never disclosed the final price for the cars, but you can imagine it had a lot of zeros in it.


via Brightwell's

Now Jaguar is auctioning off a batch of 50 classic cars to be sold at Brightwell's auction house in March, with the possibility of another 50 being sold in the future.

But before you get yourself all excited at the prospect of snapping up a piece of Jaguar history, there are a few things to consider. First, the auction itself is called “Affordable Classics”, which may sound enticing to those looking to snag a Jag on the cheap, but it also means they’re not likely to be historic or even notable Jaguar models (remember, Jaguar used to be in the business of selling affordable everyday cars and not luxury sedans and sports cars).

Second, the auction listing still doesn’t list which Jaguar models will be available. There might be one or two classic Jags worth a mention, but you have to think that Brightwells would have immediately said something if they were auctioning off a late ‘60s XJ.

Third, there are some pretty awful cars on this listing. A Vanden Plas Allegro, a Morris Ital Camper, and even a late-model Lada Riva wagon from the mid-’90s aren’t exactly something to write home about, and a lot are in pretty bad condition.

But hey, if you’re in the UK, have a bit of spare cash, an empty garage, and some spare time, then maybe this auction is worth your time.


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