Jaguar I-Pace Races Tesla Model X 100D & P100D

Jaguar pitted their I-Pace against their biggest competitor the Tesla Model X 100D and P100D. The result was something pretty unsurprising.

Jaguar I-Pace Races Tesla Model X100D & P100D

A Jaguar I-Pace raced Tesla’s Model X 100D and Ludicrous P100D, and the results are pretty much what you’d expect.

Jaguar recently released their new electric crossover, the I-Pace. We did a review of the new kid on the block and found that while it was a serviceable entry from Jaguar, it didn’t quite stack up to the Tesla in term of dollars for the amount of performance/features you get.

But that was all theoretical. In a new video posted to Carwow’s YouTube page, we get a first-hand account of how the I-Pace stacks up to its nearest competition: the Model X 100D. And they also tested it against the P100D just to see how she’d compare.

The results weren’t too surprising. The I-Pace has twin electric motors that produce a combined 394 hp and 514 lb-ft of torque. Zero to sixty is done in a stately 4.5 seconds. The Model X 100D, on the other hand, produces 525 hp and 487 lb-ft of torque. Zero to sixty is done in 4.7 seconds but has a higher top speed of 155 mph (limited by the computer to prevent damage). The P100D outputs an appropriately ludicrous 772 hp and 713 lb⋅ft of torque and can kill 60 mph in 2.9 seconds.


In a drag race, the P100D is the clear winner on paper and in real life, but surprisingly, the I-Pace manages to defeat the 100D upon reaching the finish line. If the race were a few hundred feet more, the 100D would have overtaken the I-Pace, but the Jaguar’s greater torque seems to have given in the edge when starting from a standstill.

During the rolling race, the I-Pace naturally suffered. Going from 50 mph to 100 mph saw the 100D’s greater number of horses come into play and allowed it to edge out the I-Pace, while the P100D again left both crossovers in the dust.

Braking was the only test the I-Pace managed to win, just barely edging out the P100D thanks to being over 700 lbs lighter.

The results speak for themselves. If you desperately need an electric crossover/SUV, the Model X is still the best performance money can buy. But the I-Pace is cheaper, so if your budget can’t quite handle six figures for a car, then maybe the I-Pace is your electric crossover.


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