Jaguar Building Limited Run Of Type-D Roadsters [Photos]

Jaguar Building Limited Run Of Type-D Roadsters

Jaguar is remaking an old classic, right down to the original nuts and bolts.

Well, maybe not the precise nuts and bolts, but they will make this 1950s classic roadster as close to the original as possible.

Jaguar has announced plans to produce 25 “new” D-Type roadsters at their Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works workshop in Warwickshire, England. The D-types will be built using original design documents and constructed by hand in much how the original cars were made over half a century ago.

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The D-Type holds a lot of sway with classic car collectors for its racing pedigree. Using engineering tactics stolen from the air force, Jaguar created a racecar that won the 24 hour Le Mans three years in a row from 1955 to 1957. Only 75 of the cars were built before a fire at the factory destroyed nine under construction and the tools used to create them, which caused Jaguar to abandon the car.

This new run of 25 cars is said by Jaguar to “complete” the original production run.


It will also be as true to the originals as possible. The car will have no updates or modifications done to bring it up to a modern standard and will be basically an all-new museum piece that you didn’t have to spend half your life maintaining and restoring.

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It’ll come with a rebuilt original 3.4-litre XK Inline-six sipping premium gas through three Weber side-draft carburetors and producing 250 hp. It’s believed to propel itself to 60 mph in about five seconds, which is a respectable time for a car from the ‘50s.

Also, as with the original, the car will be built by welding aluminum panels to a unibody chassis, using one of those engineering tricks stolen from the aeronautics industry. The D-Type was the first car to employ such manufacturing wizardry and would start a trend for many race cars to follow before the advent of carbon fiber made aluminum passe.

As one might expect, a hand-built antique car won’t come cheap. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but expect to pay in the seven figures. Which could actually be a steal—an original D-Type sold for $22 million at auction in 2016.

Oh, and this car won’t be road legal anywhere. It doesn’t even come close to passing safety or emissions standards, so it’ll be a million dollar track car.


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