Jaguar Unveils New Electric Race Car

Jaguar Unveils New Electric Race Car

Jaguar has unveiled their new electric race car for Formula E.

Formula E has thus far been a bit hit or miss. On the one hand, the cars look exactly the same as Formula One cars, but on the other hand, they were all making weird noises that nobody associates with racing. The whine of an electric motor doesn’t quite compare to the vroom of a gasoline-powered V6.

That, and it was kind of embarrassing when the car’s batteries ran out halfway through the race and everyone needed to hop into the spare car. Not exactly assuaging rage anxiety in the general public either.

But now things are set to change. The fifth season of Formula E brings a new car design, called Gen2, that drastically remakes each car's image into something from the future, according to AutoGuide. That, and the battery will last long enough for an entire race.

via Jaguar

Jaguar, in partnership with Panasonic, entered Formula E last year and so far have been having a mediocre time, currently fourth in the constructor's championship standings. That’s still pretty good for a rookie team, and now they plan to have an even better car next year.


The new Jaguar Formula E livery was revealed Monday, showing off the team’s fantastic black and green styling. It also showcases the new Gen2 design for Formula E, where the electric racing series has taken a serious departure from Formula One.

via Jaguar
via Jaguar

Of note is the new halo surrounding the driver’s cockpit which will protect them from larger debris that their helmets can’t handle, and the uprated power of up to 335 hp. Drivers will only be able to use it for qualifying races, however. During the actual race, power output dips to 268 ponies.

“This is a really exciting day for Panasonic Jaguar Racing as we take the next step on our electrification journey,” said James Barclay, team director for Panasonic Jaguar Racing. “The concept livery of the Jaguar I-TYPE 3 is a progression from this season’s race car which we will unveil later this year. In parallel, we remain very focused on this season and continuing the positive progress we are making as a team. We are looking forward to racing in Rome in front of passionate Italian motorsport fans.”


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