Jaguar Trademarks Another Interesting Name

Jaguar has trademarked yet another interesting name after snagging “C-Pace” as their own.

We know that Jaguar has plans to expand yet again in the crossover market with a new trademarked name: “C-Pace”. Along with the I-Pace, E-Pace, and F-Pace, we expect the C-Pace to be smaller than Jaguar’s previous offerings, maybe even tiny enough to be a crossover coupe.

Now we have word (by way of AutoGuide) that Jaguar has trademarked another name: “J-Type”.

Filed with the European Intellectual Property Office, Jaguar has requested multiple classifications of their new name, including autonomous vehicles, software, automobiles and repairs and servicing. However, the suffix “-type” is usually reserved for sports cars. We don’t expect Jaguar to start offering a mobile repair service and call it “J-Type”. That’d be weird.


Currently, Jaguar has the F-Type as their sports car du jour, but it’s getting a little long in the tooth. Sports cars can typically last upwards of a decade (just ask the Audi TT) but eventually a replacement is called for. We expect the J-Type to be that replacement.

As for what kind of car to expect, we turn to a two-year-old interview with Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum being asked by Road & Track what an F-Type replacement might look like.

“I think we’ve got more permission to break the mold,” Callum said. “Our F-Type, before the one that became the production car, the previous design concept was mid-engine. It never happened. It would have been very different. But I think we’ve got permission to do that because we’re a sports car company.

“We’ve had a discussion—will the next F-Type be mid-engine or front-engine? We’ve had that discussion. We haven’t decided yet,” he added.

Jaguar is rumored to have been working on a new mid-engine sports car since 2017. Now that there’s a name floating in the European patent office, we might just hear a confirmation from Jaguar in the coming weeks. If we’re very lucky, we might even get a teaser image. It’s like Christmas in July.


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