Rumor: Jaguar Gearing Up To Unveil 5-Door Electric Sedan

Jaguar is looking to add a little luxury to the electric car world as they gear up to unveil a five-door electric sedan.

Rumor: Jaguar Gearing Up To Unveil 5-Door Electric Sedan

Jaguar is rumored to be developing a brand new five-door electric sedan, and it’ll bear the name XJ.

According to reports from Autocar, Jaguar Land Rover is planning to create a brand new 2019 XJ redesigned entirely as an electric vehicle.

Sources say there was a lot of internal debate within the company on what to do with the XJ, a car that sells well in its native UK, but does poorly next to luxury sedan brands like BMW and Mercedes. Rather than scrap the XJ entirely, the company decided to rebrand the car as a flagship e-car for the upcoming electronic age.

Set to release in 2019, the new XJ will compete with the BMW 7 series and Mercedes Benz S-Class in terms of luxury, but also plans to steal potential customers from Tesla by offering a more luxurious car.


Jaguar XJ
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As is customary in the automotive industry, the Jaguar XJ is being developed alongside a new car-like Range Rover which will also be all-electric. The two will share base technology, but while the Range Rover will retain its boxy silhouette and all-terrain features, the XJ will be a sleek and smooth five-door luxury sedan.

The company hasn’t released even preliminary data, so we haven’t got much to go on yet. It’s believed that the new XJ will have a range in excess of 300 miles, an aluminum chassis, and all-wheel drive. It’ll also retain its “sporty” nature from previous Jaguar models.

Design of the new XJ has already been completed by Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum and his team and has been well-received internally within Jaguar Land Rover. The company is fully behind the new XJ as a flagship for the company that will usher in a brand new age.

The XJ won’t be Jaguar’s first all-electric car, however. That will be the I-Pace, set to hit dealers later this summer. The I-Pace is an economical hatchback that promises to retain Jaguar’s name of luxury while still out-ranging the Tesla Model 3. The I-Pace is expected to position Jaguar as an electronic car company internationally, which will be followed up by its flagship XJ in the latter part of 2018.


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