Jaguar Unveils Slew Of Pet-Products Including SUV Dog-Ramp

Jaguar has revealed a set of pet products to make things easier for dog owners! Here's what you'll see!

When one thinks of luxury vehicles, such as Jaguar, pet-friendliness doesn’t usually come to mind. The upscale car brand, however, is focusing not only state of the art performance and design but also on our furry companions. The company is introducing an array of pet-friendly accessories to enhance the comfort and convenience of its vehicles for the whole family.

Just in time for Christmas, Jaguar has introduced a range of pet products that are similar to those produced by its sister brand Land Rover. The products include anti-spill water bowls and upholstery protection rugs, which can be acquired with the SUV line or the XF Sportbrake line of the luxury cars.

The options come in packs of four so drivers can customize the pet accessories to meet their pet needs. The most inexpensive option is the Pet Rear Seat Protection pack, which is listed at $338 and includes a second-row seat cover and a spill-resistant bowl to protect the upholstery and door linings from pets’ muddy paws.

For $624, Jaguar drivers can purchase the Pet Transportation pack, which includes a rubber floor mat for the vehicle’s trunk, a spill-resistant water bow, and a foldable pet carrier, which is designed as a lightweight metal frame with a quilted fabric cushion for smaller dogs.

For larger dogs, Jaguar offers the $903 Pet Luggage Compartment Protection pack, which converts the entire trunk into a pet carrier. By separating the trunk from the cabin with a luggage partition and providing a quilted cover, the pack enables larger dogs to travel comfortably and independently.

Finally, the brand’s most exclusive model is the $1,302 Pet Care and Access pack, which includes the same accessories as the Pet Luggage Compartment Protection pack, as well as a folding ramp for dogs to easily access the trunk. The pack also comes with a portable rinse system, which is a handheld shower feature that pumps water from a carrier for two minutes of non-stop washing. The system can also be used to wash surfboards, wetsuits or mountain bikes.

All Jaguar pet accessories are intended to make it easier for pet owners to travel with their four-legged family members and to allow pets to relax, enjoy the ride and keep the vehicle clean. To find out more, visit jaguar.com.


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