Japanese Lamborghini Owner Has Decorative Cat

A Japanese Lamborghini owner is making headlines for an interesting decoration in his Lamborghini—and adorable cat.

Japanese Lamborghini Owner Has Decorative Cat

A Tokyo man has the absolute best accessory for his Lambo: a cat.

Torako is an eight-year-old American Shorthair cat living in Tokyo with his human, Hajime-san. In a country that loves cats (perhaps even more than most countries), she’s a bit of a celebrity. She also loves her owner’s Lambo, because why wouldn’t she?

Hajime-san enjoys driving around the streets of downtown Tokyo in his Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Valentino Balboni. Torako also enjoys driving around the streets of downtown Tokyo, where she typically sits on the dashboard right above the instrument panel. It can make it a little difficult for Hajime-san to see where he’s going, but so far they haven’t gotten into an accident in his nearly $200 thousand supercar.

Lambo cat
via Jalopnik

In an interview with Jalopnik, Hajime-san dished on how Torako has become known as “Lambo cat”. First, she’s been riding in cars since she was only three months old. From a tiny kitten riding around in Hajime-san’s Mercedes SL, she got used to the bouncing wheels and burbling engine.

From there, Torako graduated to the big leagues in Hajime-san’s Lamborghini at age six, and she’s never looked back.

Well, except through the rearview as she’s rarely facing forwards in the Lambo.

Hajime-san has since ran with the whole kitty in a Lamborghini motif. Torako has an Instagram page where Hajime-san shows off all her latest kitty outfits and kitty accessories. These days he says that Torako gets more attention than the Lamborghini. One assumes because supercars are a far more frequent occurrence on the streets of downtown Tokyo.


Perhaps Torako’s most famous moment is a video of her perched on the Lamborghini’s dash while Hajime-san takes them around Fuji Speedway. Despite the extreme speeds and obvious g-forces, Torako remains planted on the instrument cluster the whole time.

Now, we don’t have any cat experts here in the Hot Cars offices, but one possible explanation for Torako’s calm and cool demeanor in the car is due to the engine’s rhythmic purr--much like a real cat. So Torako could think she’s being carried around in a loving, motherly, 550 hp cat.

Or maybe she just likes Lamborghinis.

via Jalopnik


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