JDM Toyota Supra Specs Revealed

Specifications for the upcoming JDM Toyota Supra have leaked.

For import race car enthusiasts, the Toyota Supra is something of a legend. The Supra was a car that had performance closer to a Corvette or a Ferrari than a Corolla but at a fraction of the price of those more expensive cars. For that reason, it was also extremely popular among tuner crowds who would tweak the design ever so slightly (or sometimes more than that) to even defeat cars many times more pricey.

But Toyota stopped making them in 2002, and then stopped making sport compacts altogether in 2006 after they discontinued the Celica. It wouldn’t be until 2012 with the Scion FR-S that Toyota would return to the world of sport compact cars.

Now, they’re looking to bring back the fabled Supra to once again dominate the market of small, sporty, compact cars.

We got our first hint of what the Supra would look like with the Toyota FT-1 concept back in 2014, and production Supras are being spotted in the wild with swirly camouflage to keep things under wraps. But Supra enthusiasts are a wily breed, and they’ve managed to find specifications for the new Supra in a Japanese car magazine.


By way of Japan’s Best Car magazine and posted to the Supra enthusiast site SupraMKV.com, we get our first look at the numbers for Toyota’s reborn sport compact.

Wheelbase: 2,470 mm (97.2 in)

Length: 4380 mm (172.4 in)

Width: 1855 mm (73 in)

Height: 1,290 mm (50.8 in)

Curb weight: 1,496 kg (3,284 lb)

Engine: 3.0L turbo inline-six with 335 hp and 332 lb-ft, plus 37 lb-ft overboot.

Transmission: 8 speed auto transmission.

Tires: 225/50/17 front, 255/45/17 rear

The website helpfully compares those numbers to the previous model Supra discontinued in 2002 and finds them to be smaller in every dimension, but height (where the new Supra is 0.6 inches taller) and width (where the new Supra is 1.7 inches wider).

Development on the Supra is actually a joint venture between BMW and Toyota, with that 3.0-L turbocharged straight six being completely BMW made. The Supra’s sister car will be the Z4, which according to Car and Driver will have a wheelbase 1.1 inches longer, be 5.4 inches shorter, and 2.5 inches thinner than the Supra.

We’ll learn more about the Supra as Toyota unveils their Supra race car concept next month in Geneva.


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