Jeep Gladiator Coming To Europe Next Year, But Stock Will Be Limited

Jeep has announced plans to introduce the Gladiator pickup to Europe next year.

Jeep is poised to have their Gladiator pickup truck roll out in Europe next year, according to the company's European chief Jeff Hines.

The heavy-duty ride, based off the new Wrangler's design, was unveiled in late 2018 but it wasn't clear whether or not it would roll out in Europe. Hines, though, has told Autocar that the Gladiator will be made available on the continent during either the first or second quarter, but there won't be many units going around.

“It will land in quarter one or quarter two in 2020,” he revealed. “It won’t be big volumes, but our customers love the idea of it.”

The Gladiator is likely to add to Jeep's more recent success in Europe. The company saw an increase surpassing 50 percent last year - where their 2017 numbers are concerned - having sold 170,000 units. The brand has certainly usurped Land Rover on the continent, with the latter seemingly in some danger nowadays, something that has seen them cancel more than one production.

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via jeep.com

Jeep's best-selling rides are the Renegade and the Compass, their two smallest vehicles. And, next year, both will be made in Italy after the production of the Compass moves from Mexico. The models will be available as plug-in hybrids as well.

The brand has plans to launch their new S range models this year too, with the focus being on more off-road variants. And Hines expects that there to be more growth for the company in Europe, given how good things have been going.

“How big can we be? Never big enough, so long as we stay true to the brand," he adds.

"To grow more than 50% will be tough, but we have plans to support growth even if the industry remains flat or decreases.”

Asked how it felt to sell more units than Land Rover in Europe, he replied: “It feels good on our sales performance and growth and to bring more customers. We can grow and bring to more customers. We’re steadily improving.”

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