Jeep Gladiators Smashed In Train Derailment

Dozens of Jeep Gladiators and GM pickups were totalled when a trail derailed in Nevada.


A whole train full of Jeep Gladiators is now smashed after a train derailment in Nevada.

This is a difficult thing to watch, so please, viewer discretion is advised.

A train derailed in Nevada last Wednesday at around 5 AM several miles south of the town of Caliente. In all, 33 cars derailed with several tumbling down into Rainbow Canyon. Several train cars then cracked open and spilled their contents onto the back roads below.

Some of those train cars were filled with construction equipment, however many were filled with trucks and SUVs on their way to dealerships. One was filled with Jeep Gladiators, while another was filled with GMC Sierras. Still more had a mix, including Jeep Wranglers and Chevy Silverados.

As you can see from the pictures posted by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, the damage to these vehicles varied. Some, such as the white Wrangler, were virtually unharmed and probably could be driven away on their own power. Others were less fortunate, such as the Sierra that seems to almost be torn in half or the Gladiator whose front axle is bent and most of its hood removed.

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Somehow, one Gladiator even wound up on its roof.

Photos from the recent trail derailment. Please do not travel this area unless absolutely needed while UPRR conducts clean up.

Posted by Lincoln County Sheriff's Office Nevada on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

We’re not sure what caused the derailment, but officials are still investigating. No injuries were reported, and there was no indicating that hazardous materials had been released as part of the crash. It seems that each of these vehicles was without fluids during transportation.

Union Pacific Rail is currently cleaning up the area, however, the Sheriff’s office reports it will be between 7-10 days before the road is fully reopened.

A moment of silence for these Jeeps and pickups, cut down in the prime of their lives. Today, we mourn a great loss.

(via NBC News)

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