Jeep Issues Recall On 2014 Cherokee For Unexpectedly Shifting Into Neutral

2014 Jeep Cherokee

Jeep is recalling the 2014 Cherokee yet again for a transmission issue that could find it unexpectedly shifting into neutral.

Man, 2014 must have been a bad year for the Jeep Cherokee. If you head to the NHTSA website, you’ll find a grand total of 11 recalls, 1 current investigation, and 1,521 validated complaints. That’s a lot, but then again, the Cherokee is and remains a popular SUV, so maybe it just gets more regulatory attention than other vehicles.

Some of the highlights include a May 2018 recall for cruise control that could never be turned off, turning the Cherokee into a bad remake of the movie Speed. July 2016 saw another issue whereby bad transmission sensors would randomly throw the 9-speed automatic transmission into neutral without any warning at all.

That recall affected 329,540 FCA vehicles in total, so we can’t really blame the Cherokee specifically.

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Just announced this week is another recall for the Cherokee where once again the transmission can get stuck in neutral, although for a different reason. This time, the clutch can get momentarily stuck and confuse the transmission software, which will shift into neutral as a safety measure but then won’t shift out again. This is, obviously, very disorienting and slightly dangerous at highway speeds.

The recall affects 81,165 Jeep Cherokees for the 2014 model year with the 3.2-L engine. FCA will begin to notify dealers and owners starting August 2nd.

2014 Jeep Cherokee
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Fixing the issue is surprisingly simple: it’s just a software update. You should be in and out of the dealer mechanic’s office in no time.

If you're worried about your 2014 Jeep Cherokee, you can check the NHTSA website to see if you're covered under the recall, or contact FCA customer service at 1-800-853-1403. The reference number for the recall is V69.

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