Jeep Wrangler Pickup Gets Possible Off-Road Trim

The Jeep Scrambler pickup is slowly taking off the camouflage revealing a rugged exterior with off-road options.

Jeep Wrangler Pickup Gets Possible Off-Road Trim

More spy photos of the upcoming Jeep Wrangler pickup reveal some off-road options that are sure to excite the outdoorsy types.

Another month, another batch of spy photos featuring everyone’s favorite upcoming pickup truck, the Jeep Wrangler Scrambler. At least, we assume it’s going to be called the Scrambler. Until Jeep makes an official announcement otherwise, we’re stickin’ with Scrambler to refer to their latest pickup version of the timeless Jeep.

This time there’s far less vinyl covering things up. There’s still plenty of the garbage bag-like material obstructing the eye, but we can finally make out some details now. As expected, there aren’t too many surprises--it looks like a Wrangler with a pickup bed and all the details so far seem to support that.

via Autoblog

There are a few interesting new developments to report this time, however. Last we reported on the Scrambler test mule in June we saw that it had a mishmash of components from older JK versions of the Wrangler, and even some Chrysler 300 components. Those all seem to be gone and have finally been replaced with some modern equipment from the JL version of the Wrangler.


As reported by Autoblog, in a few of the spy photos you can make out the distinctive black interior with red trim from the current JL Rubicon. On top of that, it has a set of chunky 285/70R17 Falken off-road tires that are also hallmarks of the Rubicon. So if it acts like a duck and quacks like a duck, we think this is a Rubicon Scrambler.

Jeep Wrangler Pickup Gets Possible Off-Road Trim
via Autoblog

There was another Scrambler running around in far more understated all-season tires, so it’s probably a base-level Sport trim. It still had JL interior styling though, so there’s no fear we’re going back in time with the Scrambler.

Off-road enthusiasts should rejoice in the fact we can confirm for the first time there will be rock rails on the Scrambler. We can’t really make out much else through the vinyl, but it’s a promising sign.

We’re fast approaching the time for a full reveal from Fiat Chrysler. We’re thinking some time in the Winter, with an expected production date of early 2019. Fingers crossed of course.


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